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It would've been one of the most blatant cases of home field advantage if I were to just give an assortment of Everyday is a Holiday artwork to my swap partners. (I mean, the theme was Vintage Kitchen!!) So I made sure to make all new stuff especially for the swap. I had these ideas simmering for a while so it was a thrill to bring them to fruition. I couldn't be happier with my partners...( yes, the plural is correct, I took three partners: DedeFrankie , and Rosanna.) and was so psyched to be making this stuff for some more-than-worthy recipients. Pictured on this post are Dede's and Frankie's. I've checked the tracking numbers, got an email confirmation from Frankie, and saw that Dede posted the pics of her stuff in the Flickr photo pool. So now I'm in the clear and can show you guys the stuff without ruining the surprise. Both groupings have a mix of the old, the new, and the handmade. I was worried about shipping the Baking Beauty candles to California not knowing what kind of temperatures they got goin' on out there. (in Jersey...freezing,went to an outdoor hockey game tonight and half of my brother Walt's team didn't show...most likely due to the cold...after all, it's called SPRING league hockey!) Well, I'm happy to know that the wax didn't melt in some hot mail truck. The candles and the little jars are based on the same idea. I wanted to make custom labels mixing some of our artwork with some favorite patterned papers and of course...vintage recipe book clippings. Creatively, it was easy because my tastes are so very similar to those of these two  fabulous swap partners. Illustrative of that point is the fact that Frankie bought me the same bowls I bought for her and Dede. 
Anyway, now that the swap is coming to a close as far as the opening of packages goes, I hope it's ripple effects have only just begun. More people are posting pics every day on the Flickr group and hopefully more and more people are trading emails, finding each other's blogs, Ebay auctions, or just exchanging some references to their favorite places to visit online. Also, I hope that any first time swappers had a great experience and I hope this swap broke some bad luck streaks for the few disenchanted swappers out there. A hilarious example of this is so perfectly told on Jen Duncan's blog...go read it. it starts off  laugh-out-loud tragic and ends on a high note!
 Well, thanks again to all of you lovely ladies who filled this past month with so much fun !!!
Now, can you even handle this adorable Easter crow?!! He arrived just in time for the holiday from Sue DiGilio. I love chubby crows and the color palette is uncannily precise to my living room decor. This guy is totally handmade and distressed and I just can't stand how cute his bunny disguise is. What an incredible creation!! Sue,you have knocked my socks off!! I adore this fella to bits!! I look forward to owning lots of your work! Thank you!! : )
Well, that is all for now, I hope everyone has a fabulously sweet holiday!!
Happy Easter!!!!!
xoxo Jenny 

ps...Will be back Monday with some favorite Springtime collections!! : )......and more!



  1. sweet! literaly! lol. ur blog is really kool! visit mine at is me...take a look

  2. Oh I knew I should have sign up to your fab vintage kitchen swap Jenny, but I had another spring swap running and thought it would be all too much at the end. Now I envy all swappers for their lovely swap items! You've created such gorgeous goodies!!! I love it all! Dede and Frankie are two very lucky persons!

    I've been searching through 30 pages in my e-mail account to find my AOL screen name again to be able to sign in here. Fingers crossed I'll not forget it again now! I'll go read your flickr swap site now and will put your blog into my fave links on my blog side bar!

    Hugs to you!

    Carol xox

    P.S. I've sent you a flickr mail!

  3. What a GREAT post!! I love everything, esp the cake rounds with the knob for hanging things. FANTASTIC, you can NEVER have too many places to hang something from.
    And that CROW, ohmygosh!!  I want him!!

  4. Jenny! What lucky swap partners you have! Everything is so beautiful! And thanks again for hosting such a terrific swap. I was so fortunate to have a fantastic swap partner as well. Happy Easter to you!
    -Jenny (

  5. Jenny, I just love those glass jars!  Your (& Aaron's) artwork looks fantastic no matter where you put it!  But to have the candles and choc sprinkles in the jar just makes it perfect!  My swap partner and I had a wonderful time participating!  It was pure joy to get "play"!  Have a great Easter!

  6. Your swap partners are so lucky to be recieving all that vintage goodness!I'm sorry I found your blog too late to join in!

  7. Amazing as usual!   I just love coming over here and having these big beautiful pictures pop up as a treat for my eyes......... Karin @ creativechaos

  8. Everything looks great!  Can't wait to see your Easter things tomorrow!  

    Have a great Easter!



  9. Hi Jenny!
    Wow!  What lucky swap partners!!!   Such fun and pretty things you've made them!!!  This swap was great!  Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
    :) Heather

  10. I sooo regret not signing up for this fabulous swap, but at the time, I was up to my neck with deadlines, so I'll jump on the next one, if one comes up.
    You are to fab for words!!! All the yummy things you come up with is just fantastic, always a treat to swing by...

  11. I have been so loving the Vintage Kitchen Swap...what amazing goodies!
    oxox  Maija

  12. Jenny,
    I'm so glad you found me!! I already have YOU bookmarked on MY favorites. I love your BLOG. I hope you will visit me often!!

  13. More is more.  That's what I always say!  Love it...

  14. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Love the pics of everything :-)


  15. Ohhhh, Jenny!!!  What absolutely fabulous packages you created!!  I'm swooning just looking at the packaging!!!  Too sweet!  The swap was so much fun!  Thanks again for being the hostess with the mostest!!  xo-Melfie


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