Silver Bella full throttle

Wow, I promise to get back on the ball. The culprit is Silver Bella! We've got stacks and stacks and stacks of stuff over here...folding tables dominating our living quarters, and every time I mention how many days til Silver Bella, Aaron sticks his fingers in his ears. He hates being reminded of deadlines!
But he's excited. I was going over my thoughts on the way our table should be set up on vendor night and Aaron says, "This makes me happy. Not many things make me truly happy... But when I think of people coming together, setting up tables, displaying their artwork for a select group of big fans...well, it's a good thing top to bottom."
And it is. In the past we've been through all the hoops and hurdles. We've worked for months and months only to discover that the art/craft show was completely under promoted. Those were nightmares...countless hours and dollars invested and nobody shows up! You sit there all day, eating whatever the snack vendor is offering and you say, 'I will never do a show like this again!'
But we know that Silver Bella is a whole different thing. Our anxiety is based on what a downright positive artistic retreat this will be, and if we'll be able to pull through with flying colors!...So bear with us as we prepare.
Quick update on my brother Jay. I didn't want to mention any medical specifics but I guess I can here. I only ask that you don't give me your assessments/diagnoses/ or opinions, because I'll internalize the info and go crazy...well, crazier ! Ok, we took him for a bone marrow test, which should be the 'be all, end all' of tests. I mean, how much more invasive can you get?! Anyway, the kid was terrified! He'd simply rather not! But we coaxed him and convinced him that it must be done...we need answers. And of course we don't have the answers yet! I think that when a doctor takes any type of sample out of you he then hands the samples to a courier who then boards a hot air balloon, which he flies around the world twice, then he brings it to the lab and then they'll call you with the results. Anyway, the test was not pleasant. Jay wanted me in the room with him so he could squeeze my hand but at the last minute the doc tossed me out. I'll leave the rest of the details out. I'll only say that it was very very painful for him during and for about two days after. So right now the hot air balloon is rounding the southern tip of Bali so results are soon to come! No, but really, I think end of this week or mid next week. I just want this kid to get better. I want there to be nothing grim in these test results. There are five of us Heid kids, me and my sis, and then three boys in a row. Jay is the middle boy and so much about him is middlechildesque. He looks up to his big bro and takes care of his little bro. He's the type of kid who, at ten years old, would come into the livingroom, unannounced, with a tray of like seven hot cocoas all topped with whipped cream, and hand each of us one. A true nurturer, and his job is proof enough. He's in the dietary department at a nursing home and teeny tiny little old ladies are constantly sending letters to my parents singing Jason's praises. He's witness to a lot of people in their last days and he's selfless enough to not let death scare him away from caring for people when they need it most. It takes a certain breed to work in that environment and Jay is that breed. So, that's all for now on Jay. You guys have been so great with your wishes and prayers and patience with me for not keeping up this blog!
Ok, now for the sweet stuff. I've mentioned my friend Natalea before (pronounced: natalie). Well, she walked into a candy shop up near Buffalo, NY  and get a load of the name of the place! Sweet Jenny's.
She thought of me but didn't just settle on telling me about it or at the most, grabbing a business card for me...nope, she bought stuff! And what's really great is that she wouldn't take just any assorted box...she asked the girl behind the counter to arrange the chocolates so that the ice cream cone appeared in the center! I do the same thing...I neeeed good presentation! Well the chocolates tasted as good as they look. We worked a long day and at about eight o'clock we were leaving to go get dinner. We were both about to faint from hunger so we scarfed down the whole box before we walked out the door. We were going mmmmmm, ohhhh, ahhhhhhh, mmmmmmm. If there had been a hidden camera trained on us it would be some embarrassing footage. Natalea is a doll and I cannot wait to meet her in person at Silver Bella!
How cuuuuute are these ornaments?! Wait, before I go on, let me get this off my has to do with the spelling of "cuuuuuuute". Do any of you guys have teenage daughters or teenage sisters? And if so, have you read any of their online conversations or comments on myspace? Well if you have, you might notice that young girls like to add letters to their words to show emphasis, just like I do. Only they do it like this "cuteeeeeeeeeeee" or "trueeeeeeeeeeee" or "I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!"  Can't they see that they're getting it wrong? Correct the way you spell incorrectly young ladies. So if you have teen daughters or sisters please pass on this word to the wise. Ok, now these ornaments...they are just so darn awesome! They are made by my new friend  Sadie of Sadie Lou Who? over on Etsy. She calls them Betsy ornaments. The sequin hair is just so clever.  Little gleaming flappers batting their lashes at you. The faces are hand drawn on fabric and all of the tiny details are perfectly executed. I really look forward to putting them on the Christmas tree. Halloween rules but it's really only the opening band for the big day in December! Silver Bella is really gonna kick us into holiday high gear. We'll probably put up our tree by Thanksgiving!
Carole of Lulu Sparkles is a top notch jewelry maker. And it's more than just her craftsmanship. It's her selection of elements, tones, shapes, sizes. Everything is just so RIGHT. I have a growing collection of glittery goodness from this style maven and here are the newest gems. The earrings are just to die for and the Skater Girl necklace will be worn to every one of Walt's hockey games(my reason for selecting it). I'm gonna take more pics of her stuff so you can see all the excellent details. I LOVE everything Carole creates!!! Go have a peek at her shop..tell her Jenny sentcha!!
Ok, that's all for now. When I post in the day time I feel a bit like Mr. Rogers. Like I before I sit down to the computer I exchange my work clothes and work shoes for my comfy stuff and then I talk about and show off all the wonderful things life has to offer, and then at the end of the half hour I switch back into work clothes and walk out the door. Man, Mr. Rogers was so magic. The repetition was what was so comforting. I imagine a lot of kids out there never had the benefit of repetition in their lives and good ole Fred Rogers and Trolley were willing and able stand ins. Anyway, back to the piles of stuff that needs doing. Thanks! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Hey girly!

    Oh, I sooo wish I was going to be at SB.... cross your fingers for me for next year!

    Praying for your little bro., he sounds like a doll! :0)

    Carole is awesome and sooo sweet!! Love the goodies you got from her shop! So you!

    *Here's a HUG*


  2. Hey Jenny! Great post. Glad to hear you're busy and staying on top of things. Thanks so much for these new links! REally great stuff. :-) Big hugs to you.

  3. I'm all choked up about your brother.  He sounds so sweet.  I hope he is doing better soon.
    I would love to go to Silver Bella.  Too bad I am way over here in California.  Maybe Analise and I can talk our families into sending us there next year.  

  4. Well Miss jenny,
    I'd like you to know that my shop just emptied out of Betsy Ornaments. *laughing* I was thinking, what happened? Where are all these people coming from? Now I see--thank you so much for the kind words about my ornaments. I'm blushing from ear to ear, seriously.
    Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella! Take lots of photographs. You're such a sweet customer and blog buddy.
    ~Sadie Lou

  5. We still love Mr. Rogers at our house.

  6. Hi Jenny! I have to admit that you weren't the only one who got chocolate that day...and not the only one who chowed it down in a sitting! Ha!
    I hope your brother's test results come back with great news. I'll be thinking of you guys!
    Mr. Rogers....what a guy! I remember watching that show all the time when I was little. And I'll never forget it, but one time when I was working in CA I was alone sitting at the counter at this bookstore I worked at, and looked up and Fred Rogers himself was standing in the big picture window looking in at the book display!! I kid you not- he was wearing a BOWTIE and smiling! I thought I was imagining the whole thing because before I knew it he was gone, but the