At Last!

First, Thanks So so so Much! for all of your well wishes and prayers regarding my little brother. You guys have been golden and I really really believe that love goes a long way when someone is hurt or sick. Here's the update on Jay: He's out of the hospital, he's up and around, sometimes out and about, he's feeling almost normal but still is easily fatigued, he's in outpatient care and periodically returning to the doctor for bloodwork, and as far as we can tell, he's on the mend and not in immediate grave danger etc...
  The burning question is...what was or is the root of his illness? I won't get into any real medical specifics because I know I have my own "issues" with hearing about medical stuff and I don't want to expose any fellow "self diagnosers"  to symptom descriptions and information. Remember, I think Hugh Laurie is a highly talented laugh riot, but I run from the room if "House" is on the television. If I hear one mystery illness my imagination will run wild for days and I'll have to fiercely fend off the urge to google my imagined symptoms! The thing with sickness is that it's not exact. Every illness treats every person differently so doctors and their diagnoses can be vague, wishy washy and obtuse.  Anyway, Jay was very sick and at serious risk of infection because his resistance was so low. They kept him in the hospital wing that contained all of the patients who were at risk. Signs in bright colors hung outside each patient's room indicating the level of protection required and risk factors. When we visited Jay we had to wash up to our elbows and wear surgical masks before entering the curtained off part of his room. I was there with him a lot. Aar, came as much as possible but we needed him back home manning the base. Me and my family just stayed close to Jay all day everyday and hoped to fill his room with some happy spirit. What's great is that he's a kid who seriously benefits from positive reinforcement. You can see him light up when his friends and family arrive. He couldn't sleep so he'd try to get me, Missy, Walt, and Aaron to stay as late as possible, which was waaaaaay past visiting hours and the security guard Hated us as he'd unlock the front door of the hospital to let us out to the parking lot. We even watched movies on a laptop in Jay's room. Picture it, all lights out except for the glow of the laptop, one kid lying in bed, and the rest of us huddled around the movie in surgical masks. Hospitals and all the reasons for going there are nerve wracking. And I can't even watch House or ER on TV!! Now I was living inside the TV!
  Anyway, I want to thank you guys for your comments and emails. I read them before bed and before I left home in the morning and passed on all of your well wishes to Jay.
  Well now I'm getting back in the swing. We're catching up on some late work, SWAPS!!, and trying to tap into some fresh creativity. During the eternity that I've been missing from blogland I've been obliterated with amazing things via the mail. Long boxes, flat boxes, fat boxes, big and little boxes, waited patiently for me on the doorstep.

I'm taking part in Kari Artsy Mama's Sweet & Sinister swap and I have 2 partners!....Kari, the illustrious hostess, and Laura of Katydid Designs. I'm featuring Laura's stuff in this post and Kari's in the next (like I said ...I'm just getting back in the swing, so taking pictures has been a chore with all the other catch-up work.) I have been officially blown away by Sweetness and Sinisterness! Everything looks like I own it or I want badly to own it! The handmade oil cloth tote is a fave...and the BOO moon is sooo up my alley! I know I say I love lots of stuff...but I really do love this stuff. So thrilled to be in this swap! are too fab!! I adore everything!!

Ok, Cindy of Junque Art is a sweetheart! Outta the blue came this gift! She was out at a flea market and heard something calling my name. It was this little porcelain gal! I treasure her, what a sweet sweet gesture! I'm touched. Look at her there among her fabulous accoutrements! I can't begin to explain what a sight for sore eyes this little darlin was the day she arrived! Thank you SOOOO much cindy!!! I love her so much!!
(your goodies are coming very very soon)

You know what I realized many days after posting those amazingly sweet prize ribbons from Kimla two posts back?  I realized that I forgot to post one. The reason why is that I already had it hanging up in it's place and I guess it looked so at home among my decor that my eyes just passed right over it. Another reason is that I'm a space cadet sometimes. It's a new habit and it's upsetting. I used to be sharp as a tack and retained every bit of information that passed through my mind. Now I'll sit there like "ummmmm...uhhhhhh, I can't think of it.....what's it called? ...I can't do I know you? where am I?? "  It's sad. Imagine... I left this one out. Well, maybe it's a good thing, because now I get to bring up Kimla again...and in my opinion, one cannot rave enough about Kimla's creations!

My Sister Missy (Melissa) came bearing gifts from Mexico! She went down there for a little R & R and brought back all this stuff! Some fake sweets and some real ones. I looove the bread. When me and Aar had a retail shop there was a Mexican bakery a few doors down and we ate these often while burning the midnight oil. I like Mexican stuff, very "Sweet & Sinister" and the imagery usually has some funny story behind it...some superstitious legend/old wives tale. Anyway, Missy also brought back a few bottles of tequila...the kind with the worm on bottom (sick!!!) . She bought them as  novelty gifts and sorta hoped that the recipients would use them as decor only! (ha ha!) Anyway, we picked her up at the airport and when she got in the car we were all almost asphyxiated by tequila fumes. A bottle had opened in her luggage and soaked through everything. It took the entire ride home to find the culprit bottle and once we found it we saw that it was completely empty and I think we were intoxicated on the vapors. I could imagine getting pulled over and trying to explain the odor wafting out of the car! Check out that super fun mural she found!!! Sooo up our alley!!! :)..ohh and that skull fabric is actually an apron!!!!..Perfect for some sweet and sinister baking huh??

