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Hello! Hello! Hello! I know, I know...it has been far too long! On top of our daily order filling and holiday rush, I have been non stop coughing! One of those pointless hacking coughs, that seem to go and go for up to 8 minutes or so! The worst!! Even my abdomen hurts from being pulled with each cough! And I doubt it counts as an ab work out!
We found a tree!!! Yep! Sears of all places! Can you believe it? Perfect size, shape, and not iridescent!! Yay!! We love it! It is pre-lit, so the lighting is perfecto! (Yes I know you are thinking..umm Miss Jenny..won't you be searching for a new tree in a year or so...) I love this tree...so we will cross that bridge when we come to it! : )
This is the first Christmas in 8 years without our pink walls!! Everything looks so so different! In a good way! I had a little anxiety trying to make things work at first...but after playing around with some favorite things (old and new)...I think I have found a balance that feels right! It is lighter, and cozier. Maybe a bit less cartooney. Softer.
Many of the darker pink decorations stayed in their boxes. They seemed a bit heavy this year. The addition of turquoise/aqua and gold is super cheerful! There is a "Sis boom" feel to some of our vignettes...and I love that!
I promise more pics of our tree and things over the next few days. For now I leave you with these super super sweet creations above! The top three are some of the most darling creations to date, by my dear friend Laurie  Duncan of Happy as a Lark Designs! I have been collecting Laurie's work for a few years now! She truly dazzles me each season!! Such talent and creativity!! Laurie has now added collages to her offerings! The best part of all, is her usage of vintage family photos in her art!! I am just so thrilled to have these sweet pieces on our tree this year!! Love them!! Thank you so so much Laurie!! You are so fabulous! : )
These last two photos are the incredible work of Tracie Lyn Huskamp!! I am just blown away by the attention to detail! I had the honor of swapping with Tracie, what a sweetheart!! My goodness!!
Such incredible style!! She even solders!! Do you see this lovely oval piece? Vintage wallpaper!! Oh it is even better in person!! I love Tracie's work to bits!! Thank you so so much Tracie!! We adore our new ornaments!!
Tracie included a group of the most dazzling hand crafted tags for Aaron too!! You should have seen his face!! He was sooo excited when he saw a perfectly wrapped package with a tiny tag with his name on it!! (I will be sure to take pics of them!)
Tomorrow is my sister Melissa's 28th bday! We will be spending the day/evening in NYC!! Should be tons of fun!! I will be sure to take lots of pics and tell you all about it!!
I hope you all are enjoying the season!! I hope to catch up with all of you tonight and over the next few days!! Best Wishes!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Jenny- You are one lucky lady to receive those treasures. I look forward to seeing more Christmas pictures from you.


  2. Hi Jenny, hope you are feeling better! Can't wait to see pics of the new tree! I'm still looking for a new white tree, but for now, the green will have to do. I saw those at sears. Very nice, but my sears did not have one tall enough for me ;) Rosemary

  3. Hey Jenny~
    So happy to see your post....I was getting worried about you! I hope your icky coughing goes away soon. I would, however, count that coughing as an ab workout. A girls gotta take credit for exercising whenever she can, even it it is coughing. In all seriousness though, get better soon!
    Have fun in NYC! I've never been to the East Coast. My kids (teenagers) are always bugging me about taking a trip to New York. It's on my list of things to do. I'll look forward to the pics and I'll make sure to share them with the teenagers!
    Take care!
    Michelle www.mosaiccottage.blogspot.com

  4. Cute, cute, and cute!

  5. I'm so excited to see my ornies on your tree! Thanks for the pix! Can't wait to see more of your tree! Laurie:):)

  6. Love the ornaments....want to see that tree!


  7. Ohhh how sweet these are!!  I love your colors!!!!! :)

  8. (Sheesh...AOL really DOES make you jump thru hoops to post a comment!)  Just wanted to say hi and hope that you are feeling better by now (coughing is not fun, I so sympathize!)  Merry Christmas!

    Amanda bel

  9. I love that piece from Cheryl!  I have a few of her pieces too and they are soooo fabulous!  And to top it all off she is really nice, so that makes them even better!  I have 3 halloween ones and a Valentine one!  AND... I love your wrapping!  I skipped the bows and ribbons this year and just went with the pretty paper.  That way the kitty isn't so tempted to rip into my presents :)  Maybe next year!


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