For a little while now I've been keeping a secret. Well, not exactly keeping a secret...more like selectively leaving out bits of specific information. I'd leave out this info every time I'd get into a conversation about this year's 
Silver Bella...and being that Silver Bella  is the event of the year in this little community I found myself holding my tongue very often. And that bit of info I was holding back had to do with who exactly the Silver Bella instructors are. Well now I can finally say that two of the instructors are ME and AARON!! And we are so psyched to be a part of it! Here are the names of the other instructors, and I can't believe lil' old me and Aar will be among them! : Pam Garrison, Charlotte Lyons, Rebecca Sower, Carolyn Peeler, Jennifer Paganelli, Kimberly Kwan, and Teresa McFayden!
  Now, before I go further, let me explain what Silver Bella is for those who don't know, or better yet, let me copy and paste a blurb from Teresa McFayden's blog:

"If you are enamoured by trendsetting projects with yesterday's charm, texture, and pattern;

if you are drawn to the country's leading artists of all things kitschy, altered and vintage chic;

if you are looking to grow and be refreshed and inspired like never before;

then Silver Bella is exactly where you need to be November 9-10!

There's no event on the map like this one! Former Silver Bella attendees will remember the returning Bellas  CarolynPeeler,  Pam Garrison  and myself . This year we added more to tempt and delight you. Rebecca Sower who's well known for her timeless style in the paper arts industry, Charlotte Lyons  the mistress of all things crafty and has worked extensively with Midwest Seasons of Cannon Falls and Mary Engelbreit, Jennifer Paganelli  the textile genius of Sis Boom and who's fabrics and artwork grace everyone's favorite women's magazines almost monthly, and JennyAaron are the dynamic duo of Everyday is a Holiday who continue to blow folks away with their vintage home goodness! Now you know why I am counting the 198 days to Silver Bella. Can't wait to work with all of them!."

Since the fabulous Teresa is the woman behind this magical event I figured It best to let her briefly explain.

Me and Aar really can't wait and have so many outrageously fun ideas for the projects we'll be doing for it! Make sure you go to Teresa's blog or the Silver Bella  site to get all the info (click on each instructor will take you to a page with a tiny on that photo for a bio!). There will be many BIG FABBB surprises soon to be announced so check back often! This is such a huge deal for us and this creative community we're all a part of! A chance for so many of us that are separated by hundreds and thousands of miles to finally take a break from our busy lives and converge in a centralized world of creative expression, growth, and friendship! It's so very fitting that this centralized world is pretty much in the country's dead center. We hope to see so many of you there!! It's going to be the event of the YEAR!!

Personally our biggest thrill is that Jennifer is an instructor this year!! She is a very dear friend of ours and lives just a bit north from us in her beautiful Connecticut home. We're gonna fly out to Omaha together! I'm sure you know all about Jennifer because she is a nearly omnipresent force in the world of pretty things, textiles, and drop dead style.  Go to her blog and check out her world!

OK, that's all for now on Silver Bella.I'll be giving plenty of updates in posts to come!

Rosanna, my super stylish friend from Italy, sent me all this stuff!! She's another partner of mine in the Vintage Kitchen Swap I just hosted. It's great because I feel like each carefully selected item sheds light on  the who, what and where of Rosanna and at the same time it shows just how much she GETS me! And what's more ME than a cake in the shape of a bunny?! I cannot wait to use this pan!! She also sent a Columba, which is a traditional Italian Easter cake made in the shape of a dove. It was a mini one, and I say "was" because I have already eaten it! Then this tiny espresso pot along with some espresso roast coffee, which Aaron had and said was fabulous! (Unfortunately, I can only have decaf.) And the cupcakes dish towel is perfect...the colors are just right.  And check this heart shaped frying pan fit for one sunny side up egg! cute, and will be put to good use since Aaron is a yolk guy...which I am NOT, it's only scrambled for me!! And I love the cake tea strainer! Wait, do I even need to say that? Let me just say I love all the stuff! You probably can't tell by the photo but that little Italian pastry is faux's actually a dish towel and magnet set rolled up and packaged to look just like a lil' dessert! Complete with the traditional brown wrapper and a little "chocolate" poke!

The jar of pink candies you see is a stand in. Well the candies and the fab, hand written label are from Rosanna, (in Italy they call these pink candy coated almonds "confetti") the jar you see is mine because the beautifully etched glass apothecary jar from Rosanna was totally shattered when it arrived! boo hoo, and she packed it well...tons of bubble wrap...but still...broken. At least I could salvage the confetti and that fab label! Oh, and also a sampling of some of the most adorable and visually distinct Pastiglie candies, one of the oldest companies in Italy. Huge Thanks to Rosanna, and click here to check out some of her home in my archives.

