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  We are truly living in a 24 hour bakery over here!! Batches and batches  of cupcakes drying on every surface!! Both Aaron and I have permanent hand cramps from all of the cutting! I imagine the Silver Bella gals can identify...putting together all of those fabulous kits!!

Just when you think I 'd had enough cutting....I sat down to do some personal cutting! Inspired by the fabulous handiwork of  Alicia, (Have a peek at her incredible vintage wallpapered patchwork closet door !!) I revamped this super sweet tiny table "thingy" that we have had floating around for years! I'm not sure what it was actually used for. It is from the 40's and has a pretty vintage glass knob...and opens up...with a mirror attached to the inside lid! ( I plan on painting the inside a sweet vintagey turquoise) It is only 16" high...and is a 12" square. Any ideas on what it was for?
I gathered up some of my favorite scraps of papers, new scrapbooking papers, as well as vintage sheet music, and vintage baking book pages! With no real plans...and a relaxed attitude toward the design (which is truly out of character) ..I just cut different shapes and sizes, and mod podged away! I am quite pleased with how it turned is very happy and sweet, with it's chippy tan paint and all! Perfect for my vintage plastic tree and a few cardboard Christmas houses!
I am so thankful for Alicia's fab post!! What inspiration!! Thanks Alicia!!
ohhh...and celebrating a One year blogiversary is my sweet and talented friend Kari aka  ArtsyMama !! Stop over and join the celebration!!!
How fun it is to consider a year of blogging, crafting, and meeting new friends!! So so cool!! I look forward to lots of blogiversaries!! Mine and YOURS!!
Happy Creating!
Happy Blogging!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. everything looks so wonderful!  I meant to email you through flickr - please email me so I can send you a HEY SWEET CAKES card from my shop!

  2. Oh Jenny!  That table is just adorable!  When the top of the photo came up on my computer I thought it was a professional photo, then I scrolled down and saw the incredible table I forgot about your dreamy white tree and great pink houses!  

    I so enjoy visiting your blog because I know I'm going to see beautiful things each time I visit.  Keep creating!  Kim :)

  3. Hi Jenny,

    nice to meet you! I'm coming over from Pam and I wanted to let you know that I find your blog very inspirational and you seem to be all in the seasons spirit which I love! I also love all that glitter at this time of the year and your super sweet tiny table does look scrumptiously great now after you have revamped it, well done! :D I'll be back soon, when I don't forget my screenname that is, oh well I  had just to go to a nightmare of AOL sign in to do this comment, my real name as well as all abreviations I could think of wasn't available anymore lol


  4. hey there sugarplum! LOVE your vintage table. you did a wonderful job on sweeeet. and i adore your white tree. just lovely! danielle muller:

  5. Love that!  I was so inspired by her post too but haven't gotten around to doing anything yet.  Eventually I will.  Love the tree too.  ;)

  6. Jenny -- this is just GORgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


  7. OOOOHH--I LOOOVVVEEEE this table!  Fabulousity in the highest form!  I agree with the other comment -- I thought by the picture perhaps there was going to be a link to somewhere I could buy that cutie pie tree...  Love it all!!  xo-Melfie

  8. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! You did a beautiful job! Too too cute! Laurie:)

  9. Oh my gosh, Jenny, so many beautiful things to look at and news to catch up with.

    I saw the little house ornaments you sent to Teresa. Too sweet!


  10. I thought I should identify myself!!!

    CopeC6 is  Colette


  11. Hey Jenny~
    I'm new to this whole blogging thing and must say that I enjoy visiting your blog!!
    This blogging is so addictive!! :) ...And so is the modge podging.... I also got the modge podge out and did some decorating of my own!
    Anyway, just wanted to say HI and I LOVE your work!!!!!!

  12. This is so adorable! I love it!

    Lucy from heylucy (i had to use my aol name to sign in)

  13. So much delectable color and inspiration,so happy I found your site!
    jungle dream pagoda


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