Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crafty Inspiration from blogland!

  We are truly living in a 24 hour bakery over here!! Batches and batches  of cupcakes drying on every surface!! Both Aaron and I have permanent hand cramps from all of the cutting! I imagine the Silver Bella gals can identify...putting together all of those fabulous kits!!

Just when you think I 'd had enough cutting....I sat down to do some personal cutting! Inspired by the fabulous handiwork of  Alicia, (Have a peek at her incredible vintage wallpapered patchwork closet door !!) I revamped this super sweet tiny table "thingy" that we have had floating around for years! I'm not sure what it was actually used for. It is from the 40's and has a pretty vintage glass knob...and opens up...with a mirror attached to the inside lid! ( I plan on painting the inside a sweet vintagey turquoise) It is only 16" high...and is a 12" square. Any ideas on what it was for?
I gathered up some of my favorite scraps of papers, new scrapbooking papers, as well as vintage sheet music, and vintage baking book pages! With no real plans...and a relaxed attitude toward the design (which is truly out of character) ..I just cut different shapes and sizes, and mod podged away! I am quite pleased with how it turned is very happy and sweet, with it's chippy tan paint and all! Perfect for my vintage plastic tree and a few cardboard Christmas houses!
I am so thankful for Alicia's fab post!! What inspiration!! Thanks Alicia!!
ohhh...and celebrating a One year blogiversary is my sweet and talented friend Kari aka  ArtsyMama !! Stop over and join the celebration!!!
How fun it is to consider a year of blogging, crafting, and meeting new friends!! So so cool!! I look forward to lots of blogiversaries!! Mine and YOURS!!
Happy Creating!
Happy Blogging!!
xoxo Jenny

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swappy fun and Great mail!!!

My goodness...I have got to thank all of you sweethearts..including Aaron's mom (Barb) who read that I am searching high and low for a new white tree this year! I cannot believe how super helpful you all are!! My goodness!! So many emails, and links! Thank you all so much!! I will let you know what we settle on this weekend!
Well this past week I shipped out my latest swap goodies! It was a CHOCOLATE swap!! I cannot tell you how fun it was to browse and shop for special  chocolate treats! I was drooling over everything I picked up! This swap truly brought out the kid in me.....and in Aaron as well!! The selection is incredible, especially this time of year! I don't think that the gal I sent to visits my blog so I can tell you what is in the brown paper packages above!
1. Is an incredible looking bar: La Artesana extra fine chocolate with milk
2. The fabulous Harry and David's Truffles in dark chocolate
3. An amaaaazing looking 30 piece assortment of Monbana chocolates in, Lait, Lait-Cereales, cappuccino, Lait-Praline, and Tea squares!!
4. And a perfect collection of mixed Harry and David truffles!
I really had a great time putting it all together! I hope that she enjoys everything! I looked on swap-bot today to see if everyone has sent theirs.....there are still 7 people who haven't. I truly hope that we do not have any deadbeats. That would stink! I already told you about my first bittersweet swap experience . (club little house mini swap). Hopefully everything will be great for everyone!! now about the other photos!! I am just super duper excited about my "Crown of the Town" kit from  
Teresa Mcfayden!!..yes...Miss Silver Bella herself!! I know this photo in noway shows all of the incredible bits and bobs in this kit!! I promise more photos when I finally get a moment to sit down to work on it!! ...For have got to go check out my gal  Jennifer Sis Boom's crowns!! Her take on this kit is smashing!! In true Sis Boom fashion!!
Also pictured above is a fabulous vintage-style  holiday collage cone kit from Danielle over at The Vintage Dragonfly Studio Blog! As soon as I get a moment of free time, I will be crafting away!! I promise pics!!
We are still in full swing ornament mode over here!! Hope to ship TONS more tomorrow!
I see that many of you have gotten snow!! Lucky ducks!! 
Alicia and Andy are sipping homemade cocoa admiring their fabulous candy colored tree and Christmas village, and 
Vicki and family are living in a winter wonderlandright now!
I wonder when we will finally get some winter? Maybe I should wear my pjs inside out! That used to work in the 3rd grade!!
Hope you all are enjoying the season!!
Happy Decorating!
xoxo Jenny

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Fabulous holiday was had by all!

