One year blogiversary!!!

(sorry this posting got up so late in the day! we had a lightning storm and power outage over here and I lost my file in the middle and had to retrace my steps!!)
So it was exactly a year ago when I made my initial entry into the world of blogging. And by no means was it a felicitous act. I'd say my motivation leaned more in the direction of desperation. I was home alone, Aaron was in the city at his weekly department meeting (this was Aaron's first "side gig" since we were together...a copy writing job at an urban clothing company hah!), and as is always the case when I'm home alone, I was a nervous wreck. Walking from room to room. Starting tasks, setting them aside and picking up another. When I'd sit I'd never lean back, my butt would only occupy the front four inches of a chair. I'd lean forward, elbows on knees and wait for calamity, doom and devastation. In the morning I'd get three calls from Aaron. The first when he got on the train. The second when he got off. And the third when he arrived at the office. Then we'd exchange bursts of IM's throughout the day but in the between times I was a wreck.
  I had work to do and that was good but it wasn't enough. Working from home can feel like working on a space station, vacuum sealed, isolated and cramped. There was just me and my racing mind. From time to time I'd sit down to the pc and visit my 'first favorite' and 'still to this day favorite' blogs: Posie Gets Cozyinspireco and My Minutia. They were more tangible than the typical media escapes. Unlike Lifetime movies, the Sci Fi channel, or magazines, these were real people doing real stuff in real time. And I knew exactly where they were coming from. They hailed from the land of creative expression. I was sitting, well mostly standing or pacing, in my apartment which was brimming with artful stuff and I thought it was stuff that other people like me would probably like to see. So that was it. Technologically challenged or not...I was starting a blog.
  I remember making my first post and emailing Aaron the link so he could look it over for me and let me know if I'd failed miserably. I think it's significant that he was in the city that day. If he was home we'd have been working together and I probably wouldn't have felt the undying need to communicate to someone, somewhere, outside of my tiny apartment. And there's more to it than that. Last year, about two months prior to my first blog entry, I had a major panic attack. It was complete with all the symptoms of a stroke. My speech was slurred, vision blurred, one side of my face and one arm went numb, I couldn't remember Aaron's name, my name, or anybody's name. I had trouble catching my breath and I knew I needed to call for help but I didn't know any numbers or who I'd call anyway. Aaron was at the gym but I wasn't really aware of that at the time. I only knew I was alone. I picked up a phone and scrolled through the caller ID looking for anything familiar and I came upon Aaron's last name which looked semi familiar, and hit dial. It was Aaron's mom and I frightened the heck out of her. She calmed me down, called Aaron on his cell and later we went to the emergency room for tests.
  It turns out that it wasn't just anxiety though they assured me that I didn't have a stroke. I have a not uncommon heart condition called mitral valve prolapse. It can actually cause heightened anxiety and panic due to a short-of-breath/ skipping heart beat sensation. It directly elicits all the 'fight or flight' functions of the body. Treatment is rendered with exercise, less caffeine, and anxiety medication. And in my case, some regular trips to a psychologist were very necessary.   
  In a way, this blog is doctor prescribed. My therapist, whom I only refer to as "my lady", sized me up instantly and knew I needed some outlets. I needed to communicate with more people, get out more, and I needed to do more artwork that was for me. She actually made me commit to twenty minutes of "for myself crafting" at least once a week. It was strange. I really wasn't doing any art for art's sake. I felt unworthy. I'd sit down, lay out the supplies, and then I'd get nervous and walk away. The last time I saw "my lady" I kinda hinted to her that I may not be making any mental progress. She smirked at me, flipped back to last year's notes and said, "A year ago today I wanted youto craft for twenty minutes a week. " It's funny in retrospect. I mean, by no means am I now a social butterfly but the phrase "leaps and bounds" doesn't even come close to describing my progress. I am in touch with you guys on a daily basis! I do tons of art for art's sake (though not nearly enough.), I'm going to be instructing at Silver Bella, which will also include my first ever airplane flight! I finish projects faster, photograph them and show them to you guys...I get down with tons of swaps. And most importantly, in all of this I've become someone that others can and do rely on. That was a big issue for me and still is.
