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It's good to know that we're all on the same page with the magazine thing. I mean, of course we are. All of us bloggers (readers of...and writers of) are all a bit off center. And off center is a great place to be. We aren't easy targets. We don't settle for the everyday, general, common stuff. We're seekers, we wanna know more, see more, and get more. I'm sure a great many of you have told a friend about your blogland and Flickr experiences only to get back a look of puzzlement...and questions like: " wait, I don't get it...why are you reading about some other random person's garden?" or " why would you show pictures of your new livingroom wall color to hundreds of people you've never met?" And our answer is: "why in the world wouldn't I?" 
And holy cow, Linda and Laura read their magazines from back to front!!! I do the same thing! I'm sure there is a valid psychological explanation for this back to front practice. I think it has something to do with us trying to get one over on the editors. The editors want us to start at the fact, they try their hardest to wow us with the first few pages...give us a great contents page with thumbnails of what's inside...etc... But no...we ignore all that and sneak in the back door to see if it REALLY is a good issue. Or maybe we're just a little bit weird!
Anyway, fellow mag turned blog's great to be in such good company!!
Now for the goods...Berrie Wren Bowen (isn't that the coolest name?). Well she's my new friend I met through Flickr and she's responsible for this darling little bunny girl. She came in this adorable little pink suitcase all the way from Washington state. Berrie made her for me in my favorite colors and I couldn't be more thrilled with her...I'm waiting for little miss bunny to start talking!!  Berrie's inspiration came from the fabulous  Jennifer Murphy's Martha Stewart appearance. I'm in love with this little gal. Thank you SO SO much Berrie!!
My super fun, super sweet, and super talented friend Melfie did a little swap with me and her end just arrived on my doorstep ... One of her famous collage party hats! I love the detail of the "Melfie Moon" (her lil' logo) wearing his own tiny party hat. And the rose topper acts as a nest to a little hidden bird. I enlisted one of the smallest members of  my "party baby heads" to model the hat for a photo and he now refuses to take it off. Also included was this cool vintage receipt book from a bakery  in Nebraska. Thank you thank you Melissa!! Love it!!!!
When I unwrapped this my heart skipped a beat! The colors, the patterns, the perfection, and just how incredibly ME this pillow is!! And I don't just mean the photo...every fabric and texture used, as well as  the total composition, I couldn't have imagined it better! This is the impeccable work of the illustrious Jen Duncan.  And as if that wasn't enough of an example of totally outdoing herself...she also made this button bouquet in corresponding patterns and colors! We've been staring at both allll day...I'm seriously amazed!
And...that same Jen Duncan sent along one of the most abundant and creatively selected vintage wallpaper/ephemera/paper craft packs ever!!!! I have not seen papers as gorgeous as some of buttons, bingo cards, tickets, pages from vintage children's books, calendars, hotel menus, ribbons, seam binding, sheet music...GALORE! There really is just so so much bang for the buck! And most important is Jen's editorial eye...not one inclusion is just "so so". Everything inside is a treasure. Very generous. If you're a nut for this stuff (and I know you are) go over to Jen's  Etsy shop and pick up a pack of your own.
Jen, you have truly rocked our world!!!! THANK YOU!!!
One more thing...If you haven't already, you must check out  Urban Prairie. The man behind it is Chris Brown, a tattooed gent with a knack for spotting the beautiful side of the worn and the faded...and he's got a great blog! It's chock full of great American junk, collectibles, and sleek rustic style. Well he had a contest on his blog letting his readers vote on whether his forthcoming book on old crackly dollheads (which I furiously hunt and gather)  will be published online or in print. Despite my being a pc addict I voted for print. I just love clearing off the coffee table and laying out all of my current inspiration, just seeing it all at books, tear sheets from magazines, paint chips, wallpaper swatches, old photos, etc... Anyway, I won the contest!!! And will be receiving a free copy of his book when it comes out in print! Oh, and I mustn't fail to mention the hilarious title of the book..."Crackheads"...when you check out his site and blog you'll totally love it! I love winning things, and the more dollheads in my life the better! I can't wait for this book! Stop by and check out his sure to tell him Jenny Holiday sent ya! :)
Well, the weather is finally perfect here in Jersey and we're hitting the park. Thanks to all you guys that leave such fun and sweet comments! I'll be back soon!
xoxo Jenny


  1. I don't even have words to describe how CUTE that bunny is. And a Melfie hat? How lucky are YOU? I adore her hats. The pillow is fabulous, of course that almost goes without saying. Thank you for sharing all of your goods!!!

