Posting comments issue!!

Hey everybody!! It was brought to my attention today that it is pretty much impossible to post a comment on my blog/journal...if you are not an AOL member. Boy does that STINK!! I had no idea!! I really have to figure out a better way to do this! Geez, and it was just getting FUN!! I apologize to all of you who have tried! Gee I really gonna have to figure our blogger now??? LOL!!
The Sweetheart that brought it to my arttention is Jessica of
Funky Finds ! She is such a doll!! I was so shocked today!...while attempting to show Aaron this fabulous tee shirt with a chihuahua and typewriter motif by threedogparty ...I see a post about our Cake Art!! What a sweetie!! Thanks so much Jessica!! Your Art Squared is in the mail this coming week!!
For now...if anyone wants to contact can always contact us through
eBAY, or ETSY !!
I hope to figure out something else... quick!
We are now off to Holmdel Park to take Walt running!! where on earth is that dust covered stop watch?? Maybe I'll take the camera!
Hope  you are all enjoying your weekend!!
xoxo Jenny


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