Good things come in small packages!

Good things truly do come in small packages!! I have been a collector and lover all things tiny my whole sweets being my all time favorite!..(I'll be sure to take some pics around the apt. of some of my absolute favorites for a future post!!)
We have been having such a great time creating our mixed media "Art Squared" (4" x 4")  Cake Art!! I love lining them up, switching their order around, holding them...really!....they really are so much fun to look at in a group! Seeing our original paintings shrunken down so tiny is so story book like!
We create them on tiny little wooden plaques...I think most other artists use cardstock, heavy papers, or canvas. The mini wooden plaque was a natural choice for us!!..Growing up in my Dad's cabinet shop made me such a lover of wood!!...Have you ever smelled fresh cut Cherry?? Oh my Gosh!!! Amazing!!
These lil' bits of eye candy are totally here to stay for us! We look forward to creating all sorts of Holiday minis!! So stay tuned!! We hope to list a handful of new designs this week!  Hope you like them!! xoxo Jenny
*for anyone interested here is a link to our "Art Squared"!


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