my newest can of worms!

So , it is another rainy yucky day...which makes me wanna do two things.....EAT and redecorate!!, I already have been very guilty of one of the two.....yep...Huge 5 layer bar at 3pm...those things are just too darn tempting sitting there on the counter!! buttery graham cracker crust...layers of sweetened condensed milk, coconut, chocolate, nuts, and butterscotch morsels...c'mon!!!
As for the redecorating ...geez...I am really stuck...I told you about what I had planned and what we had are some pics of the tiny dining area as it I said..very pink/blk/cream/ooh la la....cakes...galore! We now have the mocha/taupe walls.....I tell you,..getting rid of the pink...felt like I was cutting off my braids!!!( which I do not think I could ever do!! I have had them for over 11 years..never leave home without them!)....The pink being gone ..makes me feel like I went out and got a bob!....don't get me wrong..bobs are cute...and I am sure I could work with one...but wow the anxiety of all of this...whoah!...Where's Pam Garrison when you need her!!? haha....I truly am ok with it as much as it sounds like I'm not...I am excited for the change...we needed it....time to move on..time to start a new life....Aaron is feeling great...he can run 6 miles a day now!!! It is truly amazing how far he has come since the accident! We thought we'd never see this day! is here..and it is time to be happy again!...starting with this tiny little place we call home!...I hope to get things moving soon as we make some progress I promise to post pics! I am sure it will take me a while to feel that it is "ready" or "done"...but I'm up for it! Wish me luck!! Any comments...feel free to post!! Thanks for stopping by! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! Go Bake something!! xoxo Jenny


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