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Greetings everyone. Daylight savings hasn't caught up with me yet, so again, here I am with a super late night/early morning post. Tomorrow is my mom's b-day and the day after is Aaron's dad's so please forgive me if I'm a bit brief in the next couple of days...I'll be baking.
Wow...I in no way expected the incredible response that has come in for my swap! I am just so so excited! The list of swapping sweeties has been growing daily! Thanks so much! Everyone seems super excited! I've even received reports that some eager beavers have already started shoppingHeck, I'm already looking forward to the photos of the results! I  have to say that Good Mail is one of my most favorite things in the world. So it goes without saying that we'll do many more swaps in the future. 
Tomorrow is the cut off for sign if you have been thinking about joining in on the fun, hurry hurry! : )
I will be emailing all of you gals on Tuesday evening with your partner's info! So stay tuned! I seem to have a whole bunch of projects in the works and by nature I'm not a girl who likes to show works-in-progress, but I promise to shoot them and show them just as soon as they're camera ready. Right now I'm Easter crazy and need a plethora of bunnies and chicks before I can relax!
For now, here is some eye candy handpicked from my 
Flickr Favorites!! Enjoy!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person awake at such an indecent hour!  Love your blog, just signed up for the swap!  come see me....


  2. Where do you find all this great stuff?  I've been looking on Ebay to start decorating my new kitchen (in pink).  I haven't run it past the hubby yet, but really he just knows that when I start decorating just to let me have at it.

    CANNOT wait until tomorrow.  Are joining in on your own swap or just hosting it?



  3. P.S.  Go to bed! YOu're killing me!


  4. Thanks for all of the eye candy Miss Jenny! Your site is sooooo inspiring!!! Just what a girl needs!!!!

  5. What magnificent pictures!!!  I wanted to join the swap, and I was hemming and hawing, but I think I have to wait for the next one.  Looking forward to all of your great photos though!  I'm the Birthday Captain in my family too, they all seem to come at once, don't they!


  6. Jenny! You remind me of one of my sisters...the one who burns the candle at both ends !  I just hope your candle is either PINK or in the shape of a bunny!

    I loved your Fliker favs, I need to get over there and learn out to do that!  I have a tons of things to do as well,and often find it easier to just come over here and play on blog-land!

    But for now... OFF TO paint!!!

  7. Hi Jenny, I don't know if I am doing this right or not.  I'm not sure if I answer you on my blog or yours, but here it goes. Those sweet little eggs are from a company called Seasons of Midwest.  They also wholesale Nicol Sayres things, but these are not by her.  They are kind of generic-no artist tagged- I just really loved them and thought they looked vintage, so I added them to my things. I'm really glad you like them and many thanks for sharing them on your blog. Oh, and I also love all things floral-thats info for the swap!kasse

  8. oooooohhhh is it too late for me to sign UP?
     I haven't read the entire swap info thing,  but i know I want to be included,  and have some great vintage kitchen stuff!!!
    catherine,  from Red Shoes....

  9. Love the pictures!  What a great array of photos......I won't be able to do the swap this time but for SURE next one!!  I decide that I'm going to pry my "mixer" collage from my hands and give it to my best friend like I had planned.....So that means only one thing......I'm getting a one for myself!  Take care!!  Karin aka creative chaos

  10. Hi darling, ENJOYED YOUR BLOG,your art is so wounderful,Do you have a web page?.YOUR FRIEND THAT MAKES ALTERED TINS CAN YOU PUT ME IN TOUCH WITH HER?
    What is eye candy?

  11. just passing threw,come on over and see my front porch art sell.


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