Meet Charlotte!

Yesterday was Work In Progress Wednesday and so today is Thoroughly Through with painting it Thursday...yeah, it doesn't roll of the tongue as good but nonetheless...Meet Charlotte, the newest member of our Everyday is a Holiday family. We were so psyched to complete her! We've got about four all new paintings in progress and we totally wanted to finish Charlotte first. She's like the fulcrum of the new collection, the spokes model, the face. 
  With our new creations we're reaching back in time a little further, digging in Grandma's attic, peeling away the layers of aged wallpaper, getting cozy, and paying tribute to the treasures that twinkle among our domestic nest.
  We modeled Charlotte from our favorite little German porcelain dolls. We just love their middle of the road facial expressions and the stillness and quiet they exude. How loud could she get with that tiny tiny mouth?! Look at the detail shot of her dress and her little soldered prize ribbon won at her first piano recital! (that's German glass glitter adorning those painted rhinestones!) When sketching her we really couldn't decide on the perfect background pattern so we hand painted a torn mosaic of  florals, stripes, damask, and polka dots. It's an 11" x 14" painting and we reproduced her in that exact size to fit on a distressed mocha colored board. You may have noticed the wall color behind her and if you're keeping track then you know that these walls were Tan very recently. Yes, we painted and it's a whole new world over here...but that's an entire blog entry on it's own. I included a pic of this same mantel area, from last Christmas, just to show you the before and after. I can't wait to do Christmas against this new backdrop. Our Silver Bella projects for this year figured heavily into picking this exact wall color. When we hoosh things up a bit I'll take some new livingroom/diningroom pics so you get the full's a big change. Heck, a year ago the Tan was a big change. We kinda saw the Tan as a transitional color. It got us out of the all pink mode (9+ years of pink!) and now I think we've settled on a color we can live with for a loooong time. Aaron says: "it better be a loooong time."
  Anyway, this is Charlotte's debut...we hope you like her!!
The lovely Mary from Oh Merci was nice enough to nominate me as one of her Nice Matters Awardees. She beat me to the punch on that one because she's one of the absolute first that comes to mind when I think of nice bloggers. Well, I gotta pass on the niceties and name my nominees:
  If you stop by often then you know these names well! I really could go on and on but meaning diminishes when lists stretch out too long. I've said all this ad nauseam but blogland is so full of genuine kindness. Not fake "online kindness". When I think of the blogland friends I've made I know they're not figments of my online know, like the kid in 8th grade saying "I kissed a girl. She's my girlfriend, but she lives in Canada." Today's online friendships are like yesterday's "girlfriend in Canada" routine. Except here in our corner of blogland. We blur the line of online and offline. Heck, a lot of us will meet in the flesh at  Silver-Bella . And the tangible objects we trade through the mail show further how "real" our friendships are.  
Ok, back to work. I really hope to show you all a whole new painting early next week...but I'll be in touch before then, I made the pledge!
xoxo Jenny
*If you'd like to adopt a Charlotte of your very own, she is now listed here ! :)


  1. Jenny!
    Finally! I registered with AOL so I can comment on your blogs! WHOO-HOO!
    LOOOOVVVEEEE your doll painting. The colors are SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I cant wait to see more of your series!
    THANK YOU SOOOO much for nominating me for you Nice Award! You are such a sweetie pie!!!


  3. Jenny! I really adore this newest girly in your collection of beautiful artwork! Charlotte is a perfect name! I especially love the little details on the ribbon, her lacey collar and the awesome work on the wallpaper background! WOW!

    Also, Thanks so much for the Nice Matters Award! Fun! You are too kind girlfriend!


  4. Oh Jenny, she's darling!  Everything you do is so SO beautiful.  Such talent you have.  Thank you so much for the Nice award too.  

  5. I just can't get over the gorgeousness of Charlotte! She's so darn sweet and perfect! What a wonderful addition to your collection Jenny! I fell head over heels in love with her and will put her on top of my Christmas wish list in hope that one of my lovely family members is going to buy her for me!
    If only I could afford to come to Silver Bella and meet all of you fabulous artful blogging friends in flesh and participate in your wonderful classes I would! *sigh*
    Btw Jenny I know that you are a very busy bee, but I don't want you to miss out on the drawing that I have just announced on my blog:
    Hugs Carol xox

  6. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!! I think she is your best piece ever. LOVE IT to you would say:) hehe.

  7. Oh, Jenny!  Said it before and I'll say it again--I'm going to faint from how sweet Charlotte is!!!  I absolutely adore her and cannot wait to see what you and Aaron have up your sleeve in this new collection!  Everything about this piece is just perfect!!!  OOOH--and that new wall color???  Can't wait to see more!  xo-Mel

  8. Blog friends are just the best, aren't they?  They always "get it" and don't roll their eyes, or ask, "but what is it for" like other friends.  Your list of pals is a good one, all nice people.

    Charlotte looks like a nice girl too!

  9. What a sweet little girlie!  Thanks you for the award, couldn't have come from a nicer girl!!
    xo, suzy

  10. You are so talented!
    The painting is truly *lovely*

  11. I love this painting of Charlotte.  She is wonderful!!


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