  I'm plagued with the feeling that I'm going to fail everyone. This is not meant to be an excuse, but when I get emails...kind, generous emails from dear friends, I have a lot of trouble writing back and often put it off for ages. I feel that I have to send back ten paragraphs. I'd love to send back ten paragraphs because that's how much I want to say! But since I just can't seem to pull it off I send back nothing! It's terrible. Aaron tells me to write back right away, at least a few sentences. And I just can't. It's this weird "all or nothing" thing I got going on. And this blog, it's a challenge. Some days I'll feel like "ah, who cares anyway, maybe I'll just fade away into oblivion again." But then I reacquaint myself with why I got involved in the first place and I'm fired up again! I one by one click through all of my favorite blogs. I read comments, gobble up some eye candy on Flickr, and jump back into the fray!
  Blogging and the online life represent for me a slow rebirth into the game, or the business. Me and Aaron worked as professional artists right out of highschool. We started with painting antique reproduction furniture, murals, faux finishes, all that stuff. We were working with designers all over the place and we were so "young brained" that we took on any challenge without second guessing it. Then we started a handpainted furniture and home accessories line, sold to stores all over, opened our own store, got in national decor magazines like every other month, did the Gift Show at the Javits center in New York, sold to tons more stores, and pretty much we didn't stop moving for years. Our early and mid twenty's are a complete blur and a faded memory. We were not stopping to smell any roses. There were too many longdays and sleepless nights. We were really spreading ourselves thin so we had to close the retail shop so we could fully focus on the wholesale end of things. And then, like in VH1 Behind the Music, it all came to a crashing halt. Aaron was in a so close to fatal car crash that smashed him to bits physically and turned me to mental oatmeal, or I prefer rice pudding. His recovery was slow and arduous. I think he had a total of six surgeries and three of those were on the same part of his leg and spread out over a couple years. So his recovery time spanned three years and in that time he was capable of no great physical feat. I remember he tried to get heavy into murals again and it was during a month of standing on scaffolding that he all of the sudden required a cane again and after some x-rays we found out that the healing process pretty much reversed and he'd need another reconstruction (which also failed eight months later and he required yet another, this time MAJOR reconstruction!) Well, all of this leads to us working from home on small, lightweight art, which is all Aaron was capable of in his recovery time. So necessity brought us to the internet and we are here to stay!
   So this Blogiversary means a lot to me. It's totally not an " oh's been a year already?" For me it represents growth and documented progress. I feel like I have a lot of years that melted together. Anytime you or someone close to goes through endless medical trials, the days, weeks, and months all become the same and all you can think of is that day in the distant future when all of this will be behind you. Well I don't know if I've come to that day yet but I've come to this day. And I can pore over the archives and see that I accomplished some things over the past 365 days. I'm sorry this is such a long post but I think I needed to put it all out there and let you guys know how important you all are to me and that this is no hobby or passing fad. This is real, the links on the right are real, and the chain of real people doing real stuff goes on and on. I'm honored to be a link in that chain.
Ok, now as a thank you for all of your continued support I want to do a giveaway! I'll pick one of your comments at random and the winner gets their choice of :  one paper doll ornament, and any two of the 4x4's below! I know leaving a comment on an AOL blog can be an involved process but please join in if you haven't before. Once you've done it once it's super simple in the future. I'll pick a name on Sunday the 16th. And please remember to put a link to your blog if you have one, and/or email...that way others can come visit you. So please leave a comment and come Sunday one of you can take your three picks from the stuff below!

