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Oh boyy....Everyday is a Holiday has gone global once again! Korea this time!! Fun Fun Fun!! We just received a sweet email from a client of ours named Sang here in NJ. Sang has some friends that happen to own one of the largest bakery franchises in Korea...Patisserie HANS!! Our Cake Art was presented to them as a grand opening gift last spring!! We couldn't be more honored! We just received  some photos of their fabulous bakery case, and our art work on display!! So fun!! Turns out they loved the two pieces so much...they just ordered a bunch more! We couldn't be more excited!!  It is actually funny...considering I have glittered so many of these pieces while in my pjs..here in our studio in NJ!! What a riot!
We are hoping to have our brand spankin new website up and running very very very soon! We plan on having a photo gallery of collector's homes, and bakeries featuring our Cake Art!! We will be putting out the call for photos very soon!! So if you would like to join in the fun...start snapping away...and if you do not own any Cake Art yet....What are you waiting for!! Come visit our 
eBay store!!
I have so many new things to share....tomorrow will be full of photos!! I promise!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! That is so cool! Laurie:)

  2. Oooohhh -- how fabulous!  Congratulations!  xo-Melfie

  3. oohhh...how exciting! congrats!! danielle muller {thevintagedragonfly.com}


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