a lil' vacation all year round!

I had planned to post these pics yesterday, but once again...Power outtage!! Second time in the last few weeks!! Last time it was out for over 11 hrs!! We lost every thing in the fridge/freezer...and were unable to finish up some very important work! It was the worst! This time..taking no chances..we packed up all of our supplies,lots of laundry,  snacks, and my favorite baking implements, to go to my sister's house for the day!
She had gone to a festival in Brooklyn with some friends, and knowing we had tons to do, left us a key!....very nice of her! We indeed finished a bunch of orders, about 5 loads of laundry!!, and I baked an "over the top" deeelish classic devils food layer cake frosted with an old fashioned fudge frosting! It felt so weird baking in a foreign kitchen! How on earth do those people do it in those HUGE bake-offs? (in gymnasiums lined with hundreds of ovens) AMAZING!!
When Missy got home we ended up hanging out until 3:45 am!!! eating pizza, and more and more and more cake!!Pretty much just laying around gossiping about every topic on earth! (which is what us 3 do anytime we are together) ..Aaron becomes one of the girls...it is a riot!!
The photos above are of our one and only bathroom here in our tiny apt.....it was tiled yellow in the 70's when they built this complex...nothing has changed!....I have found it so so hard for me to feel content with our bathroom decor choices over the years! I see color in themes....I saw the yellow as blonde hair...so I tried blonde hair blue eyed pin up girls....we tried vintage tiki....we tried  "natural home"....you name it....it was always pretty...but never felt "right"....For the first time..I really do smile every time I walk in!!
We went with the theme of Vintage Jersey Shore. For the walls we painted stripes in the perfect Salt Water Taffy pastels..(candy pink, seafoam green, sunny yellow, and turquoise).....seashells, vintage beach postcards, shell art boxes, pastel McCoy vases, and our prized collection of vintage Wildwood, and Atlantic City souvenir plates fill the room! We wanted it simple, clean, airy, but TAFFYish!!! We still need a sink skirt...and I do NOT sew....anyone want to trade some Cake Art for a sink skirt???? lol...Our shower curtain is a simple and pretty white eyelet from the Shabby Chic at Target line.
 We are always on the look out for vintage beach goodies....from old beach motel photos, motel keys, carnival/boardwalk prizes, to candy colored beach/sailboat paint by numbers!! (LOVE them)!!
We wanted to capture some of the fun of this summer forever!.....(we collected some Wildwood sand in a vintage ball jar)...I would loooove to do something fabulous like the "memory jars" Amy of Inspire Company did with her friends!!..(she is sooo fun and creative..love those pics!!) here is a link:
Our tiny lil' beach bath is still a work in progress....As soon as it is "finished" I will post more pics! (I totally need that sink skirt!!) hope you like the pics!! Any suggestions..I'd love to hear them!! Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week! xoxo Jenny


  1. I am SO loving the fact that I can take a peek into the home/life/mind of such gifted (and might I say, FAVORITE) artists!!  Absolutely fun....keep it coming!  It makes me want to go out and create, create, create.  It gets the mind flowing with fabulous ideas and inspiration!!  I am now hooked on reading creative people's blogs.  I only wish I could sew that sink skirt for you!  Let me know if you find someone willing to do a few custom things like that.  Happy creating, painting, and whatever else you talented darlings do!!!!!


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