Thank you all so so much for your kindness, support, and love!
You have no idea how much it means to me!
big big hugs!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Big hugs right back to you, sweet Jenny.  Congratulations on your progress in so many ways.  Sending you lots of great wishes and love.  I want that give-away!


  2. Wow, Jenny! I knew a little of your "story" but not all of it.  You and Aaron have been through quite a bit, yet your art tells a different story.  Instead of being "dark" your art is enlightening, uplifting, and inspiring...and just plain fun!  Thank you for sharing your last year with us, and in story-the time BB.  (Before Blog)  Congratulations on your one year blogiversary, you (& Aaron) rock!  


  3. Congratulations Jenny!  
    Your art, enthusiasm, honesty and openness are inspiring,
    Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself with all of us!

  4. OH Jenny!!!!  

    Happy, happy blog-iversary to you--and Aaron!!!  We're the lucky ones!!  Your blog is such a bright, fun-filled and most inspiring place to visit and you're just the sweetest gal around!!!!!  xo-Mel

  5. Jenny,

    I knew I loved you from day 1!! Thank you for sharing your life with us. It has helped me heal in sooo many ways, just to know you!! (and to swap with you!! hee hee)

    Thank you for being here. You truly are an inspiration to so many people by just being yourself!!

    Here's a big hug and a kiss on the cheek from me!! ;0)



  6. Hi Jenny!
    My favorite thing to bake is Apple Strudel! It's a paper thin pastry that you stretch by hand across the biggest table you can find...then you schmear the pastry with melted creamy butter, and then fill it with layers of thinly sliced apples,raisins, walnuts, cinnamon,sugar and french bread bread crumbs....then you roll it all up like a snake with a belly full of apple pie, and bake it in the oven til crisp...served hot out of the oven with cold tapioca is like heaven...the BEST part?...the total creative process and actually "feeling" the pastry slide over the tops of your hand when you stretch the dough...feels like baby's skin...and as an artist, using your hands like that makes it taste even better! I'll send you the recipe for your blog if you'd's the quintessential fall dessert to prepare for a group of friends!
    Please enter me in your contest!
    Lotsa Love,

  7. Jenny, That was such a heart felt blog entry and it was so special to be able to share a bit or yours and Aaron's life. Happy 1st  Anniversary.  You know when I had to switch over to flickr, it was your pictures that started my need for a flickr fix every day. Then after seeing all the fantastic art reading all the wonderful blogs I finally started my own. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.


  8. Hi Jenny & Aaron!
    I want to wish you a very happy Blog Birthday!  Thank you for sharing your story with us.  Your art is amazing and is such an inspiration to all of us in blogland....  I can't wait to meet you both at Silver Bella and am sooooooo excited beyond belief to be in one of your classes!!!  

    Looking forward to many more years of wonderful eye candy and posts from you guys!


  9. Jenny,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful art and self with us.......  As someone who has experience with panic&anxiety, I know how paralyzing it can be (mentally, physically, literally.....)
    What a positive way you have dealt with your life experiences, to create such beautiful and happy art.
    Blessings to you!!

  10. Happy Blogiversary; glad that you got into blogging.  I enjoy your posts and your art very much.  I know which 2 of the 4x4's I would pick if I win your give-away!  Thanks for sharing!


  11. Happy Anniversary!  I love your blog and you have really touched my life in more ways than you can ever know.  Thanks for opening up and sharing your life journey with all of us!  My blog is

  12. Wow! 1 whole year! I was inspired by Posie Gets Cozy also. She's a crafting genius. And so are you, quite frankly. I wish the photos on Etsy could do more justice to your art--I had no idea how detailed and sparkly and fabulous your art is up close. I love you even more now that I saw everything all BIG!
    Thanks for checking into my Flickr...I love comments.

  13. Happy Birthday Blog!  You and I have a lot in common...
    We share the same birthday!!  We both love SWEET look at and to eat! We both love pink!  We both love vintage things!  And we both think everyday IS a holiday...You inspire make me laugh...and you make me ooh and ahh with every new post of treasure...

    Happy Happy Birthday!  I look forward to the next year of your bloggy beauty!

  14. Congratulations!!! I love your work!

  15. HI Jenny, Wow, your first blog entry was a momentous event!  It is wonderful therapy for sure.  Boy, if I won your give-away it would be tough to pick from all the lovelies!  You are as ever, so generous and nice!!  xo, suzy

  16. Feliz Cumpleanos!! Happy Blogiversary!! You guys have been such as wonderful addition to our crafty-worldwide community, we just LOVE ya! Such a daily inspiration!

    Hugs and congrats from sunny Florida!

    ~ mabelle

  17. Jenny--Thank you for sharing your blogging story with us as well as your creativity!  I so enjoy checking in on your blog!


