There was a party in blogland.....oooh and a GIVE-AWAY!!

Me and Aaron have a habit of closing places...always we're the last ones at a restaurant while the wait staff gathers in a corner, rolling their eyes when we order dessert thus keeping them even longer. Always us and friends will be the last people sitting in the theater after the movie credits have long run out. Aaron and his pals once even over stayed the time limit at a wake!...In other words, we're those people who don't get out much and when we finally do, we get a little buzzed on sugar and conversation and stay out til 4am! So it's fitting that we'd be the last to join Artsy Mama's Artful Blogger Party. Kari is this great ball of creative energy bouncing around blogland, linking all of us together. She's always right on the pulse of all that's cool in art and life. So we wish we coulda joined the party earlier, but I think we had paint to elbows and were in no state to entertain or be entertained.  So at least we're showing up with a gift. This little 4 x 4 retro baking gal plaque is made from some favorite papers, vintage recipe book clippings, and a downsized print of our original painting of a gorgeous girl preparing a fresh batch of golden cupcakes. She goes to one lucky winner who posts a comment on this entry, with only one specification: I'd love to know what your favorite thing to bake is. I don't need a full recipe. I just love to here what people love bake. So that's it, just drop a little line with your fave baking project and make sure to leave me your email and or blog link. I'll put all the names in my favorite mixing bowl and pick one winner by Sunday night...and knowing me, probably LATE Sunday night! Well, anyway, Big thanks to Kari Artsymama for being so darn cool and for making our corner of blogland such a close knit community!! Go over to her blog now for an endless supply of all the links that count, the party continues!
lots of love to all of you lovelies!!!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Hey there! I'm the first! Think I'll be the last? haha. I have no business peeking at blogs (s'posed to be packing for our cruise!) but you know I love you and have to check in.  I love to bake lemon bars! mmmm-mm good!
    ps; Lovin' the halloween stuff! too cool!


  2. Oh Jenny, you're so sweet!

    I love to bake coffee cake! Yum. And apple crisp.  Happy Summer Jenny! xo

  3. Hi Jenny,

    My favourite things to bake are Marzipan Cake and tiny Jam tarts. Both are so pretty and can be served in cupcake papers. I just love making tiny delights.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what goodies you come up with for Halloween. I enjoyed the couple you showed in your last post.

    Have a Great Day

  4. HI, I have to say I love to bake just plain ole chocolate chip cookies. They are alway a crowd pleaser. Love your site. I'm new to the blog world,so stop by and see me.

  5. Oh I love it! So cute. We have always lived in old houses and the last 2 have had "wall ovens" and I call them Donna Reed ovens because you don't have to bend over and show your bum! They are much more lady like : )  

  6. ps- My blog is and my email is there on my profile. Thanks!!!

  7. I have been an admirer of your blog for a long time now and even linked to a few posts from my blog, but could never figure out how to comment through the AOL journal thing. I think I've got it now. :)

    I'd love to be entered in your drawing. My favorite things to bake are cookies. I have two favorite recipes: one is a chocolate chip cookie with pudding in the mix; the other is a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips.

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  8. Hi Jenny!
    Closing the place is a good thing!  I didn't know there was time limit at a wake!  My very most favorite thing to bake is Red Velvet Cake.  I get such a wonderful feeling of joy from putting together a layer cake - even though it can be a pain at times.  The results are always worth it!

  9. Ooooh lovely a gorgeous giveaway!  Well I am very lazy in the baking department, but I love to bake muffins and cupcakes.  But I cheat and use the packet mix!  I do take time to decorate with piped frosting (Betty Crocker from the jar of course, why would I make it if I can get that goooooooood stuff!!!)
    Thanks Jenny!!!
    Natasha xo

  10. scrapworking@gmail.comAugust 9, 2007 at 10:59 AM

    What a great party this has been!  I'm a regular to your blog, but it's my first time posting a comment (couldn't remember my AOL password, so I had to create a new ID)!  Love your work!   My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes and muffins - though pies come in a close second (or would that be third?)...any and all kinds.  This would be a perfect addition to my kitchen!  Love the colors... THANKS!

    scrapworking at gmail dot com

  11. i love to bake brownies and cookies for my kids. they never last more than a day, no matter how much i make :)


  12. My husband loves my oatmeal, chocolate chunk, heath bar  crumbles with dried cherries cookies!  And I love to bake for someone who appreciates it!  These cookies are too good, and my mixer motor has threatened to burn out more than once while mixing these up, but all it's all worth it!

