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I hope everyone is having a great time emailing back and forth with their swap partners...getting to know each other etc...I myself am so excited to be making new friends and can't wait to start collecting goodies for the packages I'll be sending out!!
Around here (New Jersey) the weather has been a bit bipolar. On Wednesday and Thursday we were hiking through the woods, all sweaty in the 68 degree midday sunshine. Now we are in the midst of a full on winter blast of snow, sleet, slush, and highway skids. Me and Aaron really thought that this weekend would herald some spur of the moment yard sales, perfect for Vintage Kitchen Swap shopping. Instead, we'll be homebound with the heat up and the soup a' simmerin'. But we will probably brave a drive to Home Goods because the 'home goods' at Home Goods are not only cheap but sometimes some of the best vintage inspired stuff we've ever seen. The treacherous weather also may nudge us toward some ebay shopping...I mean, honestly, an ebay search always proves to be more fruitful than a foot search.
I started a Flickr group for the swap, so feel free to join!! It's there for you to post photos of what you will be sending and what you receive. Flickr is one of those things I can't believe I survived without. As far as reference, inspiration and documentation it has proved invaluable. If you're a Flickr-head of any level please join the group and post your swap pics!!
One of my favorite Flickr groups is "Corners of my Home" I thought it would be so cool for everyone to post pics of their respective kitchens. And this not only for the benefit of swap partners but for all of us to catch a glimpse into the little worlds we all inhabit. So if you want (and it would be so cool if you do!) post a kitchen pic on your blog and/or in the Flickr group and send me the link. I'd love to see! Right here is a tiny peek into an area of our tiny kitchen. We've named it the Ritz Bakery and try to keep to a fairly focused overall vision.  Because the kitchen opens right into the living room and dining room our color palette and theme is tight. We stick with pink, white, black, cream and tan with some hints of chocolate. It's sort of our imaginary theme restaurant with a top hat, tiara and piano motif running through.
Also shown here are my Slice of Cake nutcups. I did some last year and just started making them again. I'm thinking of listing them on Etsy and Ebay. They're a lot like our ornaments except instead of hanging them with string I attach them to little crepe paper and ric rac adorned boxes. They're great for parties/holidays as little favors placed at each place setting. I fill them with candies and other tiny goodies.
Well, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your kitchen vignettes! I can't begin to express what all of you fellow bloggers mean to my day to day creativity! I sooooooo look forward to catching some inspiring glimpses into your worlds.
until next time xoxo, Jenny.


  1. WOW just found your blog and everything is so amazing! What a talent you have, I am so inspired by your work!!! I am going to visit all the time and add you to my favourite beautiful blogs.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us!

  2. Sweet little cake boxes! I'm having a crafty giveaway today to celebrate my 100th post. Come see.

  3. Hey there!  I wanted to send you a rak commemorating (sp?) your kitchen swap.  If you can email me with your address that would be great.



    Can't wait to hear from you.

    Your pics are amking me hungry!!!LOL

  4. Hi Jenny! Love those little nutcups!!! And, you know how much I love nutcups!!! LOL Have a great weekend! xoxo :)

  5. Hey Jenny it's Angie Lori and Mikes Friend I saw Arron (Not sure if I messed up his name spelling sorry if I did)  at Mikes suprise party and he mentioned you had a blog which I looked up and found your wonderful magical world :) I LOVE those knitted cupcakes in one of your previous posts! Do you make those? I want some. ^___^ So nice to see you in the online world and your blog is really super rich and inspiring and it makes me want CUPCAKES AND TEA!!!!
    I also  have a blog over at blogger...  Ok well hope you are well talk to you later. <3, Angie

  6. you just do incredible things.  Living in your world would be like stepping through the looking glass every day!

  7. Love, love, love all the pinkness.  So much fun, too.  I enjoy your blog so much.

  8. beautiful pictures

  9. What a Fabulous kitchen!!! So fun, I LOVE the stribed wall.
    Always a treat to see a corner of your home.

  10. Your kitchen corner just makes me want to come in and eat a cupcake!  So sweet.

  11. Well, I can't seem to post to the flickr group but here's a corner of my kitchen I'd like to share:


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