HFHP Queen!!

I know I was not the only one counting down the days till' Sally Jean's 
book came out! I have seen it on many of your blogs! How fab is it!!? Non stop eye candy!! I have no plans on soldering anything anytime soon, I just adore the page after page inspiration, and fabulousness of it!! Aaron was a sweetheart and gave it to me for my birthday!....along with 
Artful Paper Dolls by Terry Taylor!! Which is packed with lots of fun ideas! If you do not have either....check them out next time you are at your local book store!!
 This time of year I start to go book crazy! With the holidays approaching we tend to go into crafting overdrive here! We make 85% of the gifts for our families and friends. All completely different and customized.  There are so many things I would like to do this year! Including some home projects as gifts to ourselves!! : )
We currently have a half painted coffee table, half painted dining table, half painted hallway, I will stop there... :)
Now, when I say "half painted" I do not mean not fully coated...I mean that we have a hand drawn "top hats and cake slice damask" on our coffee table top, that was started sometime last year....a 4 color polka dot pattern on our dining table started 3 months ago....and stripes which we have measured and base coated in our hallway!!
We have DADD (Decor Attention Deficit Disorder!!) Truly!
Being that we do not have any form of separation between work and home, or work and hobby...we tend to get really excited about new projects and drop one in progress for a really exciting new one!!
We behave in the same way when it comes to our business as well....although those pieces are much smaller than a side board or bedroom set!
We are our most creative and productive when we bounce around with our work/business. It has been our formula since day one. We are happy with it. Although, I would love for this coming year to be a year of lines.....lines drawn! Balance!
We have no set schedule....it is "cake art" all day, "cake art" all afternoon,  "cake art"  all night. Peppered throughout are bits and pieces of personal projects...which I must tell you ..most of the time are some form of CAKE ART!! So my brain cannot see the difference..nor Aaron's!!
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions..I would sooo love to hear them! I am always amazed by the balance so many of you seem to have in your daily lives!
There is nothing like working from home. Aaron says it best...."Nothing beats being able to paint cupcakes in your boxers!".......should I have cleaned that up and said pajamas ? (I'm not a good liar...sorry!)...actually he wears beat to heck camoflauge army pants cut into shorts...and a paint covered black tee shirt....me...camoflauge pants and a black tee as well! (Our uniforms)
We are able to paint till' the wee hours, sleep in, blast music, stop for a game of 1-2-3, and a back rub with Carlos (our Chihuahua), watch awfully insane Lifetime movies, bake cupcakes while things are drying, check eBay auctions 20x a day!...shall I go on?
Having had a retail shop of our own for a few years, we can tell you...we would not trade working from a home studio for anything. Even if it means that one of our nightstands is pink, and the other green!!
I have made a promise to myself, no new home designs....till' we finish these. I know we will LOVE them when they are finished...we are always soo passionate about each design....we just wish we had some elves or fairies to help out!!
Wow...what a rambling post!! I guess I had to get all of that out! I make this  promise to you all as well!!...I promise to finish my half-finished home projects and post photos of them here!! I'd love to hear about any of your "HFHPs" as well!! comment or email me! I am sure I wear the HFHP crown!! I'd be shocked to hear otherwise!
I think we will start with our coffee table....give us a week or so!! Promise!! ..ok two weeks!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!
xoxo Jenny


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