  18. Jenny and Aaron, Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing so much aobut your lives and the daily goings on, it's people like you who help the rest of us not throw in the towel either! Your both inspirations and mentors to a lot more people than you know! Thanks for your chain of blog support and cheers to another year! You are the best!!! Amy

  19. My one year anniversary was in July, and I thought you'd been online much longer -- everything here is so nicely done and presented so well!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have wrestled with anxiety, too, and it helps one to know that others have wrestled with it and dealt with it.

    Congratulations on this momentous occasion!

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  20. Happy One year to you.............

    I went and read your first post.  
    love your art work and your blog....


  21. I am new to your your art pieces and your ramblings.

  22. Jenny * Aaron.. Congratulations of your blog-o-versary and the healing and growth it has brought the both of you. I am thankful that we have found each other and look forward to many more years of sharing inspiration and art! Hugs

  23. Jenny,

    First and foremost, CONGRATS on your one year anniversary! YEAHHH!!!!!!!

    I want you to know that it was YOU who introduced me to the blogging world. YOUR blog was the FIRST I ever laid eyes on! :)  I had NO clue what a blog was until I purchased some of your artwork. You kept persuading me to join Flickr and start my own blog. MANY months later I jumped on the bandwagon. I am soo glad I did. Just like you, I am home all the time, and to read and share with other fabulous bloggers (like YOU!) I am so grateful. I have made sooo many wonderful friends thru the blogging community, and I owe it all to "you" for giving me that little push!

    It sounds like this has been very therapeutic for you.  You and and Aaron have a long history together, with it's up's and down's and it's MANY successes! You've come a long way and we are all PROUD!!!!
    Thank you for being a WONDERFUL blogging gal pal! I just adore you and cant WAIT to meet you in person at Silver Bella!!!

  24. Happy Blogiversary!!
    It's because of you that now, I too, have a blog.  You probably don't remember even contacting me about an art doll/bear I had up for auction on eBay.  You asked if I had a blog.  I thought, what the heck is a blog?!!!  I've been enjoying reading your blog and those of others ever since. Now I can't imagine a life without my own blog and blogging around the universe!!!  So, thank you and happy blogiversary to you!!!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta  

  25. Happy Blogiversary!!
    It's because of you that now, I too, have a blog.  You probably don't remember even contacting me about an art doll/bear I had up for auction on eBay.  You asked if I had a blog.  I thought, what the heck is a blog?!!!  I've been enjoying reading your blog and those of others ever since. Now I can't imagine a life without my own blog and blogging around the universe!!!  So, thank you and happy blogiversary to you!!!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta  

  26. Happy Blog-a-versary!  Jenny and Aaron, I fell in love with you art when I discovered it last Christmas.  Bought  myself a recipe box as a Christmas present.  This year, I have so enjoyed reading your blog to see what's going on with you guys.  The art just keeps getting better and better--love the new pieces.  I ordered the "Well Read Raven" and just can't wait to get my hands on it!  Oh, hope I'm lucky enough to win the giveaway--what a great prize it would be!

    carole  at

  27. Jenny,
    Congratulations on your blogiversary. After reading all you've gone through this year and before I feel even more in AWE of you (& Aaron) for all you have and still accomplish. I love your blog, all the pink and glitter. And even though my blog is so shabby compared to yours, you do inspire me to keep going with it, for the same reasons you mentioned. To connect with others and for another outlet beside my 10 year old. Keep up the good work and chill out girl! We all love you to pieces!!!! Mary

  28. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary!  What a wonderful testimony to perserverance and overcoming adversity!  I was truly inspired by your story.  I love your work and enjoy visiting your blog often, I never fail to find inspiration.  I am a new blogger myself and I look forward to some milestones myself.  Keep up the good work!  You may visit me at:  

  29. Congrats once again for this anniversary, its an awesome story to tell us!

  30. Oh Jenny,
    Thank goodness you have created this blog!!! You truly are an inspiration to so many people, I love your and Aaron's work so much!!!  Thank you for sharing your life with us and you should be so proud of your achievements this year.  You've done so much in such a short time and I'm proud of you girl!!! xoxoxox

    PS. OOOOh the prize is mine!!! Randomly pick me!!!!

    Natasha xoxo

  31. Congratulations on your one year anniversary.  Love reading your blog and I keep up with it regularly.  Your artwork is absolutely beautiful!

