itty bitty snow day and some new creations!

 Thank you to everyone, so so much, for Delurking!!! YAY!! The sweet sweet comments are so very much appreciated and I'm just so glad that we broke the AOL ice. : ) For anyone who hasn't left a still have time to enter to win our Valentine's Art Squared!! (drawing is Sunday evening)
Yesterday here in Jersey we had a mini squall of snow that lasted about an hour. Maybe there were previous flurries elsewhere in the state but this was our first sighting. Our initial idea was to have Carlos go out and pose his jet black self in striking contrast against the fresh coating of white. As you can see from the photos, Carlos was neither in on the idea or in the least bit down with it. He wholly refused to leave his cave of blankets so in his stead we brought out one of our favorite plaster bunnies (we gave him a make over to closer resemble a paper mache rabbit).
The past fews days have been spent filling orders, and creating! Which is what we love!
We're psyched about these two new pieces. There has lately been so little time to do 100% custom paintings on request (though we'll always try to squeeze you in). These are a great "meet you half way" option...the artwork stays the same and we'll add whatever name is desired in place of Jenny, unless your name is also Jenny...boy that would make it super easy! They are now listed!
Tomorrow is a "Walt day". We are going to Ikea...and hoping to see Pan's Labyrinth...not sure where it is playing yet. It looks amazing!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
Thank you SO SO much for all of your sweet words!! Aaron and I had a blast reading them all!! : )
xoxo Jenny


  1. When do you guys SLEEP?!  Seriously, the stuff is fabulous!  (And that little pooch looks Spoiled, with a capital S!)  Do let me know if you liked Pan's Labrynith....I may have to check it out this weekend too.  (Looks a bit too much for Max though, yikes!  Don't want to scar him for life...)

  2. Jenny! Those are soooo awesome! Claire's Kitchen needs one! We are remodeling, so lets see if I ca sneak one into the budget ;)

  3. Ooooooh! I love those signs! I think next payday I am going to have to treat myself! And I am a Jenny! So there you go!!!! :-)

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Carlos is so CUTE! and so are your latest works of art! Love them! Laurie:)

  5. I love your newest creations Jenny!
    My little dog likes to be all covered up too. He is asleep next to me right now covered up in a wool blanket! So cute!

  6. That pup is ADORABLE.

    We just saw Pan's Labyrinth last night and we LOVED it!!

  7. Hey Miss Jenny
    Love your new creations! And your sweet doggie too! I just went to Ikea and bought several jars with metal lids to store my grout and mosaic supplies in. They are so cool and they were dirt cheap. Daughter #3 works at Ikea which makes me visit more often. Otherwise, I probably would not venture over there, as it is always CRAZY Busy! Went and saw Pans Labyrinth on Friday. Very good movie, but very violent. Well, gotta go....working on a certain cupcake :)

  8. how cute...i wouldn't want to leave that cozy spot either!! love the new pieces!

  9. Hey girlie-girl!!!!
    My mom gave me a box of old recipe books and I thought, "Okay, what will I do with these?" They are the stapled spine, soft cover kind...would you like them? HHMMMM????
    I noticed the recipe paper background on your signs and that little bell went off in my head....hard to hear it over all the voices arguing...ha ha!


  10. OOH-I love your new signs!  How fabulous that they can be personalized!!  And little Carlos is too sweet in his fancy nest!  Love it all!!!  xo-Melfie

  11. Jenny,
    LOVE your new stuff! I'd love a door hanger with a blonde gal! SO adorable!


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