  Hello Everyone!! I hope your holiday was full of great food, family, friends, fun, and happiness!! I have been seeing lots of fabulous photos on your blogs!! Some gorgeous table settings I might add!!

Aaron and I had one of the best Thanksgivings in years! We spent the day with the most important people in our lives!
This year my sister and I decided to make a bunch of "new" sides to bring to my parents. My goodness.....we had Martha's homemade Macaroni and Cheese....Country Living's roasted sweet potato casserole with praline streusel, Paula Dean's Pineapple upside down biscuits, and so many other fabulous things! My pumpkin swirl cheesecake was a big big hit! It really was deeeelish!! I kicked it up a notch or two by adding a layer of a sweetened vanilla and cinnamon whipped cream, and topping it with bourbon maple pecans from Whole Foods! To die for!! I will be sure to make it again and again!!
We truly ate enough for a week! And we continue to eat all sorts of snacks and sweets that we took home!
Another highlight of the holiday was baby Adam....Aaron's brother's first child. He is amazing! Such a doll! He has gotten so so big! He is a little over 5 months now. I will be sure to post pics of him soon! He has the biggest blue eyes!! Walt came over to Aaron's parents too. He was shocked at how tiny Adam's fingernails were...and his two tiny bottom teeth! He had to whip out his camera phone for a few pics!
This was the first time in over 30 years that Barb (Aaron's mom) hosted Thanksgiving. Usually we all go down to Mom Mom's house in Barnegat. Which is about an hour or so away. So usually after our dinner at my parents we rush to get down there to Aaron's family for dessert. It is always seems so rushed. This year was much more relaxed and easy. I think Barb had a good time. She is always a great hostess! The torch is now passed! The year that Barb became a grandma...fitting huh?
Aaron, Walt and I drove Mom Mom home at the end of the evening. It was a great time! We love visiting with her! It is non stop conversation. She is so sharp and fun! It was a great day!
This weekend was spent filling orders! We are up to our ears in ornaments! Really!! Stacks and stacks of pink bakery boxes are piled high around the apt! We will be shipping a bunch tomorrow. and then it is back to ornament making! So glad that they were so well received! Thank you to anyone who has ordered some! We are honored to be a part of your holiday!
Up above are some of my Wish list items!! Are you drooling as much as I am?? My goodness!! How fabulous are these houses?? They are from the fabulous Room Service Home! The pink houses are actually currently sold hoo...I had to share the photo with you anyway! Such eye candy!! Maybe I will try my hand at creating my own version of them. Aaron and I made a few vintage inspired cardboard glitter houses last year...lots of fun! I will post pics as soon as we unpack all of our holiday items!
We are still searching for a new white luck yet..I will keep you posted!
Well, I have lots to do before bed!! I hope to post again tomorrow. My apologies to any of you dolls that I owe emails to! I promise tonight or tomorrow!! I haven't forgotten you!!
Have a  great week!
Happy Holiday decorating!
xoxo Jenny

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just a tiny hello!

I have about 2 minutes to post a tiny little bit of eye candy for you!! Today is super duper busy over here!! Shipping about a gazillion things....filling a bunch of ornaments orders...and I am about to begin baking Sour Cream apple pie, (Yes,.... Alicia's famous recipe!..yumm) and 2 Pumpkin swirl cheesecakes with gingersnap crusts! Cannot wait! The pie is to die for...and the pumpkin swirl cheesecake is bound to be incredible!
The above photo is of my first purchase from a new blogging friend
Cari (the fabulous snowflake ornament). She just opened up an  
Etsy shop last night! Be sure to check in with her...she'll surely have some more pretty things coming soon! Such as the lovely glitter word garlands also above! Can't wait!
I wish I had more time to hang out with you all today...maybe I'll pop back in later tonight, after all my baked goods are cooling!
if not...
I hope Everyone has a Super Fun and Happy Thanksgiving!! I am so thankful for all of my new friends!!
Enjoy your day!
xoxo Jenny

