Family, Friends, and Fantastic Finds!!

Aaron, brothers Jay and Walt, sister Missy
Aar, Jay, and Walt auditioning for Ocean's 14
The brand new Mr. and Mrs., Mike and Krista
Dad and Mom
Me and Aar
the guest of honor
Aunt Ginger, Aunt Gerry, Nana, Dad, and Aunt Jackie
Missy and me
Going to a wedding on a Saturday always makes for a lazy Sunday. I called my brothers, my sis, my parents, and all of 'em were in different shades of my own sacked out state. Aaron even found himself watching tv without working at the same time! And drinkers we are not...the sleepy day was a result of monsoon-like weather here in Jersey and a bit of a wedding food hangover! But the wedding was a good time...dancers we are not...but amused watchers are we. Everyone was in top party form,though Michael, (the groom and my cousin) was way more low key...he never once lost his shirt nor did he grab the mic and sing Marvin Gaye's "let's get it on". The night was great but we had some problems leading up to the reception. On our way to the chapel our car broke down...just stopped working. We were already running late and this sealed our fate...we would not make it to the chapel. So now we had like five hours to kill until the reception and the cliche was never truer...we were all dressed up with no place to go. So we took a little drive in my sister's 54 Ford and did a mini photo shoot. It was real hot and there's no AC in her car so the joyride was quick. In the pics are me, Aar, brother Walt, brother Jay and sister Missy (I make them sound like monks and a nun!) Don't the boys look so "tough" in the pics? That whole stone face posing has been our shtick forever!
So anyway, we finally got to the reception and put our outfits to good use and got to see the family I so rarely see. Nana, Aunt Ginger, Virginia, the Fabulous twins, Thea, Lenny, Vincent, Billy, Lou, wait, I'm sorry, I was about to name everyone!...I'll stop there. I don't have too many good pics because lighting and motion are always so tricky at dimly lit here's the few I got.
Well, we did squeeze in some work on the lazy Sunday. These are three new pieces in our new collection that I would say draws heavily on our love for vintage wallpaper. And doesn't it seem like the wallpaper bug is infecting everyone right now? it was always there, but it's reaching a new level of exposure and use. Like I said before, we're working on our own painted paper collection and so, in the meantime while we're in development we'll be incorporating some samples in our newest stuff. We've got the first three in this series and we want to do a lot more like this, using vintage seam binding and rick rack and ruffles. We hope for good response on these because even though it's still totally us...we're stepping a bit out of our niche. We're decidedly going back a decade or two in our vintage. Floral, lace and subdued color taking the place of punchy polka dots and bold stripes. If you are interested in any of these pieces..they are now listed in our Etsy shop..and our eBay store!! :)
Got some amazing mail this weekend!! First, my new friend Ilona from the UK does some fantastic handmade jewelry! Vintage bits and pieces in the most incredible candy colors. And, she uses gold...which is my metal of choice! You must must go visit her Etsy shop and find yourself some wearable candy to pair with your summer tanks and flip flops. I am in love with my, love , love them!!
Next, Tags from the super sweet Amy Elise! You might remember her tags from Christmastime. She made them for me in custom colors, patterns, sizes, etc... These right here are some of the best I've seen from her. They would say in the streets: her tag game is off the chain! (ok, no they wouldn't...but I pretend they would.) But really, she gets better and better. I love how big these are! They'll look so great adorning baskets of supplies and goodies in my studio! I LOVE these Amy! If you guys want a piece of Amy's tag game go check out her Etsy shop's loaded with the good stuff!!
OK, totally unexpected, I get this on my doorstep. A package from my dear friend Jenny, AKA: The Polka Dot Pixie. Goodness! A totally handcrafted OOAK sweet fairy made for me! And the little cutie traveled in this handmade box. Now, she added another layer of detail that most others wouldn't...this little fairy SMELLS as good as she looks!! All around her is a sweet bouquet of almond oil! I know I gush about peoples work often, and you can see from the pics that the gushing is warranted...but Jenny's stuff really is a marvel! She has some great hands for the tiny details. She will be HUGE one day! If she wants to be.
 I am just so honored to own this amazing creation!! Thank you SO SO much Jenny!! I LOVE her!!
Here are a few more pages for the polka dot fat book. They are now on their way to  Heather!  I can't wait to hold my first fat book! Very fun, and I'm sure to partake again in the future.
Silver Bella is almost full! And some of my favorite gals in all of blogland have let me know that they'll be attending! I know it seems like a long way off but if you plan on going sign up real soon before it fills up... and then you can put it in the back of your mind while you sweat through the hectic summer.
Ok, I mentioned the swap last post. I'm putting it together in full detail for next entry and that's when we'll do the official roll call. A lot of  eager swappers have already signed on and I've taken note. I think this'll be a great one that fits the season well. It doesn't involve shopping really and the packing and shipping will be ultra light. This is a simple project with a ton of impact and no matter what the artistic skill level I think a great result will be easily achieved. It's  a 9" x 12" canvas broken up into a grid of 3" squares...the rest is up to you...but like I said, all the details will be in the next entry.  So stay tuned swappers!
Well, I have a bunch of things to work on....I will be back tomorrow with swap info and some more eye candy!! See ya then!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. jenny, you guys crack me up with those tough guy poses. you don't fool me for one second, any of you! you paint PINK cupcakes for gods sake, aaron! tell me, how tough can you really be?! a big ol' softy i suspect. and the rest of your posse, the same i gather. just a big bunch of nice guys. that is my official assesment. I can wait to meet you miss jenny and rough and tumble boyfriend as well. i'll be the one who looks like a plain jane, but who (in secret) cusses like a sailor, and drinks up a storm! never judge a book, right?!

