Drum roll please....

And the winner is.....
ddccb !!
Our apologies on the poor lighting...we did the drawing very late last night and lacked the energy to pull out the spotlights. We did however, find the strength to pull the one lucky raffle ticket from the bowl. The winner didn't leave their name but we have their email address and username...(see above)
We were so sooo excited by the turnout (Thank you SO SO SO much!!) It is just so fun knowing that so many of you stopped by!! : )
We most definitely plan to do more giveaways in the future...and some blog discounts etc...
Well, the plan was to bake coconut cupcakes on the first 5" plus snowfall, but patience is a virtue I fall short of when talking sweets...so here they are , or were, right before we ate them all. : )
Today the mail truck came bearing packages and this second one felt like such a bonus because the truck stopped at our place, deposited a box on our doorstep, then left...the truck then went further along the route and about an hour later came back to us with package number two all the way from Malaysia. Aaron walked in with a little square box covered in world-worn brown paper affixed with stamps depicting birds and plant life native to Malaysia. I'm a non flyer so boxes from far off lands excite me more than most.
Will you get a load of this amazing little felt house I acquired in a trade with the amazing Esther from Flickr! The tiny door actually opens and how cool is it that she gave it a carport?!! Oh yeah, and wow about the packaging!! I didn't want to even open it...the handmade tag is just about the cutest thing I ever saw. The hand stitching on the house is impeccable...she pulled out all the stops on the detail work and from every angle it's drop dead sweet. Thank you SO SO much Esther!! You are soooo kind...and too darn talented!! We LOVE it!!
Once again..Thank you all so much for leaving all of those kind, kind, comments!! Aaron and I were just buzzing on all of the blogland love!! We promise another giveaway soon!! Stay tuned! ...oh..and please don't be strangers! : )
Have a great day!
xoxo Jenny


  1. WOW! That house is beyond fabulous! And those cupcakes look so yummy.

  2. OOOOh! Lucky winner!!!!!

    mmmmmmmm! I LOVE coconut anything! And that cute polka dot bowl you had the names in!

    Gracious!! That little felt house is downright enchanting! And the packaging!!!!
    What a treat!!!

  3. Lucky winner!  Gotta LEOV that!  Oops, I mean ...love that!  And that IS a really cute little house, such talent!

  4. Oh Jenny,I love your pictures,they are always so inspiring! I had no idea I was so drawn to pink!

  5. I demand a recount!....oh, wait...there was no counting involved.   Yay for the lucky winner!!  At least it motivated me to sign on to aol to let you know that your art is wonderful!  Karin aka creativechaos.typepad.com

  6. boohoo....boohooo.....wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (lucy ball here *lol*)

    cheering up...being little quiter...

    still LOVE Ya ;-)

    The house is so adorable...

    Cheers for the winner *rahrah*!

  7. I adore your photos...they make me feel ultra-girly!

  8. Where o where did you find the red and white string?!  The felt house is amazing, how fun!

  9. Jenny, how can i get my pics on my blog the same size as yours? Mine are ginormous! Thanks girl! rosemary (in texas! LOL!)

  10. I forgot to mention that i love the pink house! Its darling! I am also in love with the pink bear you scored from Missy! I think i need one too! LOL! Rosemary

  11. yup, cuuuuuuutest pink house! amazing...cool for you. I just want the cupcakes.

  12. OH ~ I really do just love your blog and your creations!
    Jamie, a girlfriend who co-owns POPIN in Jacksonville, FL got me hooked on you guys! :)

    Looking forward to more exciting and pretty things from you



  13. Oh how exciting! =^..^=

    The winner is CARRIE!!
    Oh she will LOVE this (who wouldn't?)
    but Carrie will REALLy adore this little treasure!

    I pop in for the first time and there
    I see my dear friends name!


    Your site, Jenny ... Is dreamy!
    I need to spend time looking here ...
    LOTs of time! Beautiful things.

    And the cakes ... yummers.
    I can't wait to come back and play here!

    =^..^= love, <A href=http://zUzU.typepad.com>zUzU</A>


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