The Cake You Bake on a Random Tuesday.

There's the age old debate over what is decor and what is art. In the gallery world of NYC if it is even suspected that an artist is creating pieces with an interior design esthetic in mind, his paintings will be immediately relegated to the cheap seats while the most unapproachable and purposefully unattractive works stand front and center in the spotlight of genius.
Well, when we say Art around here, we mean Decor. I mean, what's more important than the private world we live in ? What means more ? A statement ?... or a fabulous kitchen? And as a weee small artist from Jersey nothing thrills me more than when the stuff I (and Aaron) make acts as an anchor/centerpiece/theme for someone's decorating project. When we receive photos from clients/collectors showing how our work works in their's like Christmas! (please send more.) Some  forthcoming pics we're dying to see are from a gal named Kristin who had the fab idea to fashion a kitchen backsplash out of our 4x4's . She got a few 4x4's from us in the past, did some measuring, and decided that the 4x4's would fit perfect in her bakery theme kitchen.  So... she asked if we could do sixteen of 'em for her. We didn't even know if we had sixteen in the line but we enthusiastically agreed and said we'd design new ones if we fell short of sixteen. (I'll show you the three new ones up close next entry!) Well, here's the sixteen.  Again, I can't wait to see the pics. 
As artists, we're not trying to make statements about war, or oppression, or poverty. We're littler than that. What we think about when we create are the things that you don't usually bother to think about...the little world that surrounds you when you  sleepily sip your morning coffee...the domestic sights your eyes gaze upon when you do the dishes after dinner...the backdrop of your everyday...the cake you bake on a random Tuesday...the color of the streamers at a kid's birthday party.
Thanks so much to all of you that strive for the little bits of domestic bliss. For us, true art is decor and more importantly...the actual process of decorating.  
be back soon with some eye candy.
xoxo Jenny
ps. thanks soooo much to anybody new dropping by the blog. AOL blogs have some hiccups and unfortunately I can't click on your names and reply so if you have one...please leave your blog link so I can visit your world!!!



  1. Ohhh how delightful would those be for a backsplash! Super delightful.

  2. Those will make a fabulous backsplash!  What a darling kitchen hers will be!
    I also love what you said in this post...... "the backdrop of your everyday" ....... finding pleasure from the small everyday beauty in life .......  I've been told I'm easy to please, and I think it's basically this ~~ that I enjoy the small things.

  3. I like your philosophy.  To a New York Gallery the Sistine Chapel ceiling is just interior decoration!  

  4. Love your blog!!!


  5. Love it!!  That is going to look so incredible.....What a great idea! Karin@creativechaos :)

  6. jenny, please continue to follow your creative heart.  your art is wonderful and just looking at it makes me smile.

  7. Jenny- I love this post. So well written and from the heart. Just gives me the tingles. I have to say that all these 4x4's together look absolutly amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely, it's art. Thanks for the great words and wonderful eye candy for the day.

  8. Jenny! I absolutely agree! What really appeals to me as art is anything that creates an emotion...a short story or bit of poetry might make me cry a bit, a lovely song might inspire me, and your incredible work, which always fills me with joy, reminds me of the beautiful nature of domesticity... the extra swirl of frosting, the sparkle of a china plate. You and Aaron capture this beauty so masterfully...please, please continue to create! So many of us truly love everything you come up with!!!

  9. I'm dreaming of my own bakery, so I could have you decorate it.
    I love all your mini's, I'm so diggin the turquoise frame with the four cupcakes, and the one with polka dots, let's just say I love all of them.

  10. Terrific!  What a sweet idea for a backsplash!  oooh,  I spy coconut cupcakes!

    p.s.  Did you happen to get something little in the mail a while back?  Hoping the post man didn't lose it, which is VERY possible now days!!!


  11. I hiccup so rarely,,,but I love your site!
    suzi finer

  12. Jenny!  How exciting!  I can't wait to see her backsplash and the new pieces!


  13. AMEN, sista!  I'm with you all the way......give me a happy collage over a self important abstract any day.  Gonna have to add you to my favorites~ come see me at
    Much love for your cupcakes!

  14. Oh yes...ART indeed!!  So darling.  I'm jonesin' for the red velvet cupcake one....but fear that if I hung it in plain site it would cause cupcake cravings so frequently I wouldn't be able to do anything but bake.  LOL  
    Enjoy your weekend,

    (I'm Rosanna's friend who popped in the other day!)  

  15. You couldn't have said it any better!!!! "Real" art is the same here in Phoenix. It either has to be totally disturbing (evil looking), Naked, or Cowboys or Indians.
    I can't tell you the number of times that I have been turned down for an arts/crafts show or a gallery because my work was too cute!! Now, if I were to glue a bunch of odd pieces together on some odd form, I'd be accepted right away. Well, that's just not me! Like ME says "We don't care what they think in the Big City".
    So I say keep creating! Your work is Art and you are an Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  16. Just found your site and love it!  I am adding a link to my blog.....I hope you don't mind!  I have seen your things elsewhere but didn't know how to find you.....Now I have!  

  17. A baking theme is so perfect for a kitchen -- I don't know why I never thought of it! And these are so beautiful. That's going to be on lovely kitchen.

    I love what you say here: 'What we think about when we create are the things that you don't usually bother to think about...the little world that surrounds you when you  sleepily sip your morning coffee...the domestic sights your eyes gaze upon when you do the dishes after dinner...the backdrop of your everyday...the cake you bake on a random Tuesday...the color of the streamers at a kid's birthday party." What a lovely, poetic turn of phrase, and what a sweet goal.

    I love your site!

    Barbara H.

  18. Speaking of AOL blogs, it drives me crazy that my bloglines isn't updating this feed properly.  is my blog, since you asked! :-)



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