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          Today was my lucky day! For the very first time I will be the proud owner of a tiny piece of "Posie's world"!! I was so sad to miss out on her incredibly sweet "friendly birds" well as her perfect "Bird Cagelets", and "Sock Critters" in the past, but today I am very very happy to know that I will soon be holding a set of her lovely original photograph postcards!! You must have a peek!!! If you are lucky, you may be able toscore some for yourself or a favorite friend!!

Alicia's blog is a daily source of inspiration, and sweetness! Her words are incredibly touching and her photos ....well lets just say that her book deal is long overdue!! My goodness!! This girl needs a book deal!! Her photos are the ultimate in eye candy!! I cannot get enough!! I'm sure you agree!! Alicia knocks socks off!!
Now that the Halloween decor is all put away..I am ready for the mica flakes, pink tinsel, bottle brush trees, and gift wrap!! Slowly we are starting to turn the entire apt. into the "Everyday is a Holiday" version of Santa's workshop! Cupcakes drying on every surface....bottles of pastel glitter all around the kitchen...jars of candy colored string, stacks and stacks of shipping envelopes and boxes!!
I hope to be ahead of the holiday this that we have time to enjoy it. I really hope to bake even more than usual, and to entertain more. I would love to host a few family dinners, or coffee/desserts!! I think I will make a list of ideas!!
I had posted about our battle with DADD...(decor attention deficit disorder)...well I hope to have a few pics to post this coming week!! fingers crossed....let's hope there is no relapse! :)
The pics above are of our teeny tiny kitchen...We call it "The Ritz Bakery" is all pink/black/white/cream/mocha/chocolate! ....cakes, cupcakes, top hats, tiaras, and pianos!! The theme extends into the living room and dining area as well. Although we are in a transitional period right now..since changing the wall color..and adding the vintage turquoise. (I'm working on it!!)
The two framed photos are of my grandmother and her cousins on an Easter Sunday in NYC!!
 The other is my mother and her cousins also in NYC  (Jan 1957)...she is the one with the glittery glasses! (I swear she has the same exact face today!)
Under the glass cake my faux coconut cake, hanging from the drawer pull are my favorite pink/black/white clock face pot holders from the 1950's ...and down below are my prized pink Kromex canisters..also from the 50s!
I would love to see some of your kitchens!! Does anyone know of anything on Flickr?
Anyhoo....lots to do before bed!! I hope everyone had a great day!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Jenny,
    No wonder you love to bake - with a kitchen like that!! One of my favorite things, the clock face pot holders.  Absolutely adorable!

  2. Amazing pink kitchen and treasures! Those clock potholders are fantabulous! I'm so glad to find someone else who uses as many exclamation points as me!!!

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful! Your art squares are beautiful and you are beautiful! I'm so glad you participated in the Vintage Christmas Swap so that I could discover your blog:):) Have a fabulous day!!!

  4. Hi Jenny! Thank you for your comment on my blog today....I'm still very much a newbie at this, but I'm trying to get in the groove. I too am so inspired by Alicia at Posie. She's amazing, and yes, I too see a book deal in her future.  I love your work! I have seen it before on the web and think it's so lovely and just darn pretty.  And you are no slouch in the photography department, either! I loved scrolling down on the page here and seeing all your pics.  Good luck with your blog, and I'll be checking in daily!

    Kelly S.

  5. Oh, Jenny, could you hear my squeals all the way in New Jersey!  I am in utter and complete love with your Ritz Bakery kitchen!  Your pictures made me talk out loud to my computer screen!  


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