Monday, November 20, 2006

Our newest family member! is officially that time of year again! The Christmas Tree lots are now set up! No trees...just the fencing, lighting and signage. Trees soon to come! Amazing how fast this all happens!
We decided about 3 years ago to go with a fake tree...see I could use the word faux here...but we go with a pre-lit WHITE you do not get more FAKE than that! We love it! It is just over the top glitter and sweets, vintage tinsel and ornaments galore!
When we finally own our own home, we will most likely have a real tree each year! I would hope to get a tree with the root ball still attached, that way we could plant them year after year! We did that when I was little. It is so fun to look back and see the row of trees, remembering each holiday.
We are on the look out for a new fake white tree....since our top section of lights burned out 2 days after Christmas last year! We have been having no luck. I am not really a fan of the iridescent look, nor the wispy hairy look, which is what Martha decided to go with this year. I hope I do not have to cave and go with hers. It seems everyone is offering the same thing. Fingers are crossed. I have a little while longer!
I have been receiving so many fabulous things in the mail! Today my mailman had to leave us with a plastic bin due to all the packages!! you would think we had one already, with all the packages we ship out on a daily basis! took Jenny going wild on eBay! : )
I am still receiving some of my birthday purchases. I hope to take pics of them all to show you!
For today I have a photo of the newest member of my vintage bunny rabbit family! He is from the 1940s, and stuffed with sawdust. Quite well loved I must say! That is what I love about him. His once bright pink fur is now a broken-in dusty mauve. His ears are the color of sepia book pages.
The super sweet and oh so vintage looking tag around his neck is another purchase, that looks as if it has been a part of his life forever! I was so so delighted when I opened a package of four of these primitive style candy colored patchwork tags today! I found the sweetest gal named Rosemarie selling them on ebay ! I figured they would add a vintagey touch to a new Christmas stocking or look super sweet tied to a brown paper package. You can only imagine how excited I was when I thought of Mr. Bunny here! Perfect combination! Don't you think? Love them together! I think he agrees!
I will be sure to take some pics of my entire vintage bunny family one day soon. They all live in our bedroom, with our family of vintage paper mache bunnies as well! I am addicted! Really!
Well...we are swamped with work right I must go to help poor Aaron! He is cutting hundreds of ornaments!! Really! This place is officially Santa's workshop! time to get that new Christmas cd I saw at target! maybe tomorrow!
I hope everyone has a great next few days! If traveling, have a safe trip and lots of fun! I will be posting again tomorrow, but for anyone leaving early for the holiday...Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thank you so much for visiting me! It means so much!!!
xoxo Jenny

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holiday glitter and glitz!

Hey there everyone! Finally a moment to visit! I have been catching up on my favorite bloggeroos!! My my my...I am still drooling over all of the incredible eye candy posted by all of the 
Silver Bella gals! My gosh you lucky lucky ducks! Aaron and I vow to be there next year!! Along with our mega sweet and talented friend 
JenniferPaganelli..of Sis Boom fame! (more on her in a bit)
The amount of eye candy is almost overwhelming! you must have a peek at what we missed! The dazzling Goddess that is 
Pam Garrison has a few kits from her "Two Turtle Doves" swag class for sale in her Etsy store!!! Amazing!!
Another great place to visit is my new sweet and super creative friend Kari's blog! She was lucky enough to take some of Pam's classes...and has posted photos of her incredible creations!! Loving everything!!
Now for SIS BOOM!! Where do I begin? Well, Aaron and I met Jennifer through Country Living magazine! We had been in the same issues with back toback well as used in the same shoots on many occasions. We adored her creations, and style beyond belief! We soon found out that every holiday season...She transforms her home into the most magical glittery wonderland you have ever seen!! Open to the public I might add!! Every room on the first floor of her gorgeous home is filled to the brim with the most dazzling over the top handmade holiday treasures you could ever imagine! She is famous for her wreaths...covered in clusters and clusters of vintage ornaments, glass balls, reindeer, baubles and bits! Amazing!! One of her wreaths actually hung in the   in NYC!
This year's Sis boom event will be happening from December 8th -9th!! If you are anywhere near must take the trip!! We will be there with bells on!!
Jennifer is hard at work putting the finishing touches on her "to die for" offerings!! Everything is looking AMAZING I might add!
She was just introduced to the work and style of Pam Garrison, and I think she would make Pam incredibly proud!...have a peek at Jennifer's take on the Famous flag banners that Pam showed us on HGTV!! Jennifer incorporated her Sis Boom
fabrics!! Aren't they soo fun!? They are bound to sell FAST! If you are may be able to shop on her site!!
Above are some incredible photos from last year's event!! Can you even stand it?? I cannot wait for this year!! I will be sure to post tons of pics!!
I love her world!
I will be back again later today with another post...more pics too!!
Hope you are all having agreat Sunday!
xoxo Jenny

