Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Dears!!
It has been too too long..I know! Boy how time just flies when you are having fun huh?
I have so much catching up to do! Thank you so so much for all of the sweet and happy comments and emails!! Too too nice!! I think I may start to comment back to you right here as well. (Since it is so hard to track down all of you dolls who visit and leave such sweet notes)
Our Christmas was GREAT! We had so much fun! We split our day between the two families, and Walt came over to Aaron's parent's with us. He had a great time! Baby Adam was too cute for words. Santa (Barb) was very very good to him! Dinner was great, as always. Barb always outdoes herself! The house was a winter wonderland! Holiday fun on every surface! Barb and Skip go all out! They truly make it magical! Love them!!
After dinner Aaron, Walt and I drove Mom Mom home to Barnegat. The weather was terrible...raining and foggy. We visited for a little while, helping her set up her new cd player that Barb gave her....to listen to her new Il Divo cd !! She's a crack up!
Such a great day! So many amazing gifts, great food, fabulous holiday decorations, and lots of laughs!
The week between Christmas and New Year's is always a blur. The days kind of blend...only events stick in my mind... I know we hit one of Walt's Hockey games, which was packed with fans due the holiday break and Aaron and I tried our best to stretch out some gift cards on multiple purchases. (Me : Betsey Johnson, Aar: books.)
We spent New Year's Eve at My sister and her boyfriend's place.....Walt came too. It was non stop food, and fun. Board games, and lots of silliness, including a ceiling covered with champagne snow. I've never had the stuff but apparently it's a bad idea to chill it in the freezer. Missy's guy popped his bottle and we were showered for what seemed like a minute straight causing us to miss the actual ball drop and relive it on Tevo two minutes after. It's way more fun to scream and bang the noise makers when all the neighbor's roars have subsided. Aar and Walt yelled "Tevo!!" out the front door! I baked cupcakes for the occasion... (of course) . This year I went with my own version of a hostess cupcake, Rich devil's food, with a cream center, glazed chocolate top, and classic white piping! We all ate far too many!
After hours of boggle, and jitters we called it a night. We got home at 6 am!!! Just enough time to lay down for a while...shower and go back..for a big family brunch! Melissa did a great job! There were homemade Belgian waffles, eggs, bacon, home fries, fruit, granola....and so much more! It was my parents and Walt, Aaron and I, and Missy and Adam. It was a good time. We actually got my dad to play boggle!! Trust me...it was a BIG feat! A total riot!
This was the first time in 4 years that Aaron and I weren't home on our couch eating spinach dip in our pj's all new year's day!
  Now to the good stuff. Itruly love to give waaay more than to receive. But when gifts as wonderful, magical and thoughtful as these arrive on my doorstep I am more than thrilled to be on the receiving end.
First, were these super super cute mini glass ice cream cones, and slice of cake ornament from my new blogland friend Rosemary! (aka Rosemary from Texas) What a doll! I love them to bits!! So so sweet! They were right at home on our tree! We will smile and think of you each and every year Rosemary! Thank you so much! Too kind! Rosemary doesn't have a blog yet....(wishful thinking)
Next, is this SWEET sweet handmade snowball fella from another new friend..  
Leeanne!! How cute is he? He is all hand sewn from felt! Do you see his tiny lil smirk? And the jingle bell on the tip of his hat? We love him to bits!! He looked so happy on our tree! Thank you so so much Leeanne!! Cannot wait to see what else you have in the works!
Another happy surprise was these Fabulous cards from the super super sweet and stylish Hope of {Paper Relics} . I have been in looove with her designs for quite some time now! So I was just tooo excited when she gifted me these little gems!! How fab are they? Sooo up my alley! I will be framing them very soon! I promise pics! Love them! Thank you so so much Hope!!
And...oohh..this adorable lil' altered sock ornament from my sweet sweet buddy
Melfie! What a surprise it was to find a jingling little envelope on my doorstep! Carlos was convinced the package was for him! He kept giving me that look, the look he gives when anything plush or small or stuffed animalesque emerges from a package . When I get this look I usually say ' OK...smell.' and then he sticks out his little nose and  gives whatever I'm holding out a little whif. Then I have to tell him ' It's my baby...Mommy's baby.' and he seems satisfied enough with that and grabs one of his own toys. But this time we told him it was in fact his and it should hang on the tree, and when he felt like it he could smell it from time to time! (truly a conversation) We all loved it to bits! Thank you Melfie! Carlos thanks you too!
I also have got to share with you these darling darling tags, and Christmas cards from my friend Angelina!! How sweet are they? All are based on vintage imagery, hand cut, and embellished with sweet ribbons! You have to have a peek at her website! I promise lots and lots of eye candy! How cute are those calico puppy tags? and the lil' girls at the piano! Looove them!
And ohhh boy...do you see this amazing..and HUGE happy holidays sign? It is from the super duper fun, and oh so creative  Cari Kraft!! We did a little holiday swap with each other and oh my goodness..I had nooo idea how big this fab sign was going to be! It is certainly a show stopper! We LOVE it!! I have to take some close up pics for you all to see!! It is awesome up close! It is layered with old book pages!! soooo cool!! We want one to keep up all year round in the same spot! I'll be emailing you soon Cari!! : )
Love it to bits!! Such a cool piece!
My goodness...I still have more photos to take of my goodies! I will get to that tonight!
I am just blown away by the sweet sweet friends I have made! Thank you all so so much!! I am so thankful for all of the creativity and kindness you all share!
Wishing you all a very very happy, healthy, inspired new year!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Hi jenny, glad to see you back online :) Sounds like you had a marvelous holiday! I am working on a AOL blog, but I'm technically challenged, so I'm having a few issues! LOL! I may need your help getting it all set up. I'm also have lots of computer problems, so that doesn't help either. Anyway, don't be surprised if i email ya later this weekend for help :) Enjoy whats left of the weeK!  Oh, and i'm getting my website back online too!!!Rosemary

