So far So Good!

So far so Good!! I figured out how to get pics in my entries and all! Yipppeee!! Today is a busy busy day..Sales have been quite good this past week! So we are cramming to get everything finished and out the door! We are really excited about our newest designs....we are incorporating our absolute favorite bits of vintage baking book recipes..and text to these Fabulous wooden recipe boxes!!...They are so much fun! We did an original painting for the lid...and hand paint the scallop/lace looking border! We really had a ball doing them...they just feel good in the hands...does that make any sense? Also hoping to do some more Art Squared pieces....those were also very very fun to do..tiny bits of eye candy! Glad everyone seemed to agree!! They did well! YAY!! ..well..I am off to a Dr. appt...then back to the painting! I hope to reach out to my favorite bloggers soon....let them know how much they inspire me on a daily basis!! I think this will be a lot of fun!! Talk soon! xoxo Jenny
If anyone is is a link to these recipe boxes!


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