Cakes, Cakes, and more Cakes!!

Today was a shipping day....from the second the eyes open till the absolute "down to the second" cut off at the post office..we are nuts! But like I have said.. I LOVE to know that all of these pieces are off to their new homes!! Love it!!
It was a chilly day....Fall is coming fast!! and mannn do I wanna bake!! The chocolate cake I baked at my sister's the other night really flicked the switch! I have been book marking soooo many fabulous recipes on line, that I am dying to try!!
I am the baker in the family. For all birthdays and all holidays...Jenny brings the "sweet". I am the oldest of 5, plus Aaron has two brothers, one now married with a brand new baby as you can seems I am always planning some sort of baking!! I have my favorite recipes, my "tried and trues". Some family members have personal favorites, such as my dad... HIS cake is the "Brown Derby"....basically a rich sour cream devil's food cake..(I do 4 layers)...layered  with fresh sweetened whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, and peaches...frosted in whipped cream, and sprinkled with cake crumbs. It is really deelish!!..He often tries to convince others to pick the to have it a few times a year!!....I say..noooway...I like a little magic in life!!
My sister is all about fudge cake layered with sweetened cream...covered in a super decadent chocolate ganache glaze...and  dotted with homemade truffles. My mother loves chocolate and hazelnut. Walt is a maniac when it comes to my red velvet cupcakes, Jason, and Aaron both go for strawberry!!
and my brother Richard requests ice cream cakes!
(I tell you...the "Bake and Fill" pan is super fun,and easy to use...but you really do not get enough ice cream!!!) I was pretty proud of the cake I presented....and being that it was totally gone in 10 mins says something I guess!!
My bday is coming up in October, it is the one day I do not bake. Last year Aaron got me the sweetest cake ever...with our photo on it!!...the year before, my sister baked cupcakes. It feels so weird not baking for a family party!! Well...I bake for Halloween so I guess in a way I do bake pretty close to it!
I am hoping Walt gets a bake sale going at school..I am just dying to do some fabulous to-go sweets....old school....wrapped in waxed paper....I am going to keep on him!!..Is that nuts? forcing a bake sale just because you are addicted to baking? lol...maybe just a little!!
Anyways...still haven't figured the comments things out...if anyone outside of Aol, would be kind enough to leave a comment I would be oh so grateful!!
Hope you all have a fabbb week!! Lots of new TV!!..and old favorites are back!! Yippee!! (Counting down the days till LOST!!)
xoxo Jenny


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