Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

This past week I've been going through a lot of my collections and setting aside the things I absolutely must keep. And whatever doesn't fall into that category I'm going to be putting up for sale on Instagram. It feels good to streamline…though the word streamline is a gross exaggeration. Even if I sold half of everything I own, I'd still have a whole lotta stuff. But the winnowing down of my collectible possessions has got me seriously considering what I desire in my overall home decor esthetic. I definitely want things to be less busy. And by 'less busy' I might just mean a tighter color palette…smoother transitions from room to room. I guess my goal is to be surrounded by the things I love, but for them to exist in a soothing environment. Being that we work from home we need to infuse as much relaxation into the place as possible. We're still in the early stages with a lot of the stuff but I'll definitely keep you posted once I've got some good home shots to show. 

Anyway, it was this idea of bringing more subtlety into the home that attracted me to the above vignette. I love the way the sepia tones of the print and portrait simultaneously stand out against, and melt into the pale rose colored wall. And the pink toned floral pottery gives it just enough of a feminine touch. And yes…a strand of twinkle lights. 

I love this piece by artist David Shrigley.
I feel like you can take this in so many ways, and from day to day the way you read it will probably change. 
Is it a serious emotional affirmation? Is it complete sarcasm? Is it a commentary on the rose colored glasses effect in corporate advertising?

I wear mostly black and white with pops of color in my accessories. I think an all black outfit with these gold Oxfords from ASOS would be fantastic.

If I were to name the single most memorable character from The Addams Family, I'd say it's the black & white film it was shot on. Sure, most shows were in black & white when it was originally on the air. But I just can't imagine The Addams Family in anything but black & white. That whole gothic, macabre vibe just wouldn't play well if it was bathed in vibrant color. When we think Addams Family, we think black & white.

And that's why it's so awesome to see these rare photos that were taken on set. First off…wow! I want to live there. And second, it sets my artist mind afire. On one level I can look at the two images and it's like one is the sketch and one is the finished painting. But then I can also see the genius eye of the set decorator…how they were able to select colors that would translate to specific gradations on the grey scale.

Seriously…how cool is this shirt from Tumbleweeds Handcraft ! The design is based on an anonymous poem written in 1950:
 "How do I know that my youth is all spent, 
well, my get up and go has got up and went. 
But in spite of it all, I am able to grin 
when I recall where my get up has been"
In the very near future (as long as it takes to order one and have it delivered) I'm wearing this shirt. 

These chairs are so great. They're in the studio of lifestyle photographer Kelly Brown. I'd say that over the years of collecting, me and Aaron probably bought enough chairs to seat an audience in a small playhouse.

This mineral is gorgeous. The color is absolutely dreamy. And the crusted up bits of cream and tan almost give the effect of metallic gold. I did my best to google image search it, but no luck. I think it may be Smithsonite. I love it. If it looks that good it just has to hold some great energy.

The way we treat each other is what makes the world go round. And that's why the spin of the world might get a little shaky at times…we're not treating each other right. It's essential to look around…see who is making your little world spin smoother…and let them know that you know.

Ok, as a final note to these Friday Favorites I just had to include this little video. I don't think there has ever been a better birthday party ever in the history of birthday parties. Making mini things for mini woodland creatures to eat is now an internet staple. And lets hope this trend never ever goes out of style.

Thanks so much again for reading! Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lieutenant Dan's first week and our first InstaSale

It is just a week that this little peanut has been in our life. But he had been in our hearts for a while before his arrival. With every pic and update we received regarding this guy we considered him a family member, prior to ever getting to kiss his little head. And now that he is here it's hard to believe that the funny little pup from those pics is actually sitting in my lap. Aaron and I just constantly look down at him, shaking our heads and saying "He is home". He already gets our routine. He has his spots…he's got his decisions about how he's going to navigate the day. We watch as he hops off the couch and leaves the room, then hear him get a drink in the kitchen, and then he trots back in and hops back up on the couch to curl up in his spot again.
 He and Carlos have been getting along great! They have beds next to each other on the floor and are always trading who's bed is who's. Anytime we are in the kitchen they are like book ends, sitting or standing, and keeping an eye on the food prep.

And the same way that Carlos and little Jack used to sit on the entry rug, so do Carlos and Dan. And Lieutenant Dan also sits with his one paw up, just like Jack used to. Above is what the two guys look like when they jump up off the rug because they hear something particularly interesting going on with the dinner preparations.We keep saying to them…"You guys are brothers!"

