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Today was all about catching up and getting ready for a new work week. I had about 100 emails to sift through! (not an exaggeration!) I truly apologize to any of you sweethearts that are waiting on a reply! I have been so overwhelmed with work, and orders, and wholesale the past few weeks! I so so appreciate all of your super sweet words! I am working my way through my in-box! I promise! : )
Walt's game was by far the most intense this season! It was super fast paced! Going in to overtime..and ending in a tie! It was an incredible game! Walt was fantastic! I am just so so proud of that kid! He walked with a swagger...you know with his custom leopard print Adidas on an all! LOL (I promise a pic soon)
The apt. is looking very much like a bakery today! Cupcakes, cakes, and vintage mixers galore! Cake Art drying on every surface! So very happy to be filling orders! Nothing we love more! One super fun order we are working on is for our incredibly fabulous friend Rosanna in Italy! I wish she had a blog!! Trust me....you would truly faint with one glimpse at the world she lives in! I am patiently awaiting some photos of her home to share with you! Her kitchen is just brimming with all things frosted, glazed, glittered, sugared, and SWEET! She truly loves all things handmade! What an incredible gal! Her collections are to die for! She just purchased a doll house which will be decorated in a shabby chic/sweets theme! (yes...too fab huh?) Well..we were commissioned to recreate some of our cake art in doll house size! Sooo cool! We are thrilled! We just may end up adding dollhouse Cake Art to our collection full time!! Thanks to the lovely Rosanna!
Also in the works...our paper doll ornaments! Soon soon soon! I promise! They will be sold individually..packaged as they were for my swap. There will be some brunettes in the mix too! More info on them in a few days! : )
I have been seeing some of the most incredible eye candy throughout blogland!! My goodness!!Teresa McFabulous just got back from teaching at the Amazing sweetpeas & snapshots out in Cali!! Have you all seen her "Very Fine Houses" ?? Ohhh my gooodness!! Oh how I want an entire neighborhood of them across my mantel!! I am praying that she offers some kits! The super cute
Michelle and Helle were lucky enough to actually be there at S&S for the classes!! Ohh I am sooo Jelly!! At least they thought of us all...and posted some incredible pics on their blogs! Thanks ladies!! Looks like you had an amazing time!!
And ohhh my have you seen Alicia's cakes ?? Before I even read a single word of her post..I truly squealed out loud..."Ohhh sooo Miette"...which turns out was her inspiration! : ) If you have not heard of  Miette, they are an incredible patisserie out in San Fran...their cakes may as well be decor! Too pretty to eat I tell you!! I would have them filling cake domes all around our house if I lived any closer!
I would also like to welcome the fabulous fabulous Nicol Sayre...YES! that Nicol Sayre to blogland!! Aaron and I have been such HUGE fans of her work for years! We truly must have at least one or two of her pieces in every corner of our home! To be able to peek behind the wizard's curtain is just too too incredible!! Too exciting don't you think? Stop by..say hi! It is only a matter of time before it will be standing room only over there! : )
I would also Love to Welcome the Fabulous, oh so stylish and sweet Andrea Singarella to blogland!! I actually found Andrea through Flickr recently! From the tiny bit she has offered so far....we are really in for treat after treat! What style! Such a doll too!! Pop over and say hi! Tell her Jenny sent you!!
Up above are photos of some sweet things around the apartment. First is a little shelf vignette featuring some of our favorite old, new, handcrafted, thrifted, and gifted bits (hanging in our living room). Rhinestone picture frames, candy boxes, tiny vintage plates, Mohair bears, and some hand made sweets.
Also above..one of our favorite pieces! A hand painted chalkboard, featuring all of our favorite cakes! Quite time consuming...but well worth it! It hangs just outside our tiny kitchen, overlooking our living room area!
Also..a close up of a pair of paper mache cake slice shadow boxes Aaron and I made one rainy day about 2-3 years ago. I'd like to do some more if we get some time. They were a lot of fun!
Well....that is it for now! Lots to do to prepare for tomorrow! Lots and lots of orders to pack! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! talk soon!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Have a great day Jenny!

  2. Oh Jenny! I *love* your chalkboard with the painted cakes! Such beautiful realistic detail.  Calls me into action:  either go bake a cake or go buy a cake!  Thanks for sharing that!  Now I'm headed off to checkout the new bloggers you've introduced today!  {*smiles*} Heidi

  3. I do not know what could be better? Cakes and Art combined?  Wonderful! I purcahsed a four story dollhouse that I am itching to renovate. I just keep changing my mind.. perhaps I should make it "The SugarPlum Palace." Yes, I think that is a perfect name actually, it just popped into my head.. See, you inspired me.... I am off to market that. LOL.

  4. You are so talented!!! Fabulous work, m'dear!

  5. As always, the delicious eye candy you show through your photos makes me wish I was a sugar plum fairy! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  6. I LOVE that board with all of the different kind of cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delish!!!!

  7. You are such a "sweetpea" for mentioning both my friend and I on your blog.
    When I see all your work, makes me want to open a bakery here in Cali.
    You are such a doll.

  8. Oh Jenny! Everything looks so pretty!!! You have to make more of those cake slices! They are incredible!!!!

  9. Love the blue shelf! AND the PINK bears! so cute! Oh and the papermache cakes look REAL! You are so talented!! Rosemary

  10. Just what I needed on a rainy Monday afternoon, FanTasmiC eyecandy!!!
    You talent blows me away, I am amazed when some people can paint this way.
    All your treats are so yummy too, and I agree with your view about tv, I hardly ever watch it, I spend more time surfing differents blogs, to please my appetite for inspiration.

  11. Oh, OH!!  I KNOW the fabulous Rosanna of Italy!!  Ok, so I've never met her IRL, but I've had the honor of creating beautiful things for her and her sweet little Nicole.  Now when I say "honor" I mean HONOR!!  She is such a lovely person and a dear friend.  In fact, just the other day, I emailed her wondering if she knew about your stuff as it would be PERFECT for her kitchen...and she told me you are working on a special project for her new doll-house.  I just know it will turn out FABULOUS and magically miniature.  Can't wait to see all the photos!  

    PS, I guess I should have properly introduced myself before I just started gushing in your blog comments.  I'm Kim, and I think everything you do it lovely!  I recently found your blog through a link somewhere (Darn, can't even remember where now.)  and just drool at the beauty in your posts.  :)  So extremely talented, yes you are!  All the best~

  12. OH MY GOSH!!!!!

    You have got to start baking those 3-D cakes and cupcakes again, they are fantastic!!!!!!!

    I get the first one that comes out of the oven!!!!!



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