3am teaparty, and an Easter sampler!

Hey everyone! So sorry for the few day's absence. In a strange turn of events I've been outside of my apartment!! First on Tuesday Aaron had a meeting in the city so I spent the day with my sister hunting down some fab stuff for the vintage kitchen swap (and I must say, it was a fruitful outing...I'm nearly done!). Then today me and Aar had to run around for supplies etc... And the whole time we were out I was so bummed to be missing Artsy Mama's Tea Party. I  mean, what a cool concept, and how great is it that soooo many bloggers took part in the festivities?!! The teaparty was international in scope and the amount of eye candy is endless. Definitely take a stop by.  Well, here I am, the Jersey vampire, showingup well into the AM of the next day. But I promise I was at the tea party in spirit. Above is a design that hangs above our bed. We call it the "Tea and Cake" piece, so here's my humble contribution to the day's events.
Well, I've got the first installment of Easter goodies to show and have them listed on eBay as well! I've been dying to do Easter ornaments forever because I soooooo love to hang stuff from some pussy willow branches in the Spring. Also, the tray is a long time in the making. It's been sketched out for a year I think!  We've got four or five more Easter projects in the works and I'm so so thrilled about them! 
I feel the Spring, not temperature wise yet but I see it in the stores. All the colors and light weight materials in clothing. The full range of Easter madness lining the aisles of Target, Home Goods, heck, even Cost Cutters. It's a great time of year full of anticipation and inspiration. And that thing they call Spring Fever is most evident in our workload. Being entrepreneurs  we're the driving force behind how much work we take on and if you review our calendar in the springtime of the past ten years or so you'd see our schedule go from light to heavy heavy duty. And the weird Spring magic has always kept us immune to exhaustion.  

Well, except for ludicrously late night exhaustion. I'm so going to bed but I promise some more eye candy tomorrow, including those brand new Easter projects. Also, I wish I had a camera with me yesterday so I could've showed you guys pictures of the amazingly insane junkshop that we scour periodically. It's a gem of a place!
  So lastly, big hugs to Artsy Mama for hosting a blogland teaparty, and big hugs to you guys for being patient with my sometimes few and far between posts!
Happy Spring everyone!!
xoxo Jenny
ps...LOST ruled tonight!!! right Lauren? (wink wink)


  1. Oh, that tray is just darling! And so is that cute little chick on the cake! PEEP!  
    I hope you finally got some sleep, I gasped when I saw the time you wrote this entry!  
    Have a good day...when you wake up!

  2. I'm so glad you're back.  Totally missed your blog!  I think it's halerious that you do things at 3am.  What time do you get up then?

    Your RAK is in the mail.  I really hope youenjoy it.  You know how you (or maybe it's just me) can get insecure when you send somebody something.

    anyhoo~ have a great day!


  3. Jenny,
    Now I know why I can't find any pink crinkle paper in the area--I see you have bought it all!!! LOVE your rabbits. Good luck with them. Mary

  4. lov, love, love your stuff!! so glad i finalllllllly found it!! off to ohhh, ahhhh, and sigh somemore.

  5. OOH!!!  Everything is soooo sweet!!!!!  Jenny--you rock!!!!  I'm really in love with that white bunny ornament!!!  xo-Melfie


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