The logical progression of a magazine addict!!

I am a magazine addict. And as far as I know, I always have been. As a little girl I escaped into the pages of Country Living and played interior decorator using the JC Penney, Sears, and Spiegel catalogues as my sources for furniture, lighting, window treatments, and linens. I kept binders, made up invoices, drew floor plans. My "play" was always "work". And I guess I'm the same now except I get out more and therefore, get to see a lot more magazines. I obsess over them, and if an issue of one of my fav mags is good then I will pull it out daily for years and years to review one fabulous spread or another. I have cupboards FULL of decor mags, all organized chronologically. When we want to move a piece of furniture we have to first purge it of fifty pounds of magazines (not kidding!). What's worse is that I know one other person who is just as addicted to magazines as I am...and he happens to be the guy that I've lived with for the past dozen years: Aaron!! And what's even worse is that he's got a whole different palette of favorite mags and like myself, he keeps 'em for posterity! He's got hundreds of New Yorker's, Harper's, Elle's, and Esquire's stuffed away. If we had our druthers we'd have to spend about a hundred fifty bucks a month on mags, and that would be showing restraint.
So right now my wallet and my brimming cupboards would like to thank blogs for relieving a bit of the magazine burden. The endless world of creativity, both visually and verbally, in the land of blogs has drawn my gaze partially away from the printed page...and all I need is enough memory on my PC to hold it all!! And I think I'm right to assume that so many of you other bloggers used to live in a world ruled by those glossy mags...blogs are the logical progression in the life cycle of a magazine addict. So, I hope to add my humble contribution to blogland and give you guys as much eye candy as possible! Well, here are today's additions:
First, check out these collage eggs from Germany! They're straight from my sweet new Flickr friend Carol, who is from Germany as well!! Such amazingly intricate work and you'd swear they were vintage. She has an Etsy shop that you really should visit and pick up something beautiful! These came wrapped in the most awesome cookie wrapping paper and then inside the eggs were folded up in vintage German sheet music. Carol is a sweetheart and always leaves such nice comments on Flickr! Thank you so so much Carol! We LOVE them so so much!! : )
Next,  Jeanie had a little blog so fun! This sweet Sugar tin will be right at home here in our world and will go in the studio as a supply container...I love the lettering and scrolly border! And she included some old fashioned candies... I love the Bob's "old timey" peppermint twists and the Mary Janes just smell so good! Also, a little package of crafty goodies/ tags! thanks, Jeanie! you are an absolute doll!!
A sweet gift! Lonnie is one of our all time best customers/ collectors, and all around sweety! She sent us this little thank you package with this handmade basket, which looks to be made of vintage fabric, has a grape viney handle and the bottom is weighted with cool! She also sent a set of the yummiest lip glosses which I use daily. She's such a thoughtful gal. She owns the Sugar Bean Cafe and Country Cupboard Gifts up in Tillamook Oregon...home of Tillamook cheese, which happens to be the cheese they use at Johnny Rockets to top their amazing warm apple pie! Us east coasters weren't raised in a world of cheddar cheese atop our apple dad will have nothing to do with it. Me, I'm a full fledged convert. Anyway, thanks a ton Lonnie! Tillamook pride !! haha
These next shots are of an amazing spread of vintage wonder from Holly. Vintage wallpapers, seam binding/ribbon, button cards, ephemera. I love vintage wallpaper, the way it appears to be handpainted, the texture, the semi metallic highlights on some. It would be nearly impossible for me to cut them up in any way so when I craft with them I'll most likely make color copies. Also the sheer flocked tulle is sooooo perfect!
What a bag of FUN sent by my friend Amanda!! Old school plastic cupcake toppers,  silvery sparkly pine trees, record players and records, white bunnies, snow white and the dwarfs, and the quintessential tiny plastic ballerinas!! She also sent this handmade custom color BLACK rose it!! I'm way into black roses but I like when they look sweet and not Goth. This little tufted cutie is definitely sweet. Be sure to vist Amanda's Etsy shop. She's got all sorts of goodies...for baking, adding to vignettes, or adorning gifts! You must pop in over at her blog..she is always up to something super fun, and her lil kiddo is one of the cutest things ever!!
Amazing Grace strikes again! She's back with her itty bitty delights and now she's ventured into the world of tiered cakes! And check out the mini Easter basket complete with chocolate rabbit!  The rounded glazed cakes are oh so " miette "!! I cannot get over how perfect they are. I'm displaying Grace's little sweets in my mini house shadow's the little sister of my larger house I did a while back. A perfect home for these petite sweets! Oh, and in the foreground are the newest members of my ever growing family of bunnies! They're from Japan circa late 40's, early 50's. They are soooooo great and as you can see by the stitching coming undone, they have been WELL loved!
Lastly, I wanted to share some to additions to our line. We've got them up on ebay now and they will soon be added to Etsy as well. A few posts ago I showed some Baking Beauty candles and our cute little baking theme jar sets that we made  for the Vintage Kitchen Swap, but since we've gotten so many requests for them we now offer them for sale...and have already sold a few! So if you were interested go check them out. Also, some new cake art designs!! Cupcake toppers galore...tophats and tiaras, vintage "for baby" flags, the classic ballerina, and a Happy Birthday flag (about time on that one right?). We also had requests for butter yellow often and we think "Beautiful Cakes" works great in this color palette!
Ok, that's the end of this issue. No need to dog ear any pages or make some space under the bed...just point and click and move on to all the other fab blogs out there ( a few of which I mentioned last post). I hope to post soon with some more tasty eye candy, we've got a handful of projects on simmer and expect them to come to a boil shortly.
Happy blogging!! xoxo Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny, my name is Suzy and I too am a magazine-aholic.  I probably have something like 20 that I subscribe too and I cruise the Barnes & Noble magazine stand hunting new prey all the time.  Getting a new issue of a magazine in the mail is a real adrenaline high
    I love the new artwork, I'm going to have to get off my hands and stroll over to your eBay store.  I have been good at restraining myself lately, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out.
    I saw in my local paper this morning that the horrendous event here in Virginia has claimed someone from Middletown!  I can't believe it, that little town doesn't deserve any more tragedy.
    Thanks for your uplifting and happy blog, I look foward to it every day!
    xxoo, Suzy