  2. Hey there!  Sounds like your holidays were just perfect!  (I do love me some board games, we had several good Scrabble games during our vacation!)  Also, I finally mailed your bird ornament out yesterday (SO sorry for the delay....I'm still stuck in 2006, I think.)  And I really liked your idea for making Halloween-style ones, very clever, I'm totally stealing it!  (But you'll be sure to get the first one I make, for your trouble!)  Happy New Year!

    Much love,

  3. Those cupcakes look like the real thing!!!  Only I am sure yours taste better!!!  Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday season.........So sorry I wasn't able to get back to you on those things that you wanted to order on a more timely basis.  I did e-mail you, several days later.....but of course, it was right in the middle of the most hectic time( the week before Christmas). If you still want something, let me know. If not, I will be putting some of the stuff away, and bringing it out again next year with more new things!!   Meanwhile, keep in touch.... Much love,  Natalie

  4. Oooo, those cupcakes look delish!  Might you share the recipe?  :)

  5. What a busy holiday you had, girl!!!!!

    We just layed around here, just the way we like our holidays....long and lazy!!!!

    Those cupcakes do look good, definitely share that recipe, and don say buy a box of Hostess cupcakes, unwrap, put in silver cupcake papers, cause I already have that recipe!!! ha ha!

    Love all your goodies, all are so perfect for you guys and just add to that aura of glitter I picture you in!

    Love that sign, it looks good there!!!! Like it was made just for you or something! tee hee! I think I should have put "Haunted Holiday" on the back just to surprise you!

    I love my cupcake art, trying to find a permanent place on display inthe studio where it is Christmas all year round!

    Okay, you have inspired me to update my blog, no more laying around, reading magazines...

  6. lucky lucky you.  Everything is so beautiful!

  7. You just bubble over with enthusiasm and I love it! I found your blog just before the holidays and have checked in daily, glad you're back!

    What wonderful art you create and PINK-Love it!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!


  8. WOW! I am so excited to be part of this blog. I love Jenny and Aarons work.They are fab artists! I got on the blog this morning and was so excited by everything I saw.I am in P.A. and we have a lack of artists  like those that you have featured on your blog.I also love all of the pics. I feel like I have found some kindered spirits! People that love Christmas as much as I do and people that love handmade art and decorations just as much. I would love to send out free samples of my cards for anyone that may be interested. Thanks so much,  ANGELINA

  9. Such fun pics love everything (especially the cupcakes).Thank heaven for Tivo,from reliving newyear,to Buffy re-runs,toJanet Jacksons peekaboo mishap,where would we be without it?

  10. Those puppy tags are the sweetest! They bring me back to my rockin' 80's childhood, lol! Your decorations were amazing!

  11. YAY Jenny!!  You're back!!!  Happy New Year!!  So glad your Christmas was fab!!  All of your pictures are beautiful!!!  How about some more pictures of YOUR home??  I'll show you mine if you show me yours...  :)  xo-Melfie!!

  12. Ha!  I think it's so funny that you have a dog with a people name... I have a kid with a dog name!  LOL!... Daisy :)  She's gonna hate me when she grows up!  LOL... and btw... I'm tagging you :)  Check it out..


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