    tootles, cuties

  2. HI,
    Delurking to hopefully join in on some swap fun.
    Looking forward to participating in this swap if you can take another!

    BTW, I am missing the Jersey Shore this summer! Having moved to LA there are just some things you can not replace!

  3. Soooooo much eye candy here! love the photos from the wedding, and the new artwork and tags.  Can't get over how gorgeous that pixie is, what a talented woman!!!!

  4. OK, I feel almost officially back.  Those pics of all of you were great.  Has anyone ever told you how amazingly stunning you are?

    Missy's tattoos look like they hurt.  I'm a baby that way, want to get one, but the pain--not so much!

    I'm really excited about the Swap!  In you pictures I noticed some canvases with ribbon through them.  I do similiar stuff.  I'll have to show you.

    Alrighty, I'm off to get ready for work.  Not in the mood today to go, bad cramps!


    Sue :)

  5. Jenny! You guys look fantastic!!! What a gorgeous family!
    Love all your mailbox treats and the new designs are absolutely lovely! I am so glad you like the fairy too. :-)  (((((hugs))))))- Jenny

  6. I love your art. I ck everytime your blog is updated. You look amazingly like your Aunt Jackie..........

  7. At first I thought Aaron had joined the Sopranos and that they were burying a "stoolie" in the Jersey flatlands. But then, Whew!, was I EVER relieved to see that you all were on your way to wedding. What a lovely time and what a FAB crowd! You look lovely as usual, Miss Jenny :) Then as I scrolled down what a thrill it was to see more of your FAN "mail" and then your fat or is it phat book ready to roll. As always thanks for a pink and aqua and glittery "sunshine" for my day!
    XXOO, Beth

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Love love love your new series with the vintage wallpaper, rick rack and ruffles, totally think they are gonna be a big hit.
    I would love to be part of the swao as well sounds like fun.

  9. love the wedding photos, esp the guys in the "too cool..." pose, they look VERY cool. i love your fairy from Jenny, isn't she the best?? love your fat book pages, very pretty and sweet!! and your new art work is most beautiful!!

  10. You all look so beautiful at the wedding! You've been so busy! Everything looks great! Michelle

  11. Girl, you're about the luckiest person I know with all that mail love! I know; it's deserved. ;-) I really really love the new art Jenny. Great use of the wallpapers! You all look lovely dressed up for the wedding. Looking forward to the swap.

  12. Hi jen,okay , I'm not usually  one for tatoos, but I HAVE TO SEE your sisters! LOL! That vintage looking cowgirl is awesome!!! Tell her your conservative friend in Texas loves it, and its dying to see what else she has in tatts! LOL! Rosemary

  13. That Jenny is soooo talented! Love your little cupcake fairy! She suits you...  I can't believe she's giving away her trade secrets by telling others how she makes them - makes a great blog subject, but she has soooo much talent - if I were here, I'd be selfish and keep those secrets to myself!  Good for her, though.  Her fairies are absolutely ALL adorable!

    I love the pics of your family and that car of your sister's is fabulous!  You look gorgeous with a capital G, yourself!  Wish you had a full-length photo of your fab dress!

  14. count me in for the swap pleeeeease!

  15. OH MY! LOL I just realised, it just dawned on me that the girl in the paintings on your website, is a portrait of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
    Hope you're doing well Jenny, feel free to stop by my blog, I am having a little quickie swap!

    Natasha : )

  16. I've missed so many wonderful posts and wonderful art while I've been busy!!  But I just HAD to comment here and say:


    P.S.  how'd ya like that LOST season finale huh?? huh?? huh??  lol


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