Pretty papers, pretty ribbons, Pretty tags!

My oh my!! We are down to the wire huh? Everyone ready? Relaxing? Sipping cocoa, and singing along to their favorite carols?
We are busy wrapping away, and putting the final touches on family gifts! Aaron ran out today to pick up some boxes, and more tissue, and returned with tales of short sleeved shoppers! Oh it stinks!! Too too warm! Yesterday was full of yucky rain! Will NJ get any snow this year? My goodness!
Above is a tiny view of my gift wrapping table. This year's color palette is so much fun! The addition of the gold and turquoise is so sweet! And this black and white flocked paper from Target knocks my socks off!! Do you see these darling tags? All are 100% handmade..and totally two are exactly the same! They were all custom done by a sweet sweet gal that I found on Etsy ..named Amy Elise! She was so excited to hear about my color palette and theme.....and boy does she work fast! Lots of glitter, candy colored ribbons, tiny gold trees, and turquoise snowflakes, gingerbread men, vintage sheet music and much more! She is just getting her home studio set up..and is more than willing to take on custom orders for all occasions! Give her a shout...tell her Jenny sent ya! : )
Tommorow night we will be going out to dinner with Aaron's family. It is something we have been doing since we started dating! It is a great time. This year we are going to Ruby Palace. It is a total "throw back" Chinese restaurant. Rich burgundy colored interior, waiters in classic black and white uniforms.....with hairdo's out of the 50's!! Pomade and all!! Reminds me of  episodes of Charlie Chan!! (One of my all time favorite shows to watch!!...check on Netflix!) After dinner we go back to Aaron's parents house, and hang out for a while. Tradition is that the "kids" open one gift on Christmas eve.....pjs and a magazine!! Pretty fun huh? Barb and Skip always pick some really unique mags! I suppose we are hard to buy for when it comes to mags....we are as Aaron calls us "magazine heads".
Later in the evening we go over to my parents house to visit for a while..hang with the brothers...and my sister stops over as well. We usually stuff ourselves with all kinds of finger foods and sweets.
Christmas day is split between the two families..much like our Thanksgiving. The only difference is, we eat dinner at Barbs!
We are looking forward to baby Adams's first Holiday! He is only 6 months old....but I am sure it will be really really fun to see how he reacts to everything!
Both Aaron and I wish all of our friends, old and new a very very happy , healthy, FUN Holiday!!
Thank you so much to all of you for all of your kindness!! It means more than you know!!
Merry Christmas!
xoxo Jenny


  1. You got the Target paper....score!  I was at my Target almost every day trying to get it!

    Great haul of Christmas Pretty-ness!

    Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho!!


  2. Merry Christmas Jenny! Sounds like you'll have a lovely time!  Pam

  3. Jeez, you wrapping is so gorgeous!   I really LOVE the glittered tags.  I so relate to the weather thing-it's 65 deg here!  Just doesn't really feel like Christmas.....oh well.    It was great meeting you this year, and have a fabulous Holidays!


  4. Hi  Jenny!
      I finally made an aol account, so that I can comment on your blog, and not have to send a separate e-mail!!!  Love your colors!!  And I too used that lovely black flocked paper from Target! So pretty, but not much on the roll, as I found out.  I think I only wrapped about 3 or 4 packages.  I so love that little cottage you recieved!!  
     I hope that you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year!    Natalie

  5. Happy Christmas Jenny!!

  6. Merry Christmas!!!  Beautiful as always.


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