  2. Eye Candy INDEED!! What a lovely bunch of yumminess. I went over to look at boxwoodcottages flickr and WOW, she is amazing. You are so lucky to have received one of her wonderful eggs!! I completely understand the magazine thing, I really have no need for them anymore since I discovered Blogland.

  3. Soooo much fun to look at!!! I LOVE magazines too! Thanks for such beautiful eye candy...I'm inspired!

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only magazine-a-holic!! Anything that opens in my house has magazines stored in them. I went to give an old picnic basket a new paint job the other day and what do you know.....more magazines! I said "hey, I forgot I put these in there!" "I'd better sit down a take a look at them.............." :-)

  5. And here I thought I was the only crazy little kid that would spend hours and hours snipping catalogs (even the ones Mom had yet to look at) and smearing Elmer's glue all over notebook paper. I'm sure those pages are still around my mom's house somewhere...she's a pack rat like myself. :)

    Jill Hunter

  6. Jenny, don't even get ME started talking about magazine addictions.  Imagine yourself in 25 years.... LOL  Does anyone want a peek at the very first Martha Stewart Living? (see one of my March blogs...).  Anyone want to see the premier edition of Home Companion?  I probably have the first Country Home, Romantic Home, Victoria.....bla bla bla... You get the point!, as you said, we can cruise the blogs, and might I add Flickr?  I love your latest art work, so cute!!!!!

  7. Hey... I'm sitting right next to you at the Magazine rehab.  I LOVE magazines!  Jenny....I just have to tell you that you have the best pictures on your blog!   I love popping in here to see what you have!  

