Swappy fun and Great mail!!!

My goodness...I have got to thank all of you sweethearts..including Aaron's mom (Barb) who read that I am searching high and low for a new white tree this year! I cannot believe how super helpful you all are!! My goodness!! So many emails, and links! Thank you all so much!! I will let you know what we settle on this weekend!
Well this past week I shipped out my latest swap goodies! It was a CHOCOLATE swap!! I cannot tell you how fun it was to browse and shop for special  chocolate treats! I was drooling over everything I picked up! This swap truly brought out the kid in me.....and in Aaron as well!! The selection is incredible, especially this time of year! I don't think that the gal I sent to visits my blog so I can tell you what is in the brown paper packages above!
1. Is an incredible looking bar: La Artesana extra fine chocolate with milk
2. The fabulous Harry and David's Truffles in dark chocolate
3. An amaaaazing looking 30 piece assortment of Monbana chocolates in, Lait, Lait-Cereales, cappuccino, Lait-Praline, and Tea squares!!
4. And a perfect collection of mixed Harry and David truffles!
I really had a great time putting it all together! I hope that she enjoys everything! I looked on swap-bot today to see if everyone has sent theirs.....there are still 7 people who haven't. I truly hope that we do not have any deadbeats. That would stink! I already told you about my first bittersweet swap experience . (club little house mini swap). Hopefully everything will be great for everyone!!
Ok...so now about the other photos!! I am just super duper excited about my "Crown of the Town" kit from  
Teresa Mcfayden!!..yes...Miss Silver Bella herself!! I know this photo in noway shows all of the incredible bits and bobs in this kit!! I promise more photos when I finally get a moment to sit down to work on it!! ...For now.....you have got to go check out my gal  Jennifer Sis Boom's crowns!! Her take on this kit is smashing!! In true Sis Boom fashion!!
Also pictured above is a fabulous vintage-style  holiday collage cone kit from Danielle over at The Vintage Dragonfly Studio Blog! As soon as I get a moment of free time, I will be crafting away!! I promise pics!!
We are still in full swing ornament mode over here!! Hope to ship TONS more tomorrow!
I see that many of you have gotten snow!! Lucky ducks!! 
Alicia and Andy are sipping homemade cocoa admiring their fabulous candy colored tree and Christmas village, and 
Vicki and family are living in a winter wonderlandright now!
I wonder when we will finally get some winter? Maybe I should wear my pjs inside out! That used to work in the 3rd grade!!
Hope you all are enjoying the season!!
Happy Decorating!
xoxo Jenny


  1. hi jenny! so glad the cone kit arrived safely...can't wait to see them done!! thanks for the link. your chocolate packages look wonderful!! i hope all the swappers send their packages...i was also in the club little house mini swap...i never received a package either. the lady who was supposed to send to me said she sent it and it must of gotten lost. i was very disappointed. so we both got the raw end of the deal. oh well. i love the crown kit too! you have some fun crafts to keep busy with...have fun!! danielle muller; www.thevintagedragonfly.typepad.com

  2. Your chocolate swap looks wonderful! I already did one too this year in September and my swap partner and I had great fun putting it together! I adore that seond picture with the gorgeous red robin scraps, it looks so beautiful and festive!

  3. What cool looking chocolate packages!  Your giftee may not want to open them!  Wait, it's chocolate...  Have fun with your crafting projects!!  xo-Melfie

  4. I LOVE those birds!



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