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Amazing Grace photos!

Amazing Grace!!!


Oh my goodness!!! Oh the mailman was so good to me this week!! I will tell you all about my packages in a bit...but first...I must must show you these incredible little treasures that just arrived!!
These perfect little creations are by the one and only "Amazing Grace" over at Turkey Feathers!! Vicki's super duper sweet and talented TEEN daughter!!..Yes...I said TEEN!! I cannot believe my eyes!! Just when I think I have seen it all...Grace knocks my socks off again!! Ok first of all...if you have not seen the incredible mini patisserie that they have created. ..get over there!!...
Words cannot describe how magical it is!! You will flip for it! Trust me! And be sure to follow the link to the their Etsy shop!! I know that the grand opening sales were non stop....but Grace is always working on her fabulous be sure to check back!
I was lucky enough to purchase an incredible buttery/cream cake, a box of the tiniest cinnamon rolls, a white cupcake to complete my trio, an oh so beautiful layer cake complete with the most perfect chocolate roses, and piping, as well as an adorable coconut layer cake..complete with flakes of coconut and a cherry on top!!
And I cannot tell you how surprised and delighted I was to find a unexpected special little gift tucked into this sweet package......tiny hand sculpted pink cupcake earrings!!! I truly am just so blown away by Grace's kindness, creativity, and generosity! She is an amazing girl! Thank you SO SO much Grace!! I beyond adore everything! I cannot wait to wear my earrings!! I had ice cream cones, and donuts, and cake slices, ...I have been wanting cupcakes forever...these are PERFECT!! Yipeee!!
I cannot wait for Aaron to get home to show him these sweet lil bits!!
....well...that, and to hold some lights for me so I can take decent photos!! It is soo dark today!!
I'll be back with some more eye candy later today!!
xoxo Jenny

Swappy fun!!




My Goodness!...Why can't there be more hours in the day?? We have been running around like crazy over here! And if all goes well..things will get even crazier closer to the holiday!! : )
As promised I have lots of photos for you....I think I may have to post a few times today. Above is a shot of the goodies I gathered up and made for my Vintage Christmas swap recipient. I hope she likes everything. I wasn't as lucky as I thought I'd be while out antiquing and junking. But I did find some sweet treasures...such as the vintage 1950's paper bell, the classic 50's bottle brush tree, the plastic reindeer....60s wrapping paper and the spool of paper ribbon (love the turquoisey print on it). The antique dealers didn't seem to have their heads on the holiday yet.
I went ahead and crafted one of my favorite things....vintage inspired crepe paper nut cups! I cannot get enough of these!! I am lucky enough to own a few vintage gems of my own....scored on eBay. I have seen some incredible versions over the years. Some went as high as 200.00!! (pink, cream, green, flower girls!) They were amazing!
I went with a classic/retro palette of red and green..and kept it fun and kitschy. On the front of each nutcup is a vintage holiday label from the late 40s early 50s.
Also pictured ...are two little holiday plaques that I made,  using vintage Christmas favorite is the houses! I glittered the snow covered roof on both! I hope my gal "gets is". What I may drool over, could be truly silly to another. Well, fingers are crossed!!
I really did have a great time putting it all together. I think I may have to do all of this in my own color palette now! Little pink, cream and turquoise nut cups!! ooohh!! And a little more sepia/age to it all...yes!!
Ohh almost forgot....I did in fact include something brand new....the adorable glittery house ornament! It is from Target! (have you seen some of their incredible goodies this year?....more on that later today!) I just had to get it! It was so sweet...and had enough of a vintage feel to it!
I received an email from the gal that will  be sending to me. She is from Vancouver! I will be sure to take pics as soon as it arrives!
Aaron is in the city I have a large to-do list. Hopefully I will get at least 3/4 of it done....ok 1/!!
Thank you so so much for all of the super sweet emails, and comments!! It means the world to me!!
Hope you all have a great day!
Happy Blogging!!
xoxo Jenny

