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A good chunk of our work week over here is spent in the pursuit of supplies. For many reasons we are low quantity bulk, no surplus for us...we don't have the room for it! So we make a lot of trips for paint and glue and lumber. Sometimes all the running around is unpleasant but I'm sure the trips out of the house help a bit with breaking the work-from-home monotony. So today after we got our lumber we went over to have my dad cut it on his table saw. My little brother Walt was there sitting in his car. The real funny thing about this is that Walt won't get his license til 2008! A few weeks ago my dad bought Walt a 1987 Pontiac Firebird and it's RED. It's really a hilarious's got those louvers on the back window, headlights that wink, t-top roof! I am the furthest thing from a car person.(well that goes without saying...I don't drive!) But when I say I'm not a car person I mean Me and Aaron collectively are blind to the world of automobiles. If you ask us "what kind of car was he driving?" we'd answer " ummmm... blue." The year, make and models are mysteries. With one exception...both of us love old Trans Am's and the like! You know, muscle cars.  There's great tongue in cheek comedy in an old Trans Am. Images of mullets and mustaches come to mind. And I always thought it would be great for us drive one...being that they sort of represent all that we are not. We don't go fast, we don't rev engines, we don't care about cars! Anyway, what the heck am I getting at here?!  Oh, I was thinking about the work week and how getting out of the house is important for airing out the brain a bit. But I got side tracked by Walt, as always!
  Ok, what I meant to say right from the beginning of this post is that Flickr is an invaluable tool nowadays. There's no time to scour the antique shops, the library, the bookstore, the flower market, the farm stands, the shady search of inspiration. I always need to lay things out in front of me...a big collage of the current world that's inside my head. I need to see some luscious dahlias, pink balloons, typewriter keys, dollheads, birdcages...all at once. Enter...Flickr!!! Here's a couple mosaics of my most recent faves. Within a day or two I'll be able to post the latest thing we're working on and you'll see that these little snapshots were an integral part of the recipe. Not specifically speaking though, more overall feel and vibe. Anyway, Just wanted to share these and look what I went and did...I talked about Trans Ams!!! All apologies. Next post will include a new porcelain doll painting! See you then! 
xoox Jenny


  1. oooh! what a lovely flickr mosiac! you always find the best of the best on flickr! what inspiring stuff!!
    can't wait to see the next reveal! xo natalea

  2. When I was a little girl, I wanted to drive a Trans Am & be a hairdresser.  I'm glad to see I'm not the only with such a secret!  

  3. I love the favourites you put in the college and can't wait to see your new work


  4. You've sure got Flickr mastered!  Love your color combo, can't wait to see what this has inspired you and your Driver, Aaron, to create!  

  5. I think this is my favorite flickr diddy I've ever seen...especially the top one. I'm not a car person either. The other day Luke (12-yr-old) said, "look at that eclipse." It was daytime so I was looking up at the sky thinking.....we're not having a solar eclipse I would have surely known about that......Had no idea it was a car. Whatever.
    Pretty wallpaper in your previous post and you really lucked out with that Georgia Peachez swap partner. She is talented!

  6. Jenny, are you going to put cupcakes inside a bird cage????
    Please say that you are!!! LOL
    Flickr is wonderful for inspiration...sometimes too much so.  I seem to spend more time there than I should!!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  7. Oooh...LOVE all these pics. The vibe to them all is fabulous! Can't wait to see what you've come up with:)

  8. Porcelain dolls....I LOVE the sound of that!!!


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