  32. Jenny,

    Happy blogiversary!  Your blog was the first blog that I had ever read and I loved it.  It is still in my list of favorites.  I love your and Aaron's artwork, everything is so cheerful, it makes me smile.  Please keep blogging, I miss you when I don't hear from you.


  33. Hey Jenny!  Congrats on (and thanks for) a year of blogging!  It's interesting to read that you have mitral valve prolapse, as I was diagnosed with that at age 13 (stemmed from undiagnosed hypothyroidism).  I know exactly how that shortness-of-breath, rapid heartbeat thing feels - it's awful!  Anyway, glad that you've been able to find an outlet through the blog - I enjoy reading it a lot, so it is a great reciprocal relationship.  :)  Take care, and I look forward to seeing your newest designs soon!  Amanda Moore

  34. Oooh, a giveaway!!  Happy blogiversary!  What an event!

  35. Congratulations Jenny!!  I thought of you often this summer while at the Jersey Shore.  I kept looking at all the shops and wondered exactly where you might be.  My girls love your art.  It's always yummy!

  36. Happy Blogiversary Jenny!  I remember you as my first 'Celebrity' commentor.  Thanks for sharing your story.  You're so sweet, you DO make Every Day  a Holiday! xo pamkittymorning

  37. Jenny,
    Just a quick comment to wish you a Happy Blogiversary.  Thank you for choosing to create happy, joyful artwork.  Your blog is a delight.  Many thanks.  Kindly, Chocolate Letters

  38. Happy Anniversary, you talented chica! LOVE your work!!!
    Suzi Finer

  39. Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary, such an exciting time and the world is a whole lot nicer for your blogging as there are so many nice things to look at here especially your darling little 4x4 cake series. Very yummy

    pearl maple  australia

  40. Congrats Jenny!

    Cool pictures and blog!

    I've been blogging for just a few months. Hopefully, I'll make it to my one-year anniversary. :)


    <a href="">Adam's Heart Valve Surgery Blog</a>

  41. Hi Jenny!
    Happy Blog Birthday! What a story. So glad you are here in blogland. You continue to be such a wealth of inspiration. Thanks for all the positive blogging mojo. Cheers!

  42. Hi Jenny! I must have stumbled onto your blog shortly after you started it - I've been reading for awhile. I would have never known you were new to it! Love all the pictures. Congrats on a great blog.


  43. I've been reading (lurking) your blog for a while and find it so fun....and you are so talented.  Here's to another year!
    -Lolly (

  44. oh Jenny! what a sweet post! You are an inspiration!
    So nice of you to share your process - and to recognize that process is such great progress!
    I know that this world world of crafty/sharing/ blogging has helped me so much too. I was talking to "my lady" just yesterday and was explaining how helpful it is for me to have a place to bask in creativity- my own as well as others! It's so theraputic.
    I'm so glad to hear what it does for you on such a meaningful level. The "deep stuff" is what makes it so sincere.
    Never feel that you aren't keeping up with people or things! Everyone in this little (big) blog world feels the same way and understands that "it is what it is"! Give what you need and take as much in as you can! "That's what it's all about!!" (that was meant to be read to the tune of the hokey-pokey by the way!)
    Keep it real creative lady!
    We're all here to bounce off one another!
    xo natalea

  45. Ohhhh you've inspired us over the last year.  Thanks for being there as we opened our cafe.  Your talented artwork (Aaron's too) has graced our cafe and homes.  Thanks again for starting your blog....I am totally addicted.  I check it everyday when I check my e-mails.  

    Keep up the good work.  Isn't it amazing how writing and connecting can be good therapy for the soul!!!!

    Here's to the next may years.  Can't wait to meet the inspiration behind it all at Silver Bella.


  46. Jenny.... Thank you for sharing your story, and CONGRATS!  I would have thought you had been blogging for a decade.  Your work is delightful, and I would be SOOOO pleased if I was the lucky winner of your drawing!
    -Amy B

  47. Your story is so encouraging, Jenny!  Thanks so much for being vulnerable and sharing it with us!
    Bless you!
    Kathleen from Flickr (kayork)

  48. Congratulations on your blogiversary!  I can very much relate to your panic and anxiety.  I am exactly the same way.  It has kept me from many social situations though I am much better now.  I work in public affairs - which still amazes me!  I wish you many, many, many more years of blogging and artisitic success!