  13. Oh how fun, Miss Jenny! I love this little baking gal! My favorite thing to bake is sugar cookies with my two girlies. And I have to admit, I prefer the "cheater" kind of sugar cookies that come in the tube because it means less mess and the little girls get to feel they've "made" every bit of them. But my favorite thing about making them is that the girls pick what color icing we'll make and what color sprinkles to put on top! We did this the other day and ended up with blue iced/red sprinkled cookies on one plate and green iced/red sprinkled cookies on the other. They weren't the most appetizing-looking little guys but oh were they YUMMY! So that's my little story, Sweet Miss Jenny! Hugs to you...cheryl :) xoxo

  14. bibanon1@gmail.comAugust 9, 2007 at 11:17 AM

    Oh, count me in!!!


  15. You know what they say, "Always late but worth the wait!" and this definitely rings true this time.
    My favorite thing to bake has to be red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They are simple, but so elegant-looking. If people have never had or seen red velvet before, they are always in shock at how beautiful a cake can be.


  16. I hope I'm not too late!!!! I would love to win anything you create! Please count me in....

    karin @

  17. Oops got so excited about winning something I forgot to add what I love to bake...... coconut cake with lemon filling!  Yummmmmm!

  18. Thanks for popping over to my blog, sweet Jenny.  :)  How lovely and GENEROUS of you to be giving your art to a lucky blog friend!!  Can't wait to see you in a couple months at silver bella.  

  19. Hey Jen, you and Aaron sound like us...last to arrive and the last to leave!
    But I'd like to think we are the life of the party!  :-)

    I missed the bloggy art party yesterday too!
    Oh well better late then never I guess!

    Right now I have pumpkin bread in the oven {we have guests coming this afternoon} Oh but Not just plain ole pumpkin bread... I added a crunchy topping with cinnamon and almonds!
    It smells yummy!
    Come on over...I'll save ya a piece!

    What's my favorite thing to bake.....ummmm lets seee.....
    I love anything baking in the oven...the aroma that fills the house...the anticipation of the first bite!

    I guess if I had to pick one favorite I'd say bread!
    Ohhhh the way it smells baking and the house smells soooo yummy...
    reminds me of my gramma house!
    Warm bread with butter melting down your arm....
    smothered with home made strawberry jam!
    Ok my mouth is watering now.

    I would love the chance to won a piece of your work!

    Hugz, Dolly
    from my CHERRY heart

  20. OH Jenny! I'd love to be included in this drawing!  And I do *LOVE* to bake!!!  That's why I have a double oven!  My favorite thing to bake is "Grandmother's Pound Cake" from the cookbook "A Taste of Oregon"   I blogged about this very recipe (I gave it out!) in my blog on May 22 (      

    What a party!  I'm still running from blog to blog, trying to meet all the fun, new bloggers who showed up!  

    Thanks for a chance to win one of your and Aaron's fabulous art pieces!

    Also, for any of your readers, I'm also having a *little* drawing on my blog, as well as giving out free brown-paper-bag-scrapbooks just for the asking!

  21. My favorite thing to bake - as you can probably guess Jenny! - is my banana cake with coconut cream cheese frosting!  Though I love baking and have several favorite and "signature" desserts, making that cake just makes me so happy - it's become a special recipe to me.  :)

    My e-mail addy:

    Talk to you later!


  22. bonnie@vestronic.netAugust 9, 2007 at 3:52 PM

    Hello Jenny
    I adore your blog. I found it through Kari's (artsymama's blog) for her artful blogger party. I have added you to my blogroll. I would love for you to enter me into the giveaway, it looks delightful, since I am a big fan of vintage and baking goodies! My favorite thing to bake..oooohhh hard one! so many! (giggle). I love to bake peanut-butter choc-chip and coconut cookies (yes all one recipe!) I have two small children so this is a fun one for them too! It makes about 70 cookies!! But I also like to bake a yogurt cheesecake, apple crumble, carrot cake and banana loaf!! Ok now that I have made myself hungry....I am going to go! I will be back to visit again for sure now that I can't loose your blog! Have a good day!! Bonnie from South Africa!