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

gone global! :)


Oh boyy....Everyday is a Holiday has gone global once again! Korea this time!! Fun Fun Fun!! We just received a sweet email from a client of ours named Sang here in NJ. Sang has some friends that happen to own one of the largest bakery franchises in Korea...Patisserie HANS!! Our Cake Art was presented to them as a grand opening gift last spring!! We couldn't be more honored! We just received  some photos of their fabulous bakery case, and our art work on display!! So fun!! Turns out they loved the two pieces so much...they just ordered a bunch more! We couldn't be more excited!!  It is actually funny...considering I have glittered so many of these pieces while in my in our studio in NJ!! What a riot!
We are hoping to have our brand spankin new website up and running very very very soon! We plan on having a photo gallery of collector's homes, and bakeries featuring our Cake Art!! We will be putting out the call for photos very soon!! So if you would like to join in the fun...start snapping away...and if you do not own any Cake Art yet....What are you waiting for!! Come visit our 
eBay store!!
I have so many new things to share....tomorrow will be full of photos!! I promise!!
xoxo Jenny

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cupcakes for all!!

Hey Friends! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We have been non-stop since Thursday! We took a tiny bit of time away to take Walt for new sneakers, and some room decor...his room is a mix of Classic rock and reptiles! With a backdrop of Martha Stewart Wall color....Which reminds me...the other day in school his class was told that they could choose a new wall color for the classroom...Walt instantly suggests he puts it.."The most perfect wall color on earth..Martha Stewart dried hydrangea" He is a riot! His teacher is used to the reptile & "room talk" by now. The kid is obsessed!..yeah yeah...thanks to us I am sure! I'll take the blame! I'll snap a pic or two next time I am over there!
We have been working on about 5 different "stuff", custom orders, holiday orders, home "stuff", and a handpainted sign for our great friend's the Stasi family! We are doing a sign for their second home, which they have named "The Green Frog"....and is a green frog that we are painting! ...I'll post a pic as soon as it is finished!
We are very happy to tell you that we have listed our brand new cupcake ornaments!! We are quite happy with how they turned out! We made a variety batch, mixing devils food and classic golden cake with creamy white, pink, & rich chocolate buttercream frosting. We decided to go with the retro style cherry toppers because more and more we've had requests to go a bit more 1950's style, and cherries just look so fab when glittered. All four cupcakes are fabulously glittered and backed with corresponding sepia toned vintage recipes.
We have a set of Holiday cupcake ornaments coming very soon as well!!
I have a handful of emails to return to some sweet sweet friends...I promise to find time tomorrow afternoon for you lovely ladies!!
I hope to post a bunch of photos tomorrow as well! My vintage Christmas swap as promised!!
Have a great night friends!
xoxo Jenny

Friday, November 10, 2006

Eye Candy Deeeluxx!!!

