eggs, cupcake wrappers, cherries, butter...

I woke up today feeling like I may have caught my sister's, is it possible for that to happen through Instant messaging? just kidding....She had to call out of work yesterday ..throat was just killing her, all over aches, fever. A few of her friends had it this past week. I am hoping it is not the same thing! I've been super stressed and running around like nuts lately...hopefully it's just a lil' funk that'll be over by tomorrow!
We are busy working on a bunch of orders! Which is always great! I can never ever complain about that!! It is such an amazing feeling,...knowing that our work will be hanging in all of these different/unique homes! Becoming a part of all of these different lives! SO SO fun!!!!
We have some of the most amazing clients/collectors ever! Total sweethearts!! My goodness...just so darn amazing! (We both thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!)
We have soooo many ideas and designs in the works and dancing around in our heads night and day!! Why only 24 hrs in a day?? We need like 5 more!!
One of our absolute best sellers is our hand painted vintage bakery inspired chalkboards. Well, we just kicked them up a FEW notches! We are now making them from scratch...thick wooden boards....and fabulous chalkboard paint!!....this way we can create all different shapes and sizes!! We have one so far..with about 6 more planned!! I really really love this piece, It is a great size!! And the sweet still life up top is our 100% hand painted original artwork...also available in just the plaque!!...the plaque comes with our signature fine hand glittering in all the right spots!! ....I will be sure to keep you posted on our new chalkboards!! I promise more before the holiday shopping days!!
Also...working on some more Art Squared!! Hopefully within the next few days!
Hope you all are feeling great, cooking yummy fall-ish dinners, and baking all kinds of bake sale type goodies!! (I am begging Walt to get a bake sale going at school...cannot wait!!)
Thanks bunches for stopping by!! xoxo Jenny
if anyone is is a link to our eBay store!
ps...if anyone has tried to post without luck...we would love to know! Thanks!


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