  23. Oh, let me see, I have so MANY favorite baking projects.  Mostly cakes.  Layer cakes with made-from-scratch buttercream frostings...oh yeah baby!  And frankly, there's nothing I like better than baking a cake on a Saturday, then having a slice, a big slice, with my coffee and the Sunday paper on Sunday morning.  Bliss, I tell you.  Pure baking bliss!  xoxo Tammy (

  24. Oh how sweet is your blog! Really love those cupcakes!!! At least you can't get a bigger behind from those.... LOL Maybe I should do something about my brownie addiction and get me one of those cute cupcakes!!  

  25. It's a toss up between Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies and Scones.  I guess Banana Bread is in there too.  Homemade bread make the house smell heavenly and so do cakes/cupcakes.  Yep...I'm a baker. :)

  26. My favorite thing to bake is Gooey Butter Cake. It has a ton of butter and powder sugar. It's ooey gooey good.
    Please enter me in your drawing. Sharon Yeager
    Thanks so much!!!!

  27. I love to "bake", and I have to use that word loosely, retro Jell-o recipes or from the Twinkie cookbook I got.  There's nothing better than Twinkie tiramisu or deep fried Twinkies!



  28. So glad you both could make it!!! Wouldn't be a party without you!

    Love your giveaway. Please put my name in the hat:)


  29. Hi Jen, we bake alot of brownies around here. We aren't too picky, they can be box mixes or homemade, as long as they are chocolate! LOL! Rosemary

  30. Well, let's see... I love to bake coconut custard pie ~ it's easy and oh, so yummy warm out of the oven. It even makes it's own crust. Can't get much easier than that. Also, no one else in my house eats it. So that means I get to enjoy a slice every day for a week. YUM!!! So delicious even when it is reheated in the micro.

  31. Ohhh, your plaque is so beautiful! Great job on the design. I love you blog. So wonderful!  Glad you participated in the party. I did as well. You can see my blog here (I have a give away too.)

  32. Oh, I am so glad I am not too late!  There were so many wonderful things to look at it took me awhile!  I love to bake chocolate chip cookies and french bread. A  really good day is when I get to make both!

  33. Goodies! I love goodies. My favorite recipe is the Barefoot Contessa's coconut cupcakes. I bake them in big cupcake tins - and I slather on thick vanilla frosting and add a cloud of coconut on top.

    Darlene Marie Anne

  34. Hi Jenny! My favorite thing to bake has to be Earl Gray Tea Bundt Cake! You make the world's strongest Earl Gray tea to mix into the batter which is cocoa-based, and bake in a pretty bundt pan. To serve I drizzle a bit of hot fudge over the top and spoon over some warm cherry filling. Yum! Otherwise, I love baking cupcakes of course! xo Natalea

  35. I love to, not so much! My favorite think to bake is glazed pumpkin bread. My Mom used to make them when I was a child and in huge batches, everyone would get one as a present. Now, that is what I make when I need holiday presents for teachers and friends. It reminds me of home and is absolutely delish!

  36. jetgreene@gmail.comAugust 10, 2007 at 10:14 AM

    Love your stuff! I come often but never leave a comment (I'm so bad, I know).
    I love to bake cakes from my Moosewood Desert Cookbook. They are just fabulous. They are everything that no one ever expects out of a cake in the most interesting flavors!
    Cheers, Jess

  37. I love to bake cupcakes.  especially ones piled high with frosting and lotsa coconut on top of that!  (lemony cake is the best).

    I love your products!

    Mary Calton

  38. I would love to be entered in your giveaway! What a fun baking gal!!

  39. OH, what a fun party you're involved with! I love your adorable 4X4! Please mix my name into your pink bowl! I love to bake chocolate brownies! Usually with chocolate chips! So fast and easy, and everyone loves me afterwards! Sallie (sjb2358@Hotmail)

  40. My favorite thing to bake is banana nut bread.  I love adding items whenever AI make it: peanuts, chocolate chips, raisins, etc.  I have never not liked the end result.  

    cindyforeyes AT earthlink <dot> net

  41. I love baking muffins, although I eat a lot of the mix before I put it in the pan. I also love baking brownies for one of my (new) favorites desserts. I'm not sure what it's called, but you crumple the brownies on the bottom, put chocolate pudding over that, sprinkle broken heath bar over that and top with cool whip. MMMM.......