My new friend Jenelle rules! She is of Sleepy Hollow Craft Co. and she has utterly Spoiled me! She's my partner in the Black Cat & Pumpkin Swap and I'm a bit overwhelmed by her package! I opened it up on a fairly gray day and I think the clouds parted. Look at all this stuff! She just opened an Etsy shop and her hands are capable of all this stuff! If that's not an endorsement I don't know what is! The bits & pieces shadow box is fall on the floor worthy...does Jenelle even know how much I looooove chubby little crows!? And the vintage die cuts are soooo coooool! I'm transported back to my first grade classroom! And ummmmm, the pink glittery Christmas house and the fun vintage cookbook! Just Too Much! really, I've had a rough couple of weeks and this package smoothed out some of the edges. Great eye, great hands, and great taste. Swaps rule!

Ok, I'll be back real soon! Again, thanks for your love for Jason! He's bolstered and facing the day with lots of positive energy. I have so much to catch up on and I have to get back to so many of you, please be patient with me!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. wow I am so happy your little brother is feeling better, what a fab family you are spending time to cheer him up like that.
    I am in love with all those piccy's, wow to the mural, how cute and the parcel you receievd the collages is outstanding.

  2. I have been checking back every day hoping for the good news. So happy to read your brother is on the mend, hope everything keeps going well. I didn't want to email you a thousand times because you mentioned your email apprehension and I didn't want to add to your anxiety during your bro's hospital stay, but you all were in my thoughts and prayers.

    As for all your loot---WOW! Absolutely LOVE that Halloween 9 square. I will have to make me one of them!  Lucky you!

  3. Oh Jenny, so glad Jason is doing well! He and your family have been in my prayers! So glad you are back...we missed you!


  5. So happy and relieved that your brother is okay.  When we didn't hear from you I got worried.  There are so many fabulous photos in today's post.  Lots of great gifts and fun stuff!

  6. Glad you like everything.  As usual it looks wonderful with your special brand of "Holiday" styling!

  7. Hi Jenny,
    Glad to hear your brother is up and felling better!
    Janelle hooked you up, love all the goodies she sent, totally cool stuff!

  8. Jenny- Thanks for updating us- I'll continue to send healing thoughts for your brother.
    I love those vintage Halloween die cuts. They look so familiar- I just know those are the very kind my mother hung at our house when I was growing up.

  9. I am sooo glad Jay is doing better!!! :-) I adore your pictures!! I have tried to write a comment on your blog before,but it never worked!!! I am so glad it did today!! :-) Did you get my package I sent you? I hope so!!! I am sooo sorry the card said to Tiffany! lol. The people packaged it wrong. :-) Have a great day sweetie!! xo Britt

  10. I am so glad to hear your brother is much better. that is so scary.  I have also enjoyed seeing all the wonderful treasures from your swaps.

    take care and will keep you and your family in my prayers for a while longer.

    Hugs Karen

  11. Jenny, glad your back at last!  And I'm very glad to hear your brother is on the up and up, hope that's the end of that scary hospital stuff.  Your pictures are great, thanks for sharing all the eye-candy!

  12. so glad your brother is doing better-i think letting everyone pray for y'all really helps each of us too. take care

  13. Wow!!! great stuff as always and i have to wonder {as always}...where on earth do you put it all?? my goodness! it sounds like your brother is doing better, that's great news! thanks so very much for visiting me and your very sweet comments!!!

  14. Oh I am glad to hear he is out of the hospital and getting along somewhat okay.  I will keep praying for him and you!

    Just a little piece of advice, I have dealt with chronic sciatica pain for almost 13 years, they just finally diagnosed me, to make it short I was misdiagnosed and blown off for so many years, told it was in my head, etc. till I finally found a good doctor who diagnosed me real quick.  Anyhow, my point is if he gets a doctor that blows him off keep looking for a better doctor until he finds a good one who will find out what is going on with him.  I pray that these docs he has now help him and figure it out and make him all better!!!  I just know what I have gone through this past 13 yrs and would never want anyone else to go through that.

    Sending Hugs to you Jenny!!!  :O)

  15. I am so glad to hear about your brother!!!  Prayer is powerful!  My youngest brother almost died recently in a Seado (kind of like jet skis) accident.  I am so blessed that I still have him to hug!

    I can see that you won't have to wait until Christmas.  You are already having it!!!  My gosh, what a spread of enticements!  You are one blessed lady!


  16. Jenny, I will keep lots of positive thoughts for your brother.  That must have been so scary, I'm so happy to read a positive update, and lots of wishes for continued good health.

    Your pictures rock, as usual, so prettily displayed, and lots of goodies :)

    frostings and sparkles

  17. So glad your brother is feeling well. I hope he is stronger and healthier each day! know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers,

  18. Jenny,
    That's WONDERFUL news to hear your Brother is feeling much better. What a huge scare for you all! I pray he will continue to grow strength and get healthier every day. :)

    Your swaps and goodies are all just soooo yummy!!!! Where in the world do you put all of these darling things? You must show us updated and recent pics of your home. :) hint!hint!

    Take Care Jenny! She you very very soon!!!!! :)

  19. Thanks for sharing all the eye candy. You always post things that brighten my day. Glad to hear your brother is better and we all hope for a full recovery! Have a splendid day!


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