  49. Hi Miss Jenny, congrads on the one year anniversary of your blog ;) Yours is one of the first ones i ever found, and have enjoyed it emmensly! Rosemary in texas ;)

  50. WHOOOOHOOOOO.... Congrads on being here for one whole year Jen and Aaron!
    I have loved every minute of it!
    Your posts are my daily dose of happiness!
    My little bit of sunshine!!!!!   :-)

    You sweet cherry cuppycakes would look right at home in my cherry kitchen!!!!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Luvs ya,
    Hugz, Dolly

  51. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt missive.  I understand the part about wanting to write so much that it becomes overwhelming, and it's easier to do nothing. Sometimes creating works that way for me too....just get up and walk away.....and commenting? hard to do sometimes.... But look at you, you've done it! And are successful at it too! Your art is so clear, so true, and it's yours.  We are your boosters, your fanclub, and our support is always there for you. Carolr

  52. Wow - You are totally amazing!  I am so glad I found your blog.  I love your art - always have been a fan of vintage.  


  53. i don't remember how i found your blog, but i am so glad that i did. i am continually inspired by your pink art :) i love all the great links and looking at all your beautiful eye candy. thanks for letting us into your world. here's to another great year!

  54.  Jenny!!!
      You were one of the first people to comment on my blog way back when!!  I was glad to "meet" you back then, and I will be so happy to me you and Aaron in person at Silver Bella!!!  Natalie

  55. This is my first visit to your blog. WOW! You have amazing talent! Love, love your work! The world needs more beauty, thanks for supplying it.

  56. Amazing what one can accomplish in a year's time isn't it?  I discovered your blog from my sister....and fell in love with all your creations.  I like to come back here and look at all your goodies because that makes me feel good.  Almost like a visit back home......reminiscing at its best......very vintage.  SO I suppose in part it is because I am selfish and I now require an occasional "fix" from you.  

    Your honesty in this post was extremely moving.  I had no idea Aaron had been in a bad car accident.  I do work from home and totally understand how isolated you can feel.  I have an 8-1/2-year-old son with autism whom I had been homeschooling as well as working from we were very isolated.  He is trying a public school setting again this year so now I find myself sitting here at home.....with plenty of time to work full time.......but for some reason I cannot concentrate very long for any one period of time to get the work done.  Without my son here or nearby in his SYNC is all out of whack.  I know it will be a period of adjustment and eventually I will do much better.  

    I wish you the best for the upcoming fall and winter seasons!


    I have many blogs......but not sure any would be of interest.  I have one for my son ....a diary of sorts.......and a personal one and one for my photography and poetry.   I LOVE to craft and do so many different types of art.......but just have had little time to devote to anything like that I find my soul gets replenished by frequenting blogs such as yours!

    My poetry blog is:

    My diary to my son is:

    My personal blog is:

    AND my photography blog is:

    (my comment was too long so I had to edit it!) ha

  57. Love all your art!!! Congrats on 1 year!!!!

  58. wow!!!!

    I just found you blog during my lunch break and I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!!!! Congrats on your blogging year.....and here is to the next one!!

  59. Really enjoyed your reads, pictures and spirit! I shall return as I have put you on my alerts - Love to see new journals go up (Most Commented) to read! Hope your Today has been good to you, Take care and have fun!

  60. I love your journal. It is so cute. I just came across it today and will be back again.

  61. First off, congratulations on your one year blogiversary!
    Secondly, WOW. This is so real, I almost feel like I'm intruding by reading it. Thanks for being so honest, so raw, and so real... I think that that's why so many ppl keep coming back to read your blog (well... that AND the gorgeous art you create!).
    You are so talented, it's such a treat to come by  your blog and see what you've been up to.

  62. Happy Blog Anniversary Day!!!!   Enjoy your blog, check it every morning with my trusty Diet Pepsi in hand while my "little guy" watches the Doodlebops.   I wanted to thank you also because I am the OTHER LUCKY GIRL with the ticket to SILVER BELLA from Sharon McGinn!!!!   I checked your blog the night before my birthday and sent her and email ASAP, all the while thinking the ticket was already gone!  It was a great early B-Day present!  Thank you again!  You are a Sweetie!!

