Sis Boom!

What a fabulous way to end the most insane work week ever.....the SIS BOOM event!!
I cannot even begin to explain to you all, just how incredible 
Jennifer and her glittery wonderland are! She is truly Amazing!! She fills her gorgeous home with the most fabulous candy colored, vintagey, glittery, sweet, happy, lovely, holiday bits you have ever seen! Christmas trees in every corner...(sometimes 3 in one room) hung with the most magical handmade treasures! Her famous ornament wreaths, glittery beaded trees, vintage holiday tablecloth pillows. My face ached from all of the smiling I was doing!!!
We were just delighted see Jennifer and to be able to shop for such unique and dazzling bits to display this holiday!
We are so excited about our Sis Boom stockings! Mine is a sweet pink ticking..Aaron's is turquoise. (I promise pics as soon as they are hung). Ohhh and we had to have one of Jennifer's new flag banners! (actually it is a bday gift for my sister Melissa!) It is truly the sweetest!!I think she will love it!! As soon as we have all of our holiday decorations up..I promise pics of  our Sis Boom goodies!
Now...I have to tell you about the most awesome Bonus to the day....As we were standing in the kitchen..(the checkout table)...two cute gals come walking in and begin to sign the guest book...We hear them mention that they came all the way from Long Island...and at that second I glanced over and instantly blurted out " Oh my gosh...Vintage Dragonfly! was so so funny! 
Danielle Muller and her fab mom!  And we were just talking about "blogland" as they entered!
I know many of you have had the fun of meeting up for things like Silver Bella...or just a day you know what I am saying..when I tell you it is just SO COOL! And this was such a surprise!
We usually make it to the event the first day...but due to lots of work, we had to make it the second day...and now both Aaron and I was to run into Danielle!
It really was so great! We had a GREAT day! Thank you Jennifer! Love you to bits! So so great to see you! (The kids look Awesome!) how about them photos up there? And trust me...there was so so much more!! It was so hard to zoom in on every tiny bit of eye candy! Every square inch of each room had gobs and gobs of glittery goodness! Magical! The holidays have officially begun! Thanks Sis Boom!!
I hope you all are having lots of holiday fun! I promise some pics soon!
Enjoy your weekend!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Hey Jenny~
    I am soooooooooooooo jealous!!!! I would have LOVED to be there! It would be a long drive from Arizona! Thanks for the pics! Oh, and BTW, your ornaments are way too cute!!!!
    Take care,

  2. Jenny,
     I am new to your site and love it!  These recent pics are so inspiring and oh so festive!  Thank you for sharing them! I adore sparkle and glam.....what a feast!


  3. Darling stuff.  I mean seriously, wish I could be there.
    You are the winner over at my spot.. so email me your address!!! xopam(kittymorning!)

  4. How beautiful everything is.  Scenes from my childhood have come back for a visit.  Janice  

  5. AWWW!  Jenny, you are so cute!  I love your earrings!  LOL!  JEALOUS!  so now I love your house, your art, and your earrings... almost stalkerish... lol!

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jenny!! you are too sweet!!! it was so great to meet you...i couldn't believe it. i was saying to my mother the whole way home "can you believe it??" so so fun. you and aaron are adorable. i would definitely love to get together again...i got your email. let's plan something. i took some pics too over at "sis boom"...i will post soon after this CRAZY weekend!!! have a great day miss jenny! xoxo...blessings, danielle:

  7. What a wonderful day you had--wish I was there!  Thanks for the great pics,inspiration!

  8. This looks like HEAVEN!!!!  Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. I don't think there is a word to describe the fabulous eye candy!!  Thanks so much for sharing pictures with those of us not lucky enough to be there!  And how pretty are the three of you???  So cool that you met Danielle!  xo-Melfie

  10. Can't thank you enough for coming,posting,putting up with my nasal voice,but most of all supporting me as an artist...and in your humble way making it all okay to trust the process....You and aaron amaze me with your authentic generosity!!! Love you so...Jennifer


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