  8. I am such a magazine addict too, and have been all of my life. Only difference is, I still buy as much as I always have, even though I get so much inspiration from blogs as well! I read all of my magazines cover to cover..and the really sad thing is, I have not read a novel in a year probably!!
    Love, love, love all of your wonderful new art!! You two are wonderfully amazing!!!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  9. Oh Jenny, how wonderful that someone  else, and it looks like quite a few more are magazine addicts!  I agree that these gorgeous blogs are just like a new page in a magazine, except for one small exception!! For some bizarre reason both Laura and I read Magazines from the back cover in.!!  Wierd I know, but you can't do that with a blog. Laura likens her love of magazines to a drug addiction, she has to have a daily fix, and me well I probably could have flown around the world several times and stayed in the best hotels if I hadn't spent so much money on magazines, but then that would be pointless as I wouldn't have anything to read on the journey!! Have a scrumptious day Linda and Laura.

  10. I love hearing about the JC penney and Sears catalogs when you were little! I had my life and family planned out in our Sears catalog, I think I had even picked my future husband out in the catalog too! He was one of the dashing young men modeling!! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful creations along with other's specialties too! I can surf for hours from just your blog!! Thank you!

  11. I agree with you about the blogs and the magazines.  And the storage!  

  12. and you're completely darling as usual.

  13. OH Jenny....I just love visiting your blog!  It always brings a smile to my face ~ You are so sweet and talented, and you always have the BEST eye-candy..... Thank you so much for being here and for sharing your home and your adorable creations with everyone..... simply wonderful!  :-) Joyce from BrooksideCottage

  14. The first step to an addiction is admiting it.  Good job!  Now I can too.  Ok, real question!!!  When you find something in a magizine that you love, how do you mark it and remamber it is there?  I have a gazillion mags that I've dog eared, etc. but when I want to remember something I can't remember where I saw it!  Very frustrating.

    Thank you for ALL the eye candy.


    Sue :)

  15. Jenny, I hope you will come and visit me on Monday, I am having a little give away. I think you will approve of the colors, how does pink and green grab ya? Hope to see you there!!

  16. Wowsers! Great gifts and great new art! I tell you I just LOVE checking in here! Everything is so pretty and perfect :-)

  17. Oh yes here is another magazine addict! And this is why I love eye candy blogs like your's so much! I always need eye candy pictures as a creative input! Wow that chocolate cake looks super scrumptious! You always make and get so many gorgeous goodies! Thank you so much Jenny for posting my egg collages as eye candy samples and I'm so glad and feel so honored that Aaron and you love my work! *smiles happily* Carol xox

  18. I'm a magazine addict too!!!  Always have been!  I drive my hubby nutso with the piles of magazines lying around here.... and I save them forever!  I tried last year to limit my saved mags, and now I have a pile of clippings...   I've been trying to come up with a system of organizing them, but haven't found a good one.  Have you seen the "scanalog" thing.... looks pretty cool, except I would be there for DAYS scanning all my stuff.

    And now I am a blog addict too... it's like getting a new magazine each day!  ::::SIGH::::  :)

  19. When I saw the SUGAR tin, I just bubbled up inside thinking 'How awesome is that - I own something like Jenny!!' Too fun...

    And your artwork as always is just FANTABULOUS!! We recently moved from AZ to the Pacific Northwest and I'm still unpacking.  I was so excited when I unearthed some of your artwork I already own and it was like Christmas all over again!  So sweet and beautiful!  Can't wait to get them up in the kitchen we're redoing.

    I love, love, love your blog! Can't tell you how much it means to always find something new and exciting to drool over!!


  20. Jenny - I'm with you about magazines.  Still an addict, but mostly for newish publications, like ones I've never seen before.  I have always liked magazines over books because they are more current.  Print time is so far off a book can be old news (techniques and stuff) before it come out.  BLOGS are more current than magazines.  Oh the places you can go before breakfast on the web!


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