  63. Jenny
    I check in with you everday and always enjoy your latest creations.  I have yet to join the blogging community, but feel a part of it as I read everyone's posts each day.  Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  64. Hi Jenny!

    What a talent you have!!!
    I've been meaning to leave you a comment for a long time.
    Your paintings are so beautiful! Especially the pretty blonde gal at the top! :)

    See ya~ Dara

  65. I just came across your journal and have to say that I just love all of your creations. I do not have a blog of my own. But I will definitely be back to check on you, :P

    happy anniversary

  66. Happy Blogiversary Jenny!!!!!  :O)

    I think you are awesome, and I am so glad I found your blog!  I did finally sign up with AOL so I could comment (ok, so winning a prize was a good motivation, heehee)  
    I love your blog, you are such an inspiration!

    Hope I'm not too late to enter the contest!

    Have a great day!  :O)

  67. Hi Jenny!
    Congratulations on your 1 year Blogiversary!!!!! This year I've admired your blog (always perfect), your gorgeous artwork, and your contagious enthusiasm just immensely! When I think of a perfect blog, I think of yours. The 2 swaps you hosted were so much fun, and just life changing! Who knew so much learning and doing could go on in blogland? And you started it! I'm sorry for the tragic and painful times you and Aaron have been through. You have overcome so much, and been such a light and inspiration to all of us. Here's to many more blogiversaries! (You are the greatest, BTW!) Sallie

  68. Love the first image (of you). It's just so real, beautiful and mesmerizing. After reading for all this year, and now, your latest, I know that the beauty we see is even more so on the inside.... Carolr

  69. congratulation's! I have enjoyed every one of your posts and feel like I know you! I can't wait to meet you and take your class in November! Here's to many more years of inspiration!!!

  70. Baking is so much fun! It is my passion really...
    Everytime I see your cupcake paintings, I want to start baking in instant!

    HAPPY & GLORIOUS blogversary to you!!!


  71. Soooooo Sweet! Happy 1 year!
    Your items are delightful and always bring a smile!


  72. Jenny:

    I tried to register 10 times the other day and I kept getting rejected. But now - I'm in - Yipeeeee!

    I love your ART!!!!!! You and Aaron are so talented.

    Here's hoping that I get picked for one of your prizes. Happy Blog Anniversary!!!!!

    Best, Darlene

  73. Jenny-poo!!!!  Thank you for sharing this candid slice of your life with us.  I feel unworthy!  Happy, happy blogiversary, and happy, happy everything to you.  Sending you big, frosted, sugar-sprinkled hugs.  xoxotammy

  74. Jenny, You have no idea how you have touched me with this post.  Your blog was my introduction into blogging.  I had your Ebay site on my favorite's list and when I saw your link to your blog...well...the rest is history.  I'm glad you are here and when you have a new blog entry it is always a little "holiday" for me!  

  75. Wow, finally got in. Congratulations and thanks for the give-away. I just received my order of an ornament for my daughter whose dream is to open a vegan bakery. Love your work. Thanks, Karen

  76. Happy anniversary!!!!!!
    can't wait to see ya at silver bella!
    jessi nagy

  77. Reading your story and learning about the obstacles you've endured (both of you) makes me appreciate your art even more. Congratulations on all you've overcome and thank you for sharing your art and your talent with us. Would I love to be picked for this blog candy-you bet! Joyce

  78. Hi- This is my first comment on your wonderful site but I've been visiting for awhile now. You're not kidding about it being tricky to leave comments- it just took 15 mins just to sign in!  But it's worth it just for the chance to win some of your beautiful work!  I've never entered a blog giveaway before so I'm hoping for some beginners luck!
    Thanks, Roxanne

  79. What a personal, heartfelt, and articulate post!  See...this is why we all love're honest and authentic and funny and incredibly talented and strong!  Congratulations on a most courageous and powerfully productive year!  We are all so very blessed that you are in this world.

  80. Happy Blogiversary to you!!!  Isn't it amazing how fast the time flies?  I always enjoy reading your blog and gazing at your wonderfully creative works of art!  Looking forward to another year of inspiration! Thanks!!