  2. I also wanted to share this little tidbit with you in regards to the beginning of your post. When I started my blog I didn't tell anyone except my family. Well, this weekend at work I chanced telling one of my friends there. I told her about blogging in general and about sharing e mails back and forth with some of the bloggers I have be-friended. Well she went totally ballistic!! She asked me how I knew these people weren't serial killers or something. Are you kidding me???  I'm going "WHAT"??? Oh, riiiiight THIS is why I wasn't telling anyone and also why I started blogging in general. Some people just don't GET IT!! And it is so very nice to visit your friends in blogland who love all of the same things that you do and they all DO get it.

  3. Hi again!
    LOVE all your new goodies!!!  That pillow is amazing!  What a great gift!  

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog.... come stop by!  One of the prizes is a super cute hanger made by Miss Melfie! :)
    :)  Heather

  4. Oh Jenny , You practically sent Earl Grey shooting out of my nose with this post. I soooo hear you and I can raise you. So few of my friends here even know what a blog is let alone flickr. If I dare to bring it up I have to explain what it is! And then I get the look and then a total change of topic like ohhhh! O.K whatever! (As they back away like I am from another planet! They just do not get it .I was talking to two ladies the other day that had never even heard of Microsoft office! In fact when I tell them about Glitter and Grunge and how they advertise in Mary Englebreit's Mag they do not even know who Mary Englebreit is! Have they been living under a rock? We move here to PA from Oregon and I am in a total culture shock. We have been here 5 years and it is not getting any better! My husband does know about blogs and Flickr and he still rolls his eyes pretty far up in his head when he see me reading other blogs and eyeballing all the lovelies on Flicker.
    I have also been a magazine addict we have moved several times for my husband's business and there are always those 10 or so back breaking boxes of mags I cannot leave behind. I know I should just recycle them but I just can't let them go!
    Well yet again your posts have let me know that I am not alone!
    P.S I am also a Jersey Girl by birth Mt. Holly!
    Thanks again!

  5. Oh Jenny--

    I'm so glad you like your little hat...  I am ga ga over that pillow!!!!  Wow!!!!  That bunny is something else too!!!  And thank you so much for introducing me to Chris Brown!  Too much to take in!  Lucky you to win a copy of his book!  I totally get what you're saying about the "non-bloggers"--I don't talk about it with others a lot--but sometimes I get that look that makes me feel like Kip in Napoleon Dynamite--"I've been chatting online with hot babes all day".  I love when I try to explain taking the time to make something to send to someone I've never met before...  I feel so lucky to be part of this wonderful little blogdom we have--it's definitely enriched my life and it sounds so silly but I'm a pretty shy person by nature and just the feeling of knowing there are so many people out there who "get" me makes it easier for me to open up around those who might not!  Anyway--great post--as always!!!  


  6. I agree with everything you said about bloggers!  I just started but my family and friends just don't get it and don't understand why I must spend so much time visiting everyone and leaving comments and enjoying every moment!  I received my cupcakes sign the other day.  It looks absolutely perfect in my kitchen!

  7. Hey Jenny! Are you left handed? I usually go through my magazines from back to front as well, and just figured that it was because I am left handed....? :0)
    I am going to email you either tonight or in the am...sorry i haven't yet!!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  8. Congrat's on winning that book Jenny! :) Thank you for posting the link to Jen Duncan's Etsy shop. I've tried to order a wallpaper pack but there is a problem with the shippment to Germany which I hope she's going to solve! I so need one of her fantastic packs!! Love all the eye candy you've posted today and your custom made cushion from Jen Duncan is just the best!!!! Enjoy the park! Carol xox

  9. I'm just loving all of your "good stuff"!  I might just have to grow me some of those beautiful button flowers. :)

  10. Oh my goodness!  I just saw the good news over at My MiNuTia!!  You and Aaron are going to be at Silver Bella!  Whoohoooo!!!  So fabulous!  

  11. I am so excited to meet you here in Omaha! Silverbella will be such fun!

  12. oh, miss jenny! it seems we may actually be meeting in person this november, the 9th and 10th to be more specific!!!! i can't wait!!! it's a wonderful life!!!

  13. hi miss jenny {and aaron too!} your latest treats! so delectable!! and i heard the news about "SB" cool is that?!! i will definitely be much fun! have a wonderful spring day my friend!

  14. Hi Jenny~
    I am officially in love with your blog.  What beautiful, inspiring, great things you have!!  I saw you mentioned recently on Chris Brown's blog and also on Teresa's.  Love your style, but now I really want a cupcake!!  :)



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