It has been raining all day, with lots of thunder. We were wondering if the thunder would bother the little guy. When I asked him if he was the type of pup that would need a thunder shirt…he looked at me with squinty eyes, fully alert ears, and said that the pink tuffet would do the job just fine. I can't even take it! 

Here he is asleep on my lap. I love that little smile.

This pic cracks me up! This is from earlier in the week. It's amazing how every day he gets more and more comfortable. We're just so incredibly thankful for him…it just feels so meant to be. We're thankful that our friend Bernie Berlin knew that Lt. Dan was meant for us. Again, if you do not follow A Place To Bark on Facebook… You Should! Bernie tries to keep us all up to speed with the daily goings on, and she shares so many stories that start out sad but are guaranteed to have a happy ending. Seeing dogs go from death row to adoption is amazing. I love knowing that each little pup will possibly be the heart and soul of the family they go home with. 
Bernie is tireless, dedicated, and incredible! 

In other news…we are so so excited about our new InstaShop! And by Insta shop I mean Instagram! I just adore the Instagram community, where I have met some awesome, talented, and kind friends in the past year or so that I have been on there. Aaron and I will be hosting sales of all sorts of fun things from our personal collection that we have amassed over the years. Lots of vintage, some kitchenware like the above Melamine, old and new, kitchsy and cute collectibles, craft supplies, ephemera, one of a kind art pieces, etc. We are shooting for this Thursday evening for our first sale! So if you'd like to follow along and possibly do some shopping or know someone who would…make sure to follow @shoplikeitsaholiday on Instagram.

It is going to be hard to part with some of these things that we've been collecting together for over 18 years, but we know they will go to great homes! These vintage beaded baskets are just so fun! The price of these got sorta out of control as soon as an article about them came out in Martha Stewart's Mag a few years back. On ebay I remember seeing prices shoot up in a matter of 2 weeks. 

Another of our favorite things are vintage greeting cards, mostly from the 40s and 50s. We've been collecting them for over 18 yrs! We have multiples of some, so we'll be offering cute groupings in the InstaSale! Great for Art Journaling, scrapbooking, card making, or scanning and printing for all sorts of crafts! 

I am a sucker for vintage birthday candles in original boxes! I have multiples of a few so they may end up in the sale as well! 

And I started digging through our vintage cupcake and cake decorations. I've got some goodies for sure.

I think we will be putting together little inspiration boxes or bags…a mix of things. Ephemera, ribbons, and cute bits and pieces to be used in all kinds of projects. 

I'm hoping for a bit of sunshine tomorrow so that I can finish photographing items for the sale. I'm really excited and hope that we can send some happy packages off to new homes.

Thanks so much for popping in! And for all the sweet words on our newest family member! 
Love from the NJ Shore!
xo Jenny…and Aaron says hi!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vegan Date Bars

The past 3 days with Lieutenant Dan here at home with us have been a dream. He already feels like Family...with a capital F. It feels like he's always been with us. We can't believe how much the little guy has already adapted to our daily routine. Carlos is loving having him around, and we couldn't be more happy about that. Zero aggression at the food bowl, and there doesn't seem to be any territory issues. We actually feel like Carlos has a sense of just how small and delicate Dan is.
But jeez, with all this dog stuff the week has flown by! We are doing our best to work on orders without being distracted by that cute little guy staring longingly at us. We want to just eat him up all day! We could go on and on...but this post is actually about baking! We were in the mood for something sweet, crumbly, and wholesome tasting. Something sweet that's mostly nuts, oats, and fruit. We had just picked up some dates on our last shopping trip and wanted them to be the base of whatever dessert we'd decide to bake. So we found this recipe for Vegan Date Bars and just had to give them a try!
We really didn't veer too far off course from the original recipe. Just slight adjustments. In the end they turned out to be exactly what we were craving. Sweet but not too sweet, crumbly, crusty, filling...and easy!
Here is what you will need:
lightly greased or sprayed 9" x 13" baking pan
Date filling:
2 cups pitted chopped dates
1/2 cup coconut sugar (we used light brown sugar instead)
1 1/4 cups water
1/2 cup almonds finely ground
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
3/4 cup vegan butter, softened
3/4 cup brown sugar, packed
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cups Quick cooking oats
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
First, we prepared our filling. We chopped our dates into fine pieces in the food processor.
Then, in a skillet we added the chopped dates, the water, and the 1/2 cup of light brown sugar (again, feel free to use coconut sugar instead) Next, we stirred and cooked it over medium high heat. Then we turned the heat down a bit and cooked it until it thickened. Once thickened we added the vanilla and almond extracts, and the finely ground almonds. We stirred it until it looked like the pic above. Next, you'll transfer it to a bowl to cool for a bit.

