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For the love of Holiday Garlands!

The holiday hustle is in full swing! For years and years starting at Thanksgiving straight through to Christmas, the holidays have been a blur for us. A glittery pastel blur, made up of early mornings and late late nights, awful Hallmark channel Christmas movies, podcasts, junk food, and mountains of tissue paper and shipping boxes. Oh and I can't forget really bored chihuahuas!  As artists/makers that specialize in holiday designs we barely find time to actually stop and "feel" the holiday ourselves. We are locked in the studio the entire season making and shipping off holiday cheer to other people, which is a thrill in itself. It might sound corny but we sorta feel like holiday cheer ambassadors. But we vowed that this year things would be different as far as relaxing a little and doing some of the things that non-maker people do. So far it's not majorly different, we're working seven days a week...but it's only Dec 6. We are staying optimistic that we'…

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