Oohh boy! Busy little elves over here!! We are working away!! Today's weather was incredible!! Warm and of course we had to sneak away for a quick walk in the park!! It was great! We met an Italian greyhound named Eddie, and a little weiner dog named buttons! I want one of each now!! Carlos would be so happy!! ...Aaron says noway! lol! So for now I will just dream of my weiner named Nathan (yes..after the Nathan's famous hot dogs!)
We will be shipping tonns of orders tomorrow! So I will have a little time in the evening to post some pics of my Vintage Christmas swap things...and a new holiday art squared 4x4!!
For now I must pass on this increddddible new catalog Brocade the folks at Restoration Hardware! It is sooo lovely!! Eye candy deeeluxx. Reminds me of the old ABC Carpet & Home windows back in the day! ...and a bit of Anthropologie. I adore the pink, turquoise and black shelf vignettes most! Let me know what you think!
Ohhh....wait wait..before I go....Oh my my...The mega talented Vicki of Turkey-Feathers and her daugher "Amazing Grace" have once again floored me!! Today was the grand opening of their Petite Patisserie!! you must stop by and see!! You won't believe your eyes!! I had a permanent smile on my face all day due to the sweetness they have created!! I cannot wait to receive my little sweets!! Be sure to check out their Etsy shop, and purchase some sweet and tiny treats ofyour own!! Love them gals!!
See you soon!!
xoxo Jenny

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Feeling the love!

My oh my! what a rainy, gloomy, chilly day!! So so gray and dark! I did not leave the apt. once today! Aaron ran a bunch of errands, and picked up tons of supplies. It is going to be a "lock-in" over the next 2 days! Sooo many orders! Which is Awesome!! The vintage holiday house
ornaments are doing really really well!! Thank you so so much everyone!! We love them as well! They really look great hanging on the tree!! We promise!
We are hard at work on a brand new set of cupcake ornaments as well!!... Actually two sets!!! An everyday set....and a holiday set! More on that in a day or so!! Stay tuned!
Even though we did not leave the apt. was very very busy! Lots of orders, and emails!! Sweet sweet sweet emails I might add!! I cannot thank you all enough! You really know how to make a gal happy! Since starting up this little blogging goodness..I have met so many AMAZING and sweet , and talented people!! So much FUN!!
Today we were so surprised by the incredibly sweet Alyssa of "Shopping with the Preppy Princess"!! She was kind enough to consider us something lovely enough to feature on her fabulous blog!! You must check in on her daily...she truly has her finger on the pulse!! What a sweetie pie!! Thank you bunches Alyssa!!
I have been falling in love with so many incredible blogs lately!! I have my absolute favorites..which I mention non stop...but my goodness....The daily inspiration, creativity, and eye candy is almost overwhelming!! I find something new and amazing daily!!
I have lots of projects in the works...including some home projects! I hope to list a few over the next week! Tonight I will be adding the finishing touches to my Vintage Christmas Swap! I hope she loves everything! I will post some pics of it all before I send it off!
ooh...up above are our 100% handmade vintage inspired "Bakery Menu Boards"! Have you all tried chalkboard paint?? FUNN stuff!! We designed the pink cake and tea version as a special order, and liked it so much that we have added it to our line! We will be listing it later tonight or tomorrow! The multi pastel cake, and cupcakes version is already listed on eBay !
I am so excited to see all of the fabulous things you all have planned for the upcoming holiday season!! From recipes, to home handmade gifts...and family outings!! Really can't wait! Hope everyone has a great night! LOST is on!! Yippeee!!
xoxo Jenny

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

My lucky day!!





          Today was my lucky day! For the very first time I will be the proud owner of a tiny piece of "Posie's world"!! I was so sad to miss out on her incredibly sweet "friendly birds" well as her perfect "Bird Cagelets", and "Sock Critters" in the past, but today I am very very happy to know that I will soon be holding a set of her lovely original photograph postcards!! You must have a peek!!! If you are lucky, you may be able toscore some for yourself or a favorite friend!!