Now for the crust. We creamed the vegan butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes. We used our Kitchen Aid, but you can always use a hand mixer.

Next we added the flour, baking soda, and salt...and mixed it some more.

Then we added the oats and mixed well. Don't expect it to turn out like will be crumbly.

But the crumbly texture is exactly what you're looking for. Next you'll sprinkle half of the crust into your prepared pan. Then press it down with your fingers.

The next layer is the filling. It's pretty thick and sticky, so your best bet is to drop spoonfuls of it all around. Then you can use a spoon to smooth it out in an even layer over the entire bottom crust. Press and spread carefully so that you don't pull up the bottom crust. 

Then cover the filling with the remaining crust mixture and press down. You'll pop this in the oven and bake for 25 minutes. Then remove and let cool for about 5 minutes. Then cut into squares while still warm.

They really turned out great. We think there is a perfect ratio of sweet filling to nutty/oaty, just-ever-so-slightly salted crust. We have them stored in an air tight container in the fridge. We each ate one first at room temperature and then today had one straight from the fridge...and both of us liked the chilled version even better. The original recipe says they freeze well, and can thaw on the counter for an hour. Aaron's mom had one with coffee and said it was perfect. 
We highly recommend these! I was just about to try to formulate some terrible pun/joke about not having to go out to a Bar for a Date...that you could stay home and have the Date in the Bar or whatever...terrible idea...but too late now! Anyway...enjoy some Vegan Date Bars! They are no joke! derp.
xo, Jenny & Aaron
and Carlos and Lieutenant Dan 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Meet the newest member of the family...Lieutentant Dan!

Ladies and Gentleman...introducing Lieutenant Dan! I'm really going to try to keep this introduction brief since I know that Lieutenant Dan will probably pop up on your screens way more than you can tolerate in the future. I know we will be OVERSHARING on all social media platforms when it comes to this little guy.
He came to us the way all very special things should come to you...sprinkled with a bit of fate, chance, and magic.
As chronic dog lovers, me and Aaron always keep tabs on and donate to A Place To Bark, which is an animal rescue founded by our friend Bernie Berlin. We know Bernie through the art community. She's a great artist, instructor, and published author, but lately A Place To Bark has taken up nearly every minute of her time. She's located outside of Nashville TN, and her rescue is responsible for saving thousands of lives in that area...yes, thousands. On a weekly basis she will go to four different animal control shelters and take as many dogs as she can that are mere hours away from being euthanized. These are regular ol' lovable pups who were unwanted, abused, abandoned, etc... And she tries to take the ones who may be the hardest to adopt. Big dogs, black dogs, bully breeds, and pups with issues that are easily solved with a little bit of tlc. She takes them all to A Place To Bark, and there they get vet care, they get cleaned up, trained, socialized, and in the end they are 100% ADOPTABLE. Seriously, check out any number of videos on A Place To Bark's Facebook page and you'll see dozens of super well behaved pups, sharing food, playing, tails wagging like crazy. No aggression, no fear, just lovey dovey dogs. And many of these dogs were once cowering in a corner somewhere. 

