Happy Memories!!

Well, Summer o6' is now a happy memory....Fall is certainly here! The chilly mornings are now filled with the sounds of school bus brakes, and overly animated preteens waiting outside our bedroom window!!! lol...(we have yet to actually see this one boy....but his voice has conjured up some amazing visuals for us....as groggy as we are from painting till the wee hours..."that kid's voice" is sure to bring a chuckle from me...and a moan from Aaron!! Each and every morn!)
   Before I truly say goodbye to Summer (even though I already started to pull out my piles of vintage Halloween decor)....I would love to share our mini ..(and I do say mini)..sibling vacation to Wildwood NJ! (the blue collar vacation spot of the East Coast...Home of Doo Wop music .and architecture!)
   First I must tell you about the incredible motel we stayed at!!!...it is just beyond perfectly kitschy! Here is the link,
Caribbean Motel - A Historic Doo Wop Landmark in Wildwood Crest, NJ  It first opened in 1956, at the height of Wildwood's Doo Wop heydey! It has been featured in Smithsonion Magazine, Preservation Magazine, The New York Times, LA Times, and many more! It was just totally revamped...to include, Doo Wop rooms....A mix of authentic and retro-reproduced Eames-era furnishings along with enchanting "Caribbean Deco" colors and shapes!!
   Wildwood is a total step back in time....the most incredible "never ending" strip of candy colored motels...with names like...the "lolli pop", "the pink panther" "the Waikiki"......it would blow your mind! SO SO SO fun! We had gone there as kids each summer....and also after our prom..(that is what you do here on the Jersey shore!) it is about 2 hrs from where we live now.
   We decided it would be a great escape for 3 days...Aaron and I .. my sister Melissa..and our youngest brother (16) Walt (aka..the center of my universe!) We truly had such a fun time..eating all sorts of boardwalk foods....riding on one of the Largest Ferris Wheels in the USA!!....playing mini golf at a tiki theme Pancake House....finding an INCREDIBLE cupcake bar!! (You pick your cake...Pick your Frosting..and pick your topping...and voila!!....we ordered 12!!!! Yeah..we do not "play around" when it comes to cupcakes!! lol!) We also had an incredible kidney shaped pool right outside our room....faux palm trees and all!! It was the first time I swam in over 12 years!!....lots of fun!!...also went in the Ocean...AMAZING!! hadn't done that in over 22 yrs!!! My sister is a beach nut...she is at the beach almost daily during the summer....(We live at the shore)...Aaron and I are more the..stroll the boardwalk at night types...eating fried oreos or something nuts like that!!
   Anyways...I am making little scrap books for us, Missy, and Walt to remember the fun...it was a great time..I hope we get to go back every year! I highly recommend it....for the kitsch value if nothing else! Hope you like the pics!! I'd love to hear if anyone else has ever been to Wildwood!! Thanks bunches for stopping by!! XOXO Jenny


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