  81. Well, I for one agree with Aaron. Write back a few sentences, it's ok, really! :0)

    Seriously, thanks for sharing all of this, I know how hard that was for you! Congrats on your one year blog anniversary!! I love your blog, your art work, your fab swaps, and how inspirational you are to everyone! So heres to many more years of blogging!

    ~Cerri xoxo

  82. Happy Blogiversary!!!!! How exciting. I have loads to say but i think I will email you, Sweets! What a successful year of blogging you've had...61 comments on this post. That's saying something!!!
    hugs, cheryl :)

  83. I can't believe it's only been ONE year!!! I feel as though I've "known" you and Aaron much longer. Happy One Year...I love your art!
    Michelle M White
    My Paper Tales

  84. I am so glad to hear about you more personally. I think it is hard to write about the not so glittery part of one's own life but readers appreciate it as much as the sparkly eye candy!!
    I have bared my soul on a few occassions. People that read you are more understanding than you usually give them credit for.    OOPs, I guess I was projecting my experience onto you. I'm sure your readers feel the same.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I have enjoyed reading you and look forward to more entries.
    Stop by any time. I love new friends. Do you ever read me? I have had your link on my site from the beginning!
    Amy at Abundant Curiosities

  85. Congratulations on your anniversery. It sounds like blogging means a lot to you, like it does to so many of us. There is a wonderful comunity of freindly and generous souls who become friends through our posts.

  86. Hi Jenny! I would love to be entered into your giveaway! Congratulations on your blogiversary and I wish you many, many more posts to come!! xxoo, Dawn

  87. I loved your honest writing. Congratulations on your growth.\ I'm real happy for you.

  88. What a beuatiful post (and about ten paragraphs long, too!). Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Mary Ann

  89. I have never gone throught the comment process, because as you said, it is a bit involved. But after that amazing post I just had to leave a comment. Wow, that is an amazing journey you have been on, I am so glad it has lead to happiness!  You are such a lovely person and I so enjoy visiting here.  Thank you for persevering and sharing yourself and your beautiful art with us all.  I would be so honored to own one of your little creations, should I be so lucky as to win!

  90. Congratulations for your 1st anniversary.  I found your blog about 8 months ago, and then quickly found your ebay site... and had to purchase one of the Halloween cupcake 4 x 4.  I love your work... when I need a bit of inspiration... I drop by.

    Thanks so much for blogging and creating... and allowing us to take a peek

  91. Jenny,
    CONGRATS on your blog anniversary! How exciting! I am so glad I found your blog. Your art is wonderful and I so enjoy the inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us. I can relate to some of the fears you feel. I have had issues with anxiety as well and it's tough! BIG HUGS!!!

  92. discovered your blog through the six-degrees-of-separation process of reading other blogs "favorite blogs to read". your site is all sooo !!!... the found commonality, your artistic flair that sets you apart and your shared personal insights ; it is all appreciated by me and your legions of countless cupcake lovers!!! thanks, jenny !!!

  93. Bravo jenny, j'adore vraiment ce que vous faite toi et Arron.

  94. Oh my Gosh Jenny! What an amazing, inspiring story! You're incredible, and honestly, one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of "knowing". You have spread happiness to so many of us bloggers and we all love you to bits! Happy One Year Blogiversary!!!!
    xoxo andrea

  95. Oh I am so glad to have found your blog! I have drooled over your work on Etsy and can't wait to have a behind the scenes read. =)

  96. Congratulations on your blogiversary!  I love visiting your blog.  Your work is beautiful and your creations always make me smile!  


  97. Happy Blogiversary!  :)  I love your work!


  98. Almost 100 well-wishers! And I'm sure there's plenty more  who just don't have AIM ID's.
    Looking forward to another year of smiles (which is what I always do when I check out your blog!)

  99. Jenny....that post is exactly why I love coming over here to visit!  I love your blog.....I love your artwork....and, I love that you come across as such a real, genuine person!   You are so talented and such an inspiration....... Congratulations on your 1 year!  And here's to many more!!!  ps....and I totally...totally get the all or nothing syndrome.  I have that affliction also :)  

    Karin  @


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