Alicia's blog is a daily source of inspiration, and sweetness! Her words are incredibly touching and her photos ....well lets just say that her book deal is long overdue!! My goodness!! This girl needs a book deal!! Her photos are the ultimate in eye candy!! I cannot get enough!! I'm sure you agree!! Alicia knocks socks off!!
Now that the Halloween decor is all put away..I am ready for the mica flakes, pink tinsel, bottle brush trees, and gift wrap!! Slowly we are starting to turn the entire apt. into the "Everyday is a Holiday" version of Santa's workshop! Cupcakes drying on every surface....bottles of pastel glitter all around the kitchen...jars of candy colored string, stacks and stacks of shipping envelopes and boxes!!
I hope to be ahead of the holiday this that we have time to enjoy it. I really hope to bake even more than usual, and to entertain more. I would love to host a few family dinners, or coffee/desserts!! I think I will make a list of ideas!!
I had posted about our battle with DADD...(decor attention deficit disorder)...well I hope to have a few pics to post this coming week!! fingers crossed....let's hope there is no relapse! :)
The pics above are of our teeny tiny kitchen...We call it "The Ritz Bakery" is all pink/black/white/cream/mocha/chocolate! ....cakes, cupcakes, top hats, tiaras, and pianos!! The theme extends into the living room and dining area as well. Although we are in a transitional period right now..since changing the wall color..and adding the vintage turquoise. (I'm working on it!!)
The two framed photos are of my grandmother and her cousins on an Easter Sunday in NYC!!
 The other is my mother and her cousins also in NYC  (Jan 1957)...she is the one with the glittery glasses! (I swear she has the same exact face today!)
Under the glass cake my faux coconut cake, hanging from the drawer pull are my favorite pink/black/white clock face pot holders from the 1950's ...and down below are my prized pink Kromex canisters..also from the 50s!
I would love to see some of your kitchens!! Does anyone know of anything on Flickr?
Anyhoo....lots to do before bed!! I hope everyone had a great day!!
xoxo Jenny

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Christmas Cupcakes anyone?

Ok...I think I am on a roll!! Since I am snapping pics left and right.....and writing item descriptions, ...and emails...I am able to sneak a few blog posts into the mix!! Finally!!
We just listed the first of our Holiday Art Squared pieces! We decided to go with a brand new color palette! Something super fun and truly says Happy Holidays!! Red & Aqua/Turquoise!! Isn't it such a festive and fun paring?!! Many of you were lucky enough to take part in the red/aqua Christmas swap a month or so ago! ...oooh I drooled at the photos you all posted on your blogs!! Everything looked fabulous!!
We have a few pieces in this color palette coming very soon!! So stay tuned! For now...this little gem is listed on  
eBay !!
Hope you like it!
xoxo Jenny

Last Hurrah!!

Yes, Yes, I know! I know!...Halloween has passed.....and we have all moved on to candy colored ornaments, glittery tinsel, and bright ideas for dazzling gift wrap!! too!!! But I just HAD to show you these amazing pieces that I received as belated birthday gifts!! (before they were wrapped up and put away for 360+ days!)
The first has been on my WISH list for 2 years!!! "Charm Boy" he is a licensed reproduction of a Dee Foust piece!! I am sooo in love with him! He has become incredibly hard to find!! My sister surprised me on my bday with a handmade card featuring this sweet fella.....with a note saying he was on his way!! I am soo thrilled! He is just a perfect piece don't you think? Just Perfect!!
The second incredible pieces is another licensed reproduction ..also by the incredible Dee Foust!! How Amazing is this? An antique photo of costumed gals made into the most magical of Halloween Crowns!! Does it get any better?? Look at all the detail!! is open in back hold your Halloween treats!! ......this was purchased with a portion of my eBay gift certificate from Barb & Skip...Aaron's super sweet parents!!
Such a shame that they will have to go away till' next year! I vow that when I do finally own a home...I will have a tiny space devoted to all year round Halloween!! I have never ever been an orange person...but Halloween is an entirely different thing!! Don't you think?
Anyhoo.....I know I have been the worst with my posting! It has been so so busy over here!! The house ornaments have been keeping us very very busy!! Cannot complain!! Loving it!!
We have a bunch in the works for the holiday...OOAK pieces too!! I owe you all a few posts!! ....I hope to get a few more up tonight!!
Hope you all are great!!
Happy Fall!!
xoxo Jenny