Spring ahead or fall behind!!

What an amazing response to the swap! In a little more than two weeks time the US postal service will be carrying a record amount of vintage kitchen inspired stuff!! And we still have until Monday for everyone to sign up!  I'll email everyone on Tuesday with your partner's name and info and then we'll have 2 weeks to shop for and gather up goodies to send off.
Now I'm sure many of you have had this experience...you find something on ebay and it is the greatest thing you have ever seen, then you bid on it just for the heck of it. You know you won't be able to bid high enough to win but you bid anyway just so you can see how much the treasure goes for. And then the unexpected occurs...You Win!!...well that's the story with this lovely couple of bunnies. I bid waaaay low and by some stroke of luck I came out on top! They are my current fave! They are from the 1940's, made of crepe paper, chenille pipe cleaner and adorned with vintage millinery flowers. The biggest surprise for me was the size...they're nearly a foot tall! I've seen pieces exactly like these go for over $100 in the past. These are my 'find of the year'.
Besides bunnies, I'm a nut for vintage candy containers of all types...valentine hearts, foil eggs...well, I found this reproduction on ebay, Cheap! It doesn't have a tag and I do not know the maker but oh man! it's soooo fabulous. The millinery flowers, the tulle., the interior detail...wow! (here is a link to the eBay seller: she has two left! hurry!!!) Spring and all of it's magical trappings have got me in a state I tell ya!
It seems that all of you guys are as anxious as I am for these cold snap days to make way for the crocus and the daffodil. I know that Cari Kraft is! She sent this amazing Spring ornament dipped in beeswax...and if anyone out there is still soldering... that's so five minutes ago it seems. Beeswax is the bee's knees now. The look is dynamite and the subtle scent is even better. Cari is hosting a swap and the goal on her end is to fill up her Spring tree with decorations, ornaments, and handmade goodies. Our contribution is on the way! Thanks Cari!!
Well, over here it's Friday night or Saturday morning depending on how you look at it. I hope all of you guys have a super productive Saturday because once that daylight savings time kicks in on Sunday the whole weekend seems to slip away. So, as a rule on this weekend I warn you to stay away from those Lifetime movies. Those things are addictive...no matter how many times they recycle entire plot lines and twists, we still get sucked in. And while I'm on the subject of TV...who out there watches Lost? That mini season back in November wasn't too good at all but now they totally won me back. And guess what I heard?...on March 21st we'll find out how John Locke became wheelchair bound...finally! oops, the Lifetime movie addict and Lost nerd in me just stuck her head out in the open, so before I admit anything else, let me call it a night.
More soon, xoxo Jenny


  1. Love the bunnies you won from Ebay what a fun thing to win

  2. Youve got some real lovlies here! Is there anyway to shrink down that beautiful button to put it on our blog sidebars??? I love it but i tried it & its wayyyyy to big to work.  Thanks Jenny! Happy swapping!

  3. Those bunnies are FAB-U-LOUS!!  Oh, and that candy holder with the flowers...... aaaaaah, so so lovely!!  :)

  4. those are so pretty and very creative thanks for shairing

  5. Hey Jenny, I finally made it.  Its me vintagegirl201 from ebay.  You know the egg?  I am now an official blogger.  Its so funny- I just wondered over here to see what you were up to and say hi, and here you are sending people my way.  Thanks girl!  Well, I am having so much fun, but boy you can sure loose track of time.  I will visit often!  XOXOXO kasse.  Come over and see me www.missduffys.com.

  6. I cannot tell you how excited I am for the swap!  I've already been looking around and plotting my course but I still need to see who my partner is to make sure I do something they like.  It makes me want to host my own swap.  The things that people get are fantastic!

    Have a great weekend.

    Sue :)

  7. wow, great deal! I am an ebay fanatic and I love finding steals! Yes, I am a lost addict...totally agree about this season, and if they kill off Charlie and I am going to kill someone myself!

  8. Oooh! Can't wait for that Lost episode. I think Locke is my favorite character on the show!
    What great finds!!!!

  9. such a gorgeous foil egg!  wonderful bunnies, way to go.


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