Guess who's turning 24 again!!? ; )

Hello my dears!! It's October 22nd, my birthday! And as the years go by I understand more and more why us ladies fail to mention the actual number of years since we've been born. I know I'm still young but I remember my friend's moms being 32! Ouch! For the past few years I've been fictionally turning 24, and my younger sister Missy has been getting frustrated that she's now fictionally older. Anyway, I guess I'm ok with it. I don't know if I'll ever be more than 17 in the brain anyway! Who knows when I'll ever actually grow up in the traditional sense? Maybe never.
  Well, I've got a big day ahead. I believe it will be ALL of the Heid kids (including Jason!! YAY!) plus Aaron, Missy's boyfriend, and Little bro Richard's girlfriend. We're heading into NYC to one of my fave little places to eat called Dragonfly. If you are a vegetarian or not, they've got the most delicious faux meat on the planet. A year ago we tested it on my little bro Walt, who is picky and carnivorous, but he flipped for the fake chicken!
  So after we all eat and undoubtedly make too much noise we are then gonna head over to Beard Papa for cream puffs and Billy's for cupcakes! We're actually gonna pile most of us in a minivan! It will be a riot! I hope to have some pics and stories to follow up with.
  I will also have some pics of my swap stuff which is finally gonna be in the hands of my patient partners, though I guess I'll hold off posting pics til I know they've all received them.
  Ok, lots to do. Take care everyone! xoxo Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny,
    Let me be the first to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    And enjoy your wonderful day with CUPCAKES~ WOOHOO!
    Look forward to the pics.
    Love ya,

  2. Happy Birthday!  Enjoy your day and savor those Billy's Cupcakes.

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Jenny!!!!! So 24 is your number, I'm 27 and have been for the last 5 years too!
    Have a delicious day!
    Guess what I am going to attempt to bake in about an hour.... red velvet cake, the Magnolia Bakery recipe...... I'll let you know how it goes... this could be a disaster in the making considering I have never baked from scratch!
    Big hugs oxox

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

  5. A very happy birthday to you!

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  6. Happy Birthday to You Jenny!!!
    I have to agree with you, 24 was the "prime"! I'll be 32 in a couple months and I find it really hard to believe! As long as you feel young that all that counts I guess! (though sometimes I feel about 74, I have to admit!)
    Anyway, have a super fun day! It's wonderful that you can spend it with your family! Eat lots of cupcakes!!!
    xo natalea

  7. I can't believe you're a day older than 18!!! Love you ! Happy Day!!!


  8. Happy Birthday, Jenny!  We're all young in our hearts...forever young!  Don't ever change that attitude!  Hope you have fun today, and eat an extra cream puff for me, YUM!!!    {hugs}

  9. Happy Birthday!  My 30th is Saturday.  Only the best people are born in October! :)

  10. Happy Birthday, dear Jenny!!
    Here I just emailed you last night and didn't know it was the eve of your birthday. Have a fun fun day.
    Can't wait to see you soon:)

  11. Hey girl! If you wanna turn 24 again, that's just peachy keen with us ;-) I'm glad you have such great plans for your special day. More of us should do that for ourselves! Big hugs to you, jen

  12. ~Jenny~

    Happy Birthday!



  13. Happy Birthday, Sweets!!!!! Hope it's a perfectly wonderful one and that the coming year is your BEST YET. Hugs to you...Cheryl :)

  14. Jenny,
    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Hope you have a fantastic day with lots of fun and family and sweet treats!!  I'm an October baby, too! Can't wait to see all the great pics of your swap goodies!!
    Michelle (seasiderosegarden)

  15. Happy birthday sweet friend! Hope all your wishes come true! Love,

    I hope your day is fabulous and all of your wishes come true!!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  17. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Biiiiiiiiiirthday dear Jenny
    Happpiest of Biiiiirthdays to you!!!!!

    32 is not old.  You've just turned 16 twice, that's all ;)  I'm three years older than you :D

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!!!!!!!!   I hope you have a wonderful day!  Hugs!  :O)

  19. I am a wee bit late~ hope it was super fab jenny!
    24,24,24.....hmmm...nope so long ago for me I can not even remember that age!

  20. Happy Birthday Jenny!  I started counting backwards once I turned 30 (which was a long time ago.)  I guess that makes me like 2 now!  I hope you had a wonderful day!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (screaming it...)

  22. Happy Birthday Jenny...I will forever remember you as the little kid who came into my store with her boyfriend looking all wide eyed and innocently goth. Hope you had a fabulous day! xxoo, Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

  23. hey, have a sweet and sparkly b-day! forget the age thing, trust me you don't look (and claim not to act - and we believe you!) your age, so just enjoy! xo

  24. Happy Birthday sweetie!!  xo, suzy

  25. Oh Jenny!!!  Happy, happy birthday to you with a million glittery sprinkles and a cherry on top!!!  Hope it was the best!  xo-Mel

  26. Happy Belated Birthday Jenny...
    Hope you had a GRAND day, with some yummy CAKE!!!

    We have been all smoky here in San Diego this week, we are safe, but what a tragic week for many here in our town.

    Oh do I wish I was going to Silver Bella, but Michelle and I are busy with getting our store ready to open in Dec. Will tell more on that on our blog when ready to share ;-)
    Have a FAB weekend,

  27. Happy Wondrous Birthday, Cutie-Pie!!  24 or 32...who cares?  You're alive, healthy and fabulous!  Have a wonderful time in NYC...can't wait to see you soon.  Kimla

  28. Happy Birthday, Princess Jenny!  I hope you wore a tiara all day to show your importance.  And I hope you had a great time in NYC-how lucky you are to be able to run in like that!  My birthday was yesterday-chocolate cheesecake was my big indulgence!
    One more thing, thanks for sharing Lulu Sparkles on your blog.  I found her because of you and I love her stuff!  So far my collection is one necklace, but like you, I'm hooked!

  29. That's okay, I've been on the 20 something anniversary of my 25th birthday for awhile now!

  30. Jenny,
    As i was enjoying your pictures i couldn't help but notice you are taking your photos over a New River company Store record book.. Can you tell me what year its from and what store?  I own the new river co. store known as whipple or store # 4 in whipple west virginia..
    you have a great blog.... please email me

    thanks JOY

  31. Hey Sweet Jenny!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope it is a most wonderful one.
    (The Decorated House)

  32. Happy Birthday, Sweet Jenny.  xoxo

  33. Hope you had your best 24th birtday ever!  ;)



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