Merry Merry!!

Hello Friends!! Hope you had the merriest Christmas ever!! Our day was filled with great food, happy decorations, the people we love, amazing gifts, and lots of fun!! I hope to catch up with you all later tonight. Today is a day of organizing, working, and an ice hockey game of Walter's!
I promise some fun holiday photos, and a recap of our day!
I cannot wait to see all of your photos and to hear all about your fun!!
Have a Great day everyone!! Merry Merry!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Your tree is absolutely stunning!  And the packages are so perfect, it must be hard to open them.  Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Hi Jenny,

    Checking your blog is always to exciting.  I never know what I'm going to see when the page opens up.  This is one of the best trees I've seen all season.  The tiara!!!  Everything works.  You have such an eye.  I'm glad you had a great holiday.  Now get back to work and create more gorgeous stuff!


  3. Your tree looks like a beautiful white confection!!!!  So very pretty, and different.....I love it!   Happy New Year!!

  4. Oh, that picture looks like a painting of a dream...I can't put it in words....that tree!!! It's just magnificnet!   Merry Christmas!


  5. The tree is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well worth the wait!!

  6. Jenny!!!!!  One comment for all of the posts I've missed---WOWIE WOW WOW!!!!!!  Spectacular yummy goodness!  It's all so gorgeous!  Love seeing your gorgeous packages, your spectacular tree, all of your cutie pie ornaments...  Do I see an AC/DC ornie peeking out???  Soooo very glad to hear it was wonderful!  xo-Melfie

  7. The tree makes me smile.

  8. The tree is beautiful,the walls look great too!

  9. The tree is gorgeous! Love it! Laurie:)

  10. Beautfil tree!!! Waiting waiting waiting for more pics!!!!

    Raggedy Old Annies

  11. Hi Jenny! Love the tree! ANd the tierra! LOL! Anxiously waiting new pics ;) Happy New year! Rosemary (in texas!)

  12. That tree!  The sparkle!  All your lovely pictures, oh my!!  I am a first time visitor. I am dazzled. I am looking forward to visitng often.

  13. My goodness!!! thank you all so so so much!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of you visiting me!! Hope you all had a fabulous holiday!! I'd love to see some of your trees!! Send links!! : )

    Happy New Year dolls!!
    big hugs! xoxo Jenny

  14. What a pretty tree! I must get a white tree this year!

    I have a little Chi too=-her Name is Bettie, she says Hola to Carlos



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