The hustle and bustle has begun!

It has been so so hectic around here! Filling orders, designing new pieces, Dr. visits, and Walt is back to school!! We convinced him to join cross country! He has been running with Aaron all summer, and loves it! That kid can go from lazy bones to total machine in about 60 seconds!! It just takes the "right reasons"! What a crack up! I cannot tell you how much I love having him as a brother! It is just so much fun! It seems like just yesterday he was "Walty green socks"!! And now...he is our peer...our 4th partner in crime! Down for pizza or cupcake game in NYC anytime we call!
He signed up yesterday...(quite late!) The rest of the team has been running together since August! This is only his second year in this school as well! He transferred here to our town to be able to play hockey scholastically. He is awesome! (He was just featured in American Hockey magazine!) I pretty much cry every game!! So So excited and proud!! He is our baby brother. And we want to hold on to him for as long as we can!!
Today is his first practice with the team. I know he is really anxious to see what it is really like, if he is overthinking it?..underthinking?....I is allllll about THINKING with that kid!!! Those wheels are always turning!! lol! His first meet is Saturday (I think)...We are beyond excited! This is something totally new for our family! We are a hockey family! So my Dad is going to have to find some new "insane things" to yell!! Trust me...Walt will have a LARGE rooting section!! What a fun way to usher in Fall!! I'll keep you all posted!!
Pictured above is the Holiday/Winter 06' postcard for the Super Super Fun Folk Art website that we belong to.. ! (We are psyched to see our coconut layer cake made the grouping!) If you haven't don't know what you are missing!! The gal that runs it (Missy Ballance) is a total sweetheart, and has been in the business for years! She has some great ideas and plans for G&G! It is in it's very early days...and already has a great following!! She is currently looking for unique and fabulous artists to join! If you want some info email me...or just contact her through the site!! Tell her Jenny Sent you!!
We are listed with the "glitter artists"..the more whimsical lighthearted type stuff.....but if prim is your thing...check out the "grunge artists"!! We update on the 1st and be sure to check back often! And look for our ad in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine!! I promise dazzling holiday designs, and perfect gift ideas and stocking stuffers! I do hope you have a peek at all the talented artists!!
Well, Aaron is once again in NYC..and I am running behind on my "to do list" as always! I have a bunch of emails to return!! So so sorry for the delay...if any of you Sweethearts are reading this!!!...I promise today!!!  (this evening!) All of my favorite bloggers have posted some super fab stuff!! Amy at ...her fall nests!! Just to die for!!... ...always such inspiration and eye candy!...And My gosh!! Miss POSIE herself !!..Alicia!! The ultimate wizard behind the curtain!! Love her blog to BitS and Bits!! I will be sure to leave comments for all of you fabbbb ladies tonight!! Thanks so so much for all of the magic!! Talk soon!! xoxo Jenny


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