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Christmas & New Years recap

Every year you hope to change for the better. You try to remind yourself of the previous year's mistakes and then make the changes that will hopefully steer you clear of those familiar missteps and bad decisions.  And this year I think we actually did it! 
In 2018 we definitely righted some of the wrongs of 2017. This blog post alone is proof. In 2017 we honestly didn't have one spare minute to blog, or even to take decent photos during the holiday season. Every year, from September to January the two of us pretty much disappear from the outside world. We just bury ourselves in WORK. 24/7 work, work, work. And we were OK with that. Well we weren't really OK with it, but we told ourselves we were.
 But last January, in the aftermath of an especially grueling Christmas season we vowed to change things up in 2018. So this year we made almost everything in advance and in our shop we only offered limited quantities of a handful of pieces.  And it was definitely a sacrifice. We…

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