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possible title: I read the news today, oh boy.
Our television is a vampire, meaning it only comes alive very late at night. And as far as we know, the TV might be a radio because our eyes are constantly on our painting/cutting/gluing/making. The tube mainly serves as background chatter featuring the  hilarious voices of Colbert, Letterman and Conan. My days are spent in blogland and in the world offered on the pages of  Country Living, Country Home and Mary E's Home Companion magazines..and oh yeah, Somerset Studio rocks.
But still, that wacky world out there seems to seep in and I'm sure you'll all agree...that life is a lot better inside this little magical world of artists and collectors and like minded lovers of the little things. Let this friendly, glittery and emphemeral collage of wonderful people we call blogland serve as a refuge from all those tragic news stories and train wreck celebs that shall forever remain nameless in this setting.
I know that all that stuff probably goes without saying so I'll move on...Finally, we finished our paper dolls. We call 'em our "Baking Beauties". A few weeks back we made some very detailed, one-of-a-kind versions of these for a swap and swore that we'd make a group of them for sale...well here they are! All dressed up and ready to go and equal parts blonde and brunette, braids and no braids. They're not actually paper dolls, but super sturdy ornaments modeled after paper dolls. We want them. Yeah, we made them, but you know how it is when you make something and it doesn't feel like you did?
Also, fresh from the workbench comes this trio of art squared pieces. 4" x 4" is a great little format. Artwork always gets better when you shrink it down into little compact bits of eye candy.
And now, enough about us...take a look at what came in the mail:

OK, I'm going to crown Andrea Singarella, Queen of Color Palette. If you look at the picture of this wonderful stuff you'll see a vintage hand sewn, hand beaded, felt clock. Well, that was the starting point...me and Andrea connected on that clock. She loved it and after peeking at some of my faves she made up her mind that I probably love the clock more than she and then she let me know that it'll be arriving in my mail shortly. How darn sweet, selfless, and thoughtful. Well it gets better. She just couldn't bring herself to send the clock all by itself so she built a boxload of goodies around it's color theme. Just look at every little bit: from the envelope included not only for it's color but also because it bears the word "Everyday"...to the pale pink cupcake picks, vintage plastic coaster (which I will use as a candle base) and the super cute Wish ticket. Wow, the attention to detail, the thought, the care, what a doll. You are the sweetest Andrea!!

Ok, now for that adorable Valentine's box from Natalie. People on Flickr are loving it to bits and I gotta say, I'm definitely on the same page. I actually WON this on her blog giveaway, and win is a word that is not synonymous with Jenny. I love it!!..and of course since Everyday is a Holiday this will be displayed all year over here. What an incredible creation!!
And oh yes, Natalie was also reluctant to send that little girl on the heart shaped box all alone so she included  this pair of handmade dishwashing gloves she made just for me in my color palette.  Winning the box was more than enough and then I saw these! For once I'm eager to scrub stuff!! Thank you so so much Natalie !! I adore them!
Well, that's all for now. We're already psyched on Easter so look for peter cottontail to hop into town early...I hope he's wearing a coat!
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!
xoxo Jenny
All of the paper dolls and art squared pieces are now listed in our shop! :)


  1. Jenny!!! As usual I am transported into a sweet land of enchantment whenever I visit your blog! Love the way the brunette version of your fantastically gorgeous paper dolls turned out. And oh my, the goodies! Especially love the gloves! That would put me in he mood to clean up my house too!!!

  2. You've made my day...best use of paper dolls in the history of the world!
    Suzi Finer

  3. Sweet, sweet stuff. Love it all!!! Those dollies are absolutely fabulous. LOVE them!!!! Thanks for the eye candy today...totally made me smile:)

  4. all so wonderful! the paper doll tags are so sweet- especially the Jenny one! xoC

  5. jenny! everything looks so divine! you did a wonderful job on the doll ornaments! and thanks for your post on my blog...i started laughing about what aaron said...too funny! thanks for the chuckle to start my mornin'! love ya...danielle {www.thevintagedragonfly.typepad.com}

  6. Total eye candy!!  Love all the bits of embellishments and happy things on the table!  Were you lucky enough to snag those "wish" tickets from Amy??  I think they're sold out now.  :(  I just adore your work!

    p.s.  we're huge Colbert fans too!  ;)

  7. Hi Jenny! Love the paper dolls! They are so cute! And I wanted those gloves the minute I saw them! Guess what, I found them at Target! I just have to add some embellishment. Will let you know how they turn out. xoxo Laurie:)

  8. Jenny -- I LOVE your baking beauties!!!  And those RUBBER GLOVES are to die for!!!!!  We had pink frosted cupcakes at our preschool today -- and cold milk!  Guess who I thought of ....   You!! ;)


  9. Absolutely Over-the-top Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just keep impressing me!
    Michelle www.mosaiccottage.blogspot.com

  10. Well...what a happy place! Love all the pretties you have shared today! Peter Cottontail???? He's a friend of mine! Can't wait to see him.

  11. What lovely gorgeous treasure! I love the candy note holder and the buttons and the wish ticket! So delightfully sweet! The gloves, the sweetie on the box!!! So much better here inside the pink and aqua and glittery Land of Blog than the real world! I keep the music on or just cartoons!! The baking beauties are a sweet treat for the eyes! Can't wait to see some Easter treats!


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