Here's a little springtime sweets vignette just for fun! I used a bunch of my newly acquired stuff...the plastic bunnies & ballerina's from Amanda, the sweet button flowers from Jen , and candies from Rosanna! Cupcakes make my world go 'round!! :)

Lastly, some SNEAK PEEK pics of my part of a May Basket Swap. The swap was hosted by the ever sweet and always dazzling Kari/Artsy Mama. The May Basket was such a great subject matter for a swap, they were traditionally hung on doors full of fresh flowers and candies the night before May Day. My partner is Ramona from Germany and I hope she loves what I've put together for her! I had a lot of fun doing it! Artsy Mama asked that everybody hold off posting pics of their received baskets until May 1st, so check the blogs then... but for now check out some other fab baskets on Flickr !!

Alright, gotta go mix some paint. Hope everyone is flourishing with springtime creativity!

xoxo Jenny


  1. she, jumping up and down, says:


  2. I will be at Sparkle Bella and now I MUST be at the next Silver Bells too!!! Can't wait!

  3. Congratulations Jenny!  Yay for you!
    I am so green with envy of all the very purdy things you get.  Every time I visit your site, you have gotten the BEST stuff!  Or your friends get the BEST stuff from you!  Can I be your new friend? *wink*
    Wish I could attend Silver Bella, too. sigh.

  4. Oh you guys!!!  Congratulations!!  I cannot wait to see what glittery goodness you have up your sleeves!!  It's a fabulous group of instructors and I'm crossing all fingers and toes that my hubby is in town and able to stay with the bambinos so I can be an attendee instead of trying to live vicariously through others!  xo-Melfie

  5. Wow.  Congrats on all your Silver Bella e!  How cool!  I wish I weren't so far west, and so far into college expenses, or I'd book my ticket tonight!  I am looking forward to all your blogs of projects and more, as you begin to get ready for this.  Oh, and I love all your photos today!  

  6. Congratulations on being chosen to be a Silver Bella instructor!! That is really wonderful. This seems like such a spectacular event. Wish I could go. Your goodies are wonderful as always, but I can't help but wonder, where do you PUT all this stuff? You seem to have a never ending influx of yummy goodness, I would have run out of room long ago.

  7. What fun!  I'm going to check out the Silver Bella site now.

  8. Silver Bella will be amazing I'm sure with all of the instructors that will be there!  I wish I could attend and meet you all.
    All your goodies are fantastic!
    Congrats on Silver B.


  9. Silver Bella...just the name inspires!  I can only imagine the enormous creative energy to emerge from this event!!  

    Hi Jenny Cupcakes!!  I finally signed up on AOL so I could post a little something to tell you how much you inspire me with your enthusiasm for life and all things artistic.  I can't tell you how many artist blogs and websites I've viewed through your journal.  If I could only figure out how to "link pink" in the text like you do.  It's on my "Things to figure out in Blog Land" list.  

    Anyway, big bear hugs to you for just being you and making this girlie's day a bit brighter every day I peek in.

    The Silly Bear

  10. Oh big congrats on you and your hubby being chosen for Silver Bella!!  No surprise that you are both so talented and therefore VERY, what a blessing to all who will go!
    Oh My GOSH....the delicious pics you show are soo gorgeous and mouthwatering!!  LOVELY ALL...

  11. Jenny! As you know I am sooooooo excited for you, and how lucky Silver Bella is to have you as teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really really hope I can go.

    Love all of your goodies from Italy. How sweet!!!! (((((hugs))))

  12. can I admit I am addicted to your blog?
    it makes me happy everytime I visit,  plus I feel like I just ate something sweet,  minus the guilt.
    I am SO very happy for you to be going to Silver Bella,  what an amazing adventure that will be!   So wish I could come  :(
     I look forward to seeing all of the great pictures you'll take to share with all of us.

  13. I am so happy that you two are going...God willing, I'll see you there!
    oxox  Maija

  14. Congratulations Jenny and Aaron! What an amazing event with two amazing instructors! Have fun! You both are so fabulous and talented!

  15. Congrats Jenny! I'm so excited for you!! You totally deserve it! Have fun!! :)

  16. That sounds so wonderful, Jenny!! What a great and wonderful thing to be a part of, congratulations!!!  Love all of your goodies :)  Your pictures always make me hungry!


  17. Beautiful pictures as usual!!!  Congratulations on teaching at Silver Bella!  Oh how I wish I could go and be among all you immensely creative and talented folks!!!!!  I'll be there in spirit!  Karin@ Creativechaos

  18. Oh how exciting for you and Aaron to teach at Silver bella! Congratulations!!! So much creative and inspirational input and output, such great instructors! I so wish I could afford to fly over and take classes *sigh* Why don't we have such great events in Germany? *sobs*

    Your may basket and cup cakes all looks so delightful and yummy Jenny! Love it! Carol xox

  19. Oh, how exiting! Wish I could attend and take your class!! How fun! Wow- your May basket is full of fabulous, pretty goodies you lucky girl!!


  20. I just today found you and you've already given me some great ideas! Just too cute, sweets! Would you like to exchange links to blog/journal? Mine is Email is Thanks ever so........Connie


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