Thank you so so much my sweet sweet friends!!!!!!

You know...I'm just so fully flattered, happy, honored...and any other words along those lines!!!! All of your comments...each and every one has been read, reread, and read again by both me and Aaron.(with tissue in hand) I'm thrilled to be a small part of all of your days and lives. I feel like we're all in this together. 
  After some of you mentioned going back and reading my first blog entry I did the same. This is rare for me...I never revisit the past when it involves any of my creative output. Portfolios, journals, etc... have always been an issue for me. I've always tried to not look back at the specifics. But I did look back this time and it was quite hilarious! I don't recommend digging back in my archives.  All of the dot dot dots (...) in place of punctuation! And I mostly posted about not knowing how to actually blog!
  Anyway, I took all that you all said to heart and it's like a shot of rocket fuel for future blogging.  Though I have to admit...this week I've not posted after the blogiversary post simply because the Jersey weather has been so darn fantastic and I needed some air! I'll be back tomorrow with some new stuff and the eye candy will be dazzling! For now, I said I'd pick a winner for the give-away and without further it is... 
 # 91  myjunqueart    
so let me know your two 4 x 4 picks and what paper doll you want!
  Again, I'm really lacking the words right now to tell you how I feel about all of your wonderful comments. I can say for sure that this week has felt great. I've felt bolstered, backed up, supported, pat on the back. I wish I could've given you all the give-away...really! You all deserve at least that!
Big Big Hugs!!
  Ok, thanks so so much again! I'll be back real soon!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Congrats My Junqueart
    Lucky thing they are lovely

  2. Congrats to myjunqueart!!!!!!!  :O)

    Oh Jenny, you are just the sweetest!  <3

  3. Oh my goodness! That's me!!!! I never win anything...I'm soooo excited! Ok so I'll do these two 4x4's #1-Piece of Cake and #5 Halloween Decorations and I'll pick the last paper doll! They are all so cute it was really hard to decide!

    Thanks so much Jenny for generosity, your talenet, your inspiration, and your courage to share with us! I love your blog and can't wait to meet you at Bella!


  4. Your reads are such a treat - a breath of fresh air as some would say! Thank you for sharing! Hoping your enjoying your Today,

  5. Oh I'm so glad you feel that way! You SHOULD! :) Hugs to you both...Cheryl :)

  6. Oh my dear Jenny that last post of yours was really touching. You both had a lot to go through and did it very brave! Thank you for being so open and share this with us, which makes you even more real as you come over anyway. I know that this heart/short of breathnes/anxiety thing happens to a lot of sensitive people, especially artistic people, two good friends of mine have had it and my middle sis too! They all needed a therapie for a longer period. So glad to read that you feel better and that you are here to stay! It always makes me sad when someone I really like and got used to read goes away for a longer period, like Lauren just did, or even worse forever *EEK*  I love your creations, especially your last non bakery ones and your posts are always so inspiring too! Keep up the good work yuo do here and let us all enjoy this fab blogging community together!
    Big hugs from Germany sends you Carol(a) xox
    P.S.: Hope that you have received the pendant by now!

  7. Jenny, I'll say, that Cindy is a lucky lady!! Great giveaway! Wishing your lots of happiness and blogging joy!  
    Aren't you getting SO EXCITED for Silver Bella!?
    Best to you and Aaron! xo natalea

  8. Hi J & A!

    Congrats to numero 9-1!

    Thanks Jenny and Aaron for being so sweet!



  9. Well, here's an extra pat on the back! We all think you're simply the berries!

  10. Big Hugs and Kisses to you my dear!!!!


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