My fears came true! fears came true...I am just as tech challenged as I had thought!! haha....Now for any of you who visited are not losing your mind!!! ...My photo changed size over 6 times!! My goodness!! And you may be looking at the time of the entry thinking..umm ..ok girly...who the heck starts a "to do list" at 6 pm!! my defense....I wrote the entry much much earlier in the day!!...and for some odd reason my photo just kept changing to the dreaded tiny red X!!!...I tried all kinds of tricks...tried photo bucket...just as messy as last time I tried..on had to go back to using the tiny little AOL format! Do not ask me how I managed to have a real deal full size photo in my very first post...some glitch I'll never understand!! HAHA!..Anyways...had to clear that up!!....but overall..yes I spent tooooo much time on this thing today! I did at least do a pilates "tape"! Yes..I live in the 80s!! it is in fact a dvd...and I am mocked by Aaron and my sister.....I do in fact call it my tape!! to mop the kitchen!! xoxo Jenny


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