Pups, papers, postcards and Peachez

It's good to shake things up every once in a while. What I find funny is just how little it takes to sorta turn my world inside out. This past week, me, Aaron and Carlos were ruled by something weighing probably less than three pounds. Jack, my sister's tiny Papillon pup, was in our charge for eight days while she gallivanted around Cali with my middle brother Jay. On the first day of babysitting Jack we were like "whoa...do you think we're even gonna be able to get work done or even sleep for the next seven days?" The whole time-to-take-the-dog-for-a-walk schedule was thrown off, as were our wake up and go to bed times. Little Jack brought his little habits and us three had to change ours. And the six hour wrestling matches between Carlos and Jack left us saying " alright already guys!....is it really that much fun to nibble on each other's faces all day?!"
  We have our safe and quiet little system for how our days and weeks go and this past week that system was defeated by a puppy! But I'm not complaining. As our days with Jack were drawing to a close we started to say "how in the world are we gonna give this little guy back? I think Missy is gonna have to go get a new dog." Because in truth, a little shake up in your schedule ends up being a good thing...and Jack is the cutest, sweetest little pup ever! He's good for a nap on your lap any time of  day and he's got those adorable seeing-the-world-for-the-first-time eyeballs that only puppies have. Well, anyway, Missy is now back and Jack is gone from our day to day. Carlos keeps watching the door in anticipation and it's such a little heartache. We told him, the three of us will have to soldier on without Jack. Just look at those two together!!
Ok, here are the tags I did for my pal Tammy . I made sure to work outside of my normal color palette and use some vintage wallpapers that had a summer feel, like beach bungalow sheets and the patterns of beach umbrellas. I love vintage Jersey shore postcards, especially the ones from motels with their technicolor shades and ideal shots of poolside fun and parking lots packed full with 50's cars. On one tag I used a vintage Wildwood postcard and I love  that the folks lounging in the sun are definitely NOT models...Tammy got a kick out of that too! 
A long time Everyday is a Holiday supporter and all around sweet gal made this impeccably crafted custom apron for me! Especially made for wearing while in the hands-full act of crafting...and not just crafting on any occasion...this was made for me to wear at Silver Bella!!  Suzy, who goes by Georgia Peachez, is a sewing sorceress!! First thing you notice is the quality, the sturdy, perfect stitching, and total flawlessness. Then you realize that ever color, pattern, and texture is perfectly chosen. She just knew what I love...stripes, polka dots, birds, aqua, rick rack, and just the right amount of silvery, beaded trim to subtly nod at  Silver Bella. You gotta go over to Suzy's blog! She's got a super fab studio space and amazing laptop bags!! Go and shop! I'm pretty sure she'll be opening an Etsy shop in the near future but for now you can check her out on eBay!
Swap update. I set up a Flickr  group/photo pool that all you swappers can go join. It would be cool to see some pics of bits and pieces in the pre assembly stage...because the journey is more important than the destination. But in truth, I'm more psyched for the destination...so when you guys ship and receive your finished collages you gotta post pics pronto! 
Today is Father's day and we're also celebrating our favorite nephew Adam's first birthday!! I'm working on his personal mini cake now so he can have a full hands-on experience when he digs in. We got him an adorable summer bathing suit outfit and a crazy loud singing guitar with all the characters from the Backyardigans on it! I think Adam is gonna love it but it may have enough volume and peppy vocals to drive his parents absolutely mad...sorry guys! Ok, I've got a kitchen to clean up and family to visit!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!! Happy Father's day to all of your favorite Dads!! xoxo Jenny


  1. Dear Jenny,
    thank you for such kind words!!  May this apron bring you lots of good crafting/creation karma!
    xxoo, suzy

  2. Jack is so cute!  I can see why it would be hard to give him back but I also certainly understand the disruption to the day!  Our dog will be 2 in Sept. and we have had her since she was 8 weeks - raising a puppy was quite a wake up call to me - who never had a dog before!

  3. Sewing sorceress describes Suzy to a T, Jenny! Everything I know about sewing I learned from my talented BFF!
    XXOO, Beth

  4. your tags are wonderful...that apron is to die for, loving it!!! cute doggies!!!

  5. Oh my aren't Carlos and Jack adorable!!! What playful and special little doggies, who seem to dearly love each other, too.  Is that your bed they're both in??? Jenny, your Vintage tags are gorgeous!!! I love them! Sallie (P.S. What did Missy think of California?)

  6. It's always such a visual treat to come visit here, Jenny. Totally satisfies my sweet tooth (AND there's no calories in cake art!) Suzy's apron is delightful, and so are your tags! SWEETNESS all around.

  7. Looooooooooove my tags, Jenny!  So super fun...let's swap again sometime soon...xoxo

  8. I have APRON ENVY!!!!

  9. The babies are adorable!!! (I do mean Carlos and Jack!)
    Love those tags, they are gorgeous and love the new colours too. It's fun to go outside the comfort zone sometimes isn't it!
    Great apron too you lucky girl!!

  10. Oh, those doggies are adorable, Jenny!!!  LOVE the tags!! Oh, and I'm nearly done with the pages for our fat book- just need some more glue sticks to glue the back on two pages!! :D

    SeasideRoseGarden (flickr)

  11. Hi Jen!  I have really enjoyed your Bits and Pieces swap.  I can't get enough swaps!!! I'm thinking of hosting an Art Doll Hat swap. If you might be interested, stop by and leave a comment. I'm trying to gauge interest.



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