I'm dreaming of a pink, aqua, silver, glass glittered Christmas!!

I don't think me and Aaron have had a regular Memorial Day weekend in years. We always get tied up in some work project or we have a deadline we have to meet and somehow end up locked indoors for 48 hours. We get calls from friends and family and hear about barbeques, but we just put our blinders on and finish our tasks within our hermitically sealed apartment. We watch the weather reports leading up to the big weekend and we get bummed for the normal people out there when thunderstorms are forecasted...(we're not jealous types and only wish for the BEST weather for those able to get out and have fun.) Well, I'm not complaining about our self imposed quarantine, because, after all...it's self imposed. And this time around the deadline and the projects were well worth it. We were locked inside putting the finishing touches on our SilverBella class projects! And being that one of our classes is loaded with Christmas cheer we actually worked to a soundtrack of White Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock. When Aaron went outside in the 85 degree haze to walk the dog and then came back in to Christmas carols and our table laden with German glass glitter, the experience was nothing short of surreal. We're psyched about our classes and made sure to put in plenty of original artwork and our own patterned papers. The sneak peek photos from every instructor will be up on the Silver Bella site within the next 24 hours or so and sign ups start around June 1st! I keep saying "I can't wait!" for the Silver Bella weekend but in truth I CAN wait...because when you cross over the threshold of 30 you should want your year to go as slowly as possible! Anyway, I can't show pics of our Silver Bella projects so instead here's a smattering of some essential supplies and inspiration that went into them!
Well, just when I needed to put Christmas back on the back burner a package arrives on my doorstep that not only transports me back to summer...it sends me waaaaayy back to summertime past. Check out this bag!! Made from vintage "summer sheets"! I swear I've seen these same patterns dressing the beds at my Nana's summer house. Even the way the fabric smells...fresh laundered but stored away for the winter...not really the scent of age, more like memories. The bag is handmade by the sweet and talented Analise and she's got a blog and an Etsy shop! She goes by Sugar*Sugar  by Leesiebella! And when I posted pics on Flickr  my pal Mary asked right away if Sugar Sugar was inspired by the fabulous song by The Archies...so Analise, if you're reading this...let us know! In the package with the bag came this added bonus that I really flipped for and still am flipping for, for that matter. This little antique plate full of ribbons and trims all fastened to hand painted clothespins! So Great! I pulled it out of the box just as you see it. Thanks Analise! And everybody...if there happens to be a massive buying frenzy going down at her Etsy shop, be sure to save me something in pink and aqua!..Ohh..and tell her Jenny sent ya!!
Here's some stuff I won!! Did I mention that I LOVE blog giveaways?! (I'm gonna do one soon, I promise.) Well here's one I won and it was more than generous in quality and quantity! Colleen over at freshvintage asked her blog readers to leave a comment about their favorite vintage find. Well the prizes she sent are some total faves! The rose die cuts and the little red labels are gorgeous...and the tiny jar full of vintage buttons is drop dead! I love the deep turquoise of the bon bon box...it's a color that only exists in the vintage realm...and check out that banner graphic on it that reads "bon bons & chocolates". The cake book, the tea towels, the "learn about" flowers book...so cool. Note to all, when you see a blog giveaway...throw your hat in the ring! (even if it's an aol blog and there might be some technical hoops you gotta jump through in order to leave a comment...wink wink.) Thanks to Colleen and her super cool Freshvintage site!
Oh and one more thing, I got some great news yesterday! Very late in coming news but excitedly accepted all the same. The May Basket I shipped to my swap partner in Germany has finally arrived at her door! I feared it was lost in some customs purgatory! Sure it was a whole month late but I'm just happy she has it now. I felt terribly and was holding out hope for it's eventual delivery...within days I was to start my "make up" package to her because I couldn't stand that she received zilch. I forgot to ask Ramona if the package was opened, rifled through etc...that sometimes happens in customs. I heard once of small little viles of perfume being confiscated because they were deemed hazardous...and the package was then sent along to the recipient  full of only the bubble wrap and tissue paper! And this was in jolly old Canada eh! But anyway...thank you German mail for pulling through in the end.
Ok friends, I gotta go sweep a bit so I can spare my little Carlos from getting German glass glitter in his little paws! xoxo Jenny


  1. Jenny, I love your first picture posted today!  I hope to one day own a set of the paper Japan houses!  And your summer summer bag by Sugar Sugar is so cute!  LOL  It's really a cute little something something!  Thanks for all your hard work on getting everybody to sign up for AOL names, we AOL-blogger's really have our work cut out!  Don't work too hard!

  2. Ooooooo....it's all just LOVELY!!!  Hope you're well.  ;)
    Kim (OliveJuice)  

  3. Oh I love reading your blog Jenny!  I had to chuckle at the feeling surreal having a 85 degrees and Christmas carols, LOL that is life here in Australia, hot Christmases, definitely no snow!!!  I love your giveaway wins, how special! The bag and your bits and pieces for Silver Bella are gorgeous too of course.
    Enjoy your day,

  4. I can't wait to see what you two have come up with for Silver Bella! I know it will be gorgeous!!!

    That chocolate box is awesome!((((hugs)))

  5. I can't wait to see some more sneak peeks of Silver Bella!

  6. Ahhh! Jenny, you are the sweetest!!

    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you love the tote and the trims!!

    You, by the way, are such an inspiration for me! LOVE LOVE LOVE you work!!

    BTW, Sugar*Sugar is just the name I came up with...well, mostly because that's what I think of when I see such pretty things (like your first photo)...it's like candy and cupcakes to me!

    I'm working on a lot of new things to be listed in my shop, things I think you're gonna like!


  7. oh, be still my bella heart! I am hoping to get in on your cake banner thing~y class!!! oh, keep your fingers crossed, that I could learn at your feet!!! (a little dramatic. I know. i'm use to it (me)!!)

    hope to see you at the big bella bash!!!

  8. Jenny, just from the sneak peeks i can tell that your class {and Aaron's} is going to be most fabulous!! I can't wait to see the finished projects!!

  9. Wowee! Great stuff. Boy, if I was there by you we might have to fight for those red price tags! Off to check the bella blog. I know whatever it is is wonderful!!

  10. Wowee! Great stuff. Boy, if I was there by you we might have to fight for those red price tags! Off to check the bella blog. I know whatever it is is wonderful!!

  11. Such a wonderful color scheme, m' dear! I just KNOW your table at Silver Bella will be the sparkliiest one of them all!
    XXOO, Beth

  12. I L O V E that bag!!!  All of my sheets growing up looked like that!!!  Oh, and your eye candy--TOO SWEET!!!  Love, love, love!!!  xo-Melfie

  13. MAN....I wish I had known about Silver Bella back then! I would have LOVED to taken a class from you!!


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