There will be pie on the island tonight!!




            Today I actually woke up with butterflies in my chest...or is it belly?

                    (well they seem to fly up and down and all around!!)

I am convinced now...I am such a geek!! I mean I always sorta knew...but now it is confirmed!! I actually woke up it was the first day of school...and I was going to be wearing a brand new favorite outfit or something....or going to a best friend's wedding....or going to pick out a new puppy!!....NOPE..none of the above.
Season Premier of LOST!!
Yep...We got sucked in!! We missed the first season...ignored all the Hub Bub.....actually were annoyed by all the darn how darn good could this show be?...people on an island...weird stuff going on...( I mean how much better than any of those awful sci fi channel movies that seem to have been made for one thousand dollars).
WOW....were we wrong...we took back every word...every eye roll....every single one!! We ended up giving in...getting the entire first season on netflix........watched the entire season in 24 HOURS!!! no lie!! We stayed up all night!!...drop jawed!! It was the best thing to enter our life!! (well..keep in mind, Aaron had been in recovery from a near fatal accident...and I was mental oatmeal from it as well)...But really ...We were in LOVE!!
Second season came and we were READY ..right along side the rest of the SUPER FANS!! Just so darn entertaining..and mind blowing....I'd be lying if I didn't admit that they have reinvented the term "cliff hanger"....every week we are left dangling!!....a week of anxiety...the only fun anxiety I have experienced!!
Well....tonight is THE night!! So So excited....I am going to be baking Alicia's famous sour cream apple pie that I spoke of yesterday....and taking it over to my sister's house...oh yes...forgot to mention ...we brain washed her as well....she did the netflix thing...even downloaded episodes on itunes....and is also addicted!!....We will be me! You will almost be able to smell the smoke coming from all the workings going on in our three heads!!
I apologize (sorta) for devoting an entire post to this...but if you had any idea of the amount of fun we three geeks have watching LOST. you would forgive me!!
I will be sure to take pics and get reviews of the Sour cream apple pie for tommorows post!!
I hope you all are having a fab day!! Thank you so much to everyone that has emailed!! Lots of love and hugs to you all....I know how stinky it is that you cannot post comments! I truly adore all of your kind words!! And I sooo appreciate all the new friends stopping by! you are making this SO much fun!! luv u!!
xoxo Jenny




  1. Oh, I'm right there with ya!!  I can't wait!

    Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog (Ma Vie en Rose)!!


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