Ok, just after the loss of our Little Jack, me and Aaron were probably looking at the A Place To Bark facebook page a little more often than usual. We weren't looking for a new dog. We were just finding comfort in looking at these dogs who were given a second chance at life. So, we then came across the above pic with the insanely smiling tiny Chihuahua. It stopped us in our tracks because we weren't used to seeing Chihuahuas at A Place To Bark. They rarely come through, but lately Bernie has been taking in a lot more of them (maybe inspired by this duo of Chi fanatics?!) Ok, so the next day, I got a message from Bernie. She had heard about our little Jack and said that she had someone there at A Place To Bark that we should meet. I was sorta overcome with emotion because I wasn't ready yet to consider getting a new pup. I told her as much, and when she wrote back she indicated exactly which pup she'd like us to meet. It was that crazy smiling one we had seen the day before!
She said his name was Lieutenant Dan and that he smiled like that whenever you fooled around with him. Bernie has a way of talking to Dan that makes him smile like that instantly! Right away we loved the name Lt. Dan. We are not even big Forrest Gump fans...we just thought the name was perfect for the little guy. We couldn't figure out exactly why he had the name though. Unlike the real Lt. Dan, this pup has all of his legs. But then I did come across this shot of Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan, and the smiles definitely look similar! ha!
Ok, so at this point, the smiling pic was the only one we saw, and we were totally in love. Oh sure, he looks crazy in the pic...but we love crazy looking things.

And then...Bernie followed up with this pic. Total opposite personality. He looks so calm and docile in his pink cowboy hat! Me and Aar swooned. I then told Bernie that we would want him but we had no idea how and when we'd get to Tennessee. Bernie said not to worry, she loves the little guy, and she'll hold onto him until we figure it out somehow.
Two months go by and we are frequently messaging with Bernie. She sent us a few videos of Dan, which we watched over and over. And then we get word from Bernie that she has a meeting in New Jersey...of all places! She says she's taking Dan on the plane so that he can come meet us! And then, at the last minute we find out that Bernie's meeting is in Red Bank, which is like 15 minutes away, we used to live there and we had a retail shop there. Crazy! 

Like I said, everything felt fateful and magic. It was almost four years ago to the day that we first met our little Jack. We picked him up on 4th of July weekend. And now here we were, picking up Lt. Dan.
 Here's the can't ever replace your beloved pup that passed. But you can fill the hole in your heart...or to say it can take that surplus of love that you had for your departed pup, and give it to another pup who really really needs it. And who needs love more than a rescue dog?
Here's the brief background on Lt. Dan. He was a stray, found wandering in some parking lot, nearly starved, bad ear infections that made all of the skin and hair shed from those adorable ears. But then he was taken to A Place To Bark, got nourished, had his ear infections treated, and he was shown love. Bernie regularly rubbed coconut oil on his ears to heal them and promote hair regrowth. Dan now has a nice gingery peach fuzz and zero health issues. Every night at A Place To Bark he got to snuggle with his girlfriend Mouse, who you can see in the above smile :) pic. She still needs a home, but needs special circumstances...she has lingering trust issues with humans. Make sure to check out A Place To Bark to see all the pups needing a good home. 

So, we went to Red Bank and finally met Lt. Dan! He was every bit as sweet as we had expected...even more so actually. Bernie got him to smile for us right away! Aaron held him for at least a couple hours while we hung out with Bernie and her man...who is an awesome guy. Non stop joking with Jeff.
Seriously, within no time at all Lt. Dan was bonded with Aaron. We put Dan down to pee on a tree and right away he ran back to Aaron to be held again. Our time hanging out with Bernie was definitely too brief...but we will make sure to get together lots more so that she can keep in touch with Dan. 

When we got him home Carlos went nuts. Even though we had Carlos for a long time before we got Jack and it was just the three of us, he became very used to having a brother, and had missed Jack terribly when he passed. So with a new little guy showing up here Carlos was pretty much overcome with excitement. He just kept circling the little guy and whining and panting, and leading him around outside. They were instantly sharing treats, and laying in the same doggy bed together.
Carlos sleeps down at the foot of our bed, and when we had Jack we figured out right away that he and Carlos couldn't both sleep with us in the bed. There was a weird territorial thing and they'd growl at each other. So Jack slept in a doggy bed on the floor right next to Aar's side of the bed. It worked no problem. They both seemed comforted by the separation. So last night we were going to do the same with Lt. Dan. We set him up with some blankets in a little doggy bed beside the bed, and he was nestled in there contently. But as soon as we switched off the light, he shot like a rocket into our bed! And it's a fairly high jump to make for the little guy! He wormed right under the blankets and curled up next to Aaron. Carlos came over for a brief sniff, but then went to sleep in his own spot. No problems all night. We hope it stays that way. The behavior that pups have in the initial days together does not always remain the same.
 In the morning, we woke up, peeled back the blankets and revealed this adorable face. Enough to melt our hearts. He went out for his morning pee easy a long drink when he came in, and he and Carlos settled down in their respective beds as we sat in the livingroom like we do every morning...Aaron with his coffee, me with my water with lemon, (coffee might give me a heart' real) A little later he stood around with Carlos in the kitchen to watch Aaron make us a smoothie. He seriously is acting right at home.

By midday Aaron needed to shut his eyes for a while. Neither of us slept because we were checking on the little guy all night long. The two pups seemed to need a nap too as you can see. Yeah, and by the way...Aaron can nap anywhere, anyhow...he'd lay on concrete and not have problem catching some winks. 

We are so thankful for Lieutenant Dan. We're thankful to Bernie Berlin for being the patron saint of recued animals, we're thankful that she thought of us in our time of grief, we're thankful for her having business to take care of in Jersey, and we're thankful to our little Jack for smiling down over the whole process. A little note on brother Walt picked us up from Red Bank after we got Lt. Dan...on the drive home Walt says "I have to make a stop...I need to pick up something for Bruno. (his dog)" So he pulls into the vet parking lot but they're closed. We just pause in front briefly, but the brief pause is enough. This is the same vet where we said goodbye to our little Jack. And now, nearly two months to the day we're here in the same exact spot holding Lt. Dan in our arms for the first time. Lives may pass, but the love never does. We get to give it all to another life who needs it. 
We urge anyone who is able, to rescue a pup...or to rescue many many pups by donating to A Place To Bark. Bernie works tirelessly with two employees and a couple volunteers. Their resources are meager, but their love is huge and should be celebrated.
Adopt don't shop.
Love you guys,
xoxo, Jenny, Aaron, Carlos, & Lieutenant Dan

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Art Is You Art Retreat (Memphis TN)

This is another long long overdue post. But despite the passage of time we still feel plenty of excitement about our trip to Memphis for the Art Is You Retreat. Above you can see a couple examples of the classes we taught. We spent one day painting girls, and another day painting abstracts. Every student did an amazing job!
We've been a part of the faculty for a few years now, and as far as retreats go Art Is You feels way more like a giant family reunion than an art retreat. We get to see so many people who are our longtime friends, and every new person we meet fits right into the Art Is family seamlessly. It's definitely an event that welcomes every person equally. Beginners work side by side with masters and it seems like there's never a moment when a person feels out of their depth. Me and Aaron can't say enough good things about Art Is You.
Jeez, I never expected to wait this long to recap our amazing time. I originally planned on doing a recap as soon as we got back, but within 24 hrs of being home we lost our little Jack. We were so crushed, but also so thankful that we had just come back from such a positive experience. It definitely worked as a dose of medicine to pull us through such a hard time.
Here we are on our way to Memphis, waiting for an early morning connecting flight in North Carolina. The NC airport is great, and huge, but not intimidatingly so. There's a bit of southern charm with white rocking chairs all throughout the terminal.
So here you have Aaron kinda looking creepy, but what he's really doing is praising the breakfast that Ellen is serving us on a silver platter. It was a little inside joke. Leading up to the event it seemed like we were emailing Sal & Ellen (founders of Art Is You) with way too many questions. We know that Sal & Ellen are waaaaay way busy in the weeks before the event, getting everything organized with the attendees, instructors, and hotel. Aaron felt guilty about bothering them with so many trivial questions, so he self deprecatingly sent an email sorta illustrating this point. He jokingly requested a south facing window in our room, and asked about the pile of the carpet, and the exact thread count of the sheets. So, as a rebuttal, Ellen brought us a fancy breakfast on a silver platter.

In the above little Instagram video you'll see a typical in our hotel room prepping for class. We're filling little treat bags with some Salt Water Taffy. Our way of bringing a little Jersey Shore to Memphis. And yes, as a tribute to our locale the soundtrack is Paul Simon singing Graceland. When I was a kid my dad played that album constantly.

When you attend Art retreats your hotel room serves as your makeshift studio. And it's not just the teachers doing their last minute many students continue working on their class projects back in their rooms. 

This is what our hotel bed usually looks like at Art Is You.

We seriously love setting up for class. We're filled with nervous excitement. Getting ready to welcome our students...some we've never met before...some may be facebook or Instagram friends...some are longtime blog readers whom we have never met in person. And the students all possess different levels of experience. Some have never ever painted...but there ready to learn, practice, try new things, make new friends, and have fun!

Our first class was Expressive Abstracts, being that is was a full day class we decided to split the day into two parts. In the morning session we worked mainly with a palette knife on small canvases that featured a vintage photo portrait. We'll be teaching another version of this in October at the Connecticut Art Is You! It will be a shorter evening class. This was so much fun, and everyone loved how their canvas turned out.
 By lunchtime everyone had developed some favorite techniques and strokes, using the palette knife.
The second part of the day was about loosening up and using brushes. Above are some of our class samples. Can you tell which are mine and which are Aaron's? 

Brit was working large! And we loved watching her layer on more paint and more textures. She definitely did well because she remained cool as a cucumber. Staying loose is key when working in abstracts. We met her at a previous Art Is in Connecticut. And we've now been at three events with her mom Deb...who we absolutely Love!

It's always a thrill to see how easily our students take to something that they've never even tried before. So great to know that they're going back home with so much brand new art experience under their belts. 
Our Second class was paintings girls and so much more. We once again did two separate projects. In the morning we did a smaller portrait that focused on the basics of step by step face painting. Cute, cartoonish girls with candy colored hair.

I really just have to mention Becky and her husband John. Becky is a great artist with years of experience doing a lot of the things me and Aaron have done over the years...decorative painted crafts, furniture, gifts. But she's got one up on us because she can do it all without full function in her hands. She's fully capable of rendering whatever she wants, but it might take a little longer. So being that the classes are time sensitive. her husband John sits in and helps her out with the more mundane parts of the process. like tracing the lines of the portrait onto tracing paper. 
I think she's telling John to hurry it up a bit in this pic! ha! They are the sweetest couple. Like us, they're high school sweethearts. We got to spend some off time with them and shared so many great life stories with each other.

Would you look at these?! And this was just the progress before lunch break!

The second part of the day we worked on larger mixed media canvases using our techniques learned earlier in the day, but we incorporated paper piecing, collage, using mists, stencils, textured mediums etc.

Art Is You is definitely not only about the classes. I feel like it's the little moments in between and all the extras that leave such a lasting impression on everyone. Even just running into someone in the hall and striking up a conversation can spark a lasting friendship. We love peeking into other classrooms and seeing what everyone else is working on. And doing that is a great way to pregame for the next event, and decide who's classes you'd like to attend in the future.
On one of our quick trips through the lobby I decided to do a little Art Abandonment in the seating area where lots of people would gather. Michael DeMeng started the trend. The idea is to make some art and leave it for someone else to find...just make sure to sign it. attach a note letting the finder know that it's theirs to keep...and include your contact info so that they finder can get in touch if they want. 

At every Art Is event there is the Art Trunk...a vendor fair where you can get some artwork, vintage stuff, clothing, sculpture, jewelry, books, art supplies, etc. In the above video we're getting our table set up, and we also got a couple shots of our neighbors, including our friends Kecia and Sarah. Being that we had to ship so much class stuff down to the event we had to go light with our Art Trunk offerings. We mainly brought our supplies, sticker packs, paper collection, and books. We plan on bringing lots more art and jewelry to the next event in October in CT.
 On our flight home, just as we were landing in Jersey we passed through a rainbow. At the time we had no idea that this was little Jack's rainbow.
In the latest issue of Mingle there's a story on Art Is You, written by the fabulous Rice Freeman-Zachery. This is so exciting for our art community...for all the instructors, attendees, future attendees, and especially Sal & Ellen. Art Is You is their baby and it's so great to see it get the exposure and accolades that it deserves!
None of the amazing experiences and lasting friendships would be possible without the tireless efforts of Sal & Ellen. They work so hard and keep everyone smiling. They have giant hearts and me and Aar are thankful every day for knowing them. They host Art Is You retreats pretty much all year round that span the globe. From our fun down in Dixie, to way out in Petaluma CA, then down under to Australia, and then very near to us on the east coast in Connecticut! 
If you can...we promise you'll have a great time and so much more! Join us this October! We are teaching a Friday night class! Which will be Ancestral Abstracts. Think vintage photos, lots of abstract paint techniques, some stamping, color washing, layering, glazing. By all means, if you're thinking about it, we've still got room in class for you! We'd love to see you there!
Ok, I'm so thrilled that I finally got to share all this. Hope you enjoyed! Stay Cool on this fantastic Holiday weekend! 
xo, Jenny & Aaron