Thinking Pink gives me the Blues!!


When I stroll into the world of Flickr I'm always thinking's the color I associate with creativity, fun, fashion, style. Pink is always my starting point. The pink object in the room or on the page is always where my eyes fall first. So my Flickr faves are mostly drenched in shades of cotton candy, bubblegum, cherry blossoms, and classic pink buttercream. But I'm starting to think that I'm only persuading myself into a pink state of mind because no matter how many times I walk into Flickr thinking pink...I always leave with the blues...(all puns, coincidences, innuendo, and semantics fully intended.) Turquoise, robin's egg, whatever you call it...what a delicious color. Put it side by side with some chocolaty browns and look out! I won't go as far as to say that blue is the new pink but wow! it's a close second and a very necessary destination on the road of color.
Anyway, my blogging absence has been eating me up. I just wanted to pop in to let you guys know that I'm still here and still obsessed with the same stuff. It's been a busy week of wholesale, some local work, and the task of getting together our exact SilverBella  class projects. We're so so psyched about the projects we'll be teaching and the kits we'll put together for the big event! I promise to post real soon with some new pics of stuff I got in the mail and the accompanying tales. And oh yeah, now that Melfie has received her mail from me I'd like to show the pics of the tags I sent her in our swap. Well, I have to go so I can watch the 2 hour season finale of Lost. We taped it and have not watched ityet...I can't wait to see how this season wraps up! So take care, brush your hair, I'll be back tomorrow with all the goods I've got.
xoxo Jenny. 


  1. Pale blue could be the new pink! Or not...It's still a lovely combination of colors you found in flickr land. Thanks for the eye candy, Miss jenny!

    XXOO, Beth

  2. i love your flickr pics/picks!!! i am also starting to be intrigued by the color blue, when it never really interested me will always rule with me however!!!

  3. I love the blues! Let us know if you will be selling your Silver Bella kits! How exciting getting everything together! Have fun!

  4. Jenny, I think this case of the blues is invading everyone... My friend chose pale robins egg blue and soft brown as her wedding colors, and she is an avowed chartreuse fan just like me. And since I am helping her with her wedding decor, now I am stuck on this aqua-blue hue thing, as well!!!!!!

    Love your stuff..absolutely DARLING!!!!!

  5. Oh how I want to go to Silver Bella and take a class from you!

    Did you watch Lost yet? WOW!!!!!!!!!!


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