Thursday, September 14, 2006

Busy Day!!

   So today was "non stop" from the minute we got up to just about 2 seconds ago!! Aaron finally got to sit..he's watching Conan. And I just listed 2 Halloween Art Squared pieces that we did tonight! They came out really fun! ( my opinion). We shrunk down our 100% original paintings and combined them with some great patterned papers..and vintage ephemera. Creating tiny pieces like these is just so fun...we are used to much larger canvases...especially coming from our years as furniture painters/designers! It is almost instant gratification!
   We did lots of shipping today! I LOVE shipping days! Yes..they are reeeeaaally hectic and crazy...but I love to know that all of the pieces are off to their new "home sweet homes". I love checking them all off on our "to ship" list! Tomorrow Aaron is in NYC for his weekly meeting. Maybe I will get some personal crafting done. And some much needed cleaning!! I'm pretty beat...I'm gonna watch a  little Conan..and then hit the hay!! Night!! xoxo Jenny
ps. If anyone is interested..they are now listed in our eBay store!

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