  42. Love your plaque!! I like to bake alot of things. My absolute favorite to bake is cinnamon rolls. I'm trying to get the hang of making them like an old family friend use to. She put cream on her rolls before rolling them up. Everything in mine slides on out. It tastes good, it just doesn't look pretty.

  43. I love your baking gal!  My favorite things to bake are cakes and holiday cookies. I think Easter and Halloween are my favorite ones, such great cookie cutters!  Thanks for putting my name in.


  44. Hi Jenny, Oh boy, I always love a giveaway!  We just got back tonite from Paris, so FAB!  The bakeries just blow you away!  They had these huge meringe cookies that reminded me of my grandmother's divinity.  Yummy, I haven't thought about that in years so now I am going to have to pull that recipe from my beautiful receipe box and make it.  A true southern classic! xoxo, suzy

  45. Ooops....forgot to tell you what I most like to bake.


  46. Just love your blog!!  It is a part of my daily inject so much enthusiasm in all you do!!  You inspired my cupcake fairy that I created...check it out on my blog site or on my etsy.  My favorite thing to bake is a delicious Raspberry filled cake with Lemon Buttercream kids and my nephews love this one and it is so pretty!! Maybe I should make a fairy in honor of it or a painting (hehe!) Thanks so much for brightening my day. Sandra from

  47. My favorite thing to bake is a triple chocolate brownie.  But what I bake most often are cupcakes.  I'm a freak when it comes to cupcakes.  I love to collect the paper cupholders... and decorations for the top of the cupcake.  I love giving cupcakes as special gifts fully loaded with toppings... and people just love receiving these tiny little treats.

    Have a super weekend... and oh..................pick me!!!!!!

  48. My favorite thing to bake is brownies. A double batch with chocolate frosting on the top when they are cooled. YUM!!
    Did the bakery that Aaron did the mural for open yet? I am so excited to go visit it!
    You can visit my blog at:
    HUGS, Mary

  49. I love to bake crisps!  Apple crisp, peach crisp, blackberry crisp!  Mmm, so good warm with ice cream and so good cold the next day!  By the way, this is not my account, it is my husband's so my blog is at:

  50. My favorite thing to I mean bake is Christmas cookies...all kinds...yum!

  51. Jenny,
    This is a delightful plaque and such a generous give-away! My mom tells me she once had a kitchen with pink appliances too...wouldn't you just love it!? My favorite thing to bake is chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake. I made it one year for dessert at Christmas and it's been a tradition ever since. Yum!

    Happy baking and creating!


  52. Oh please put my name into your mixing bowl for the drawing.  I hope I am not too late.  Kari's blogging party was such fun and I am still trying to make my way around to all the other posts.

  53. caroleboatright@msn.comAugust 12, 2007 at 5:38 PM

    Ok Jenny, I'm feeling lucky today!  I love to cook, but not much of a baker.  Love to eat what others bake.  However, it's 103 degrees in Dallas today, and my oldest daughter wanted to bake today since we're stuck inside.  So. we're making some bananna chocolate chip monkey bread this afternoon!  Carole

  54. You don't really "bake" chocolate covered cherries, but it's now one of my favorite things to bake.  I did a blog post on it not too long ago.  I made them for my husband for our anniversary. He is deployed with the military, and I sent him with a good helping upon departure.  I recently received an e-mail from him overseas on how much they have enjoyed the cherry cordials.  They are so theraputic to make -- rolling the fondant, dipping the chocolate, such sweet balls of goodness!  Even the baby managed to get his hands in the choclate while I had my head turned.  You have to try it sometime if you're even remotely interested in cherries.  The best part of all is knowing how much they were enjoyed by some guys who were really in need of a "piece of home" while so far away.  Thanks for letting me share my little baking memory and for sharing such sweet snippets of your life!

    All the best,


  55. Here's my favorite thing to bake! Always a hit.

    White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake

    Lois /

  56. Oooh please enter me in your drawing! And then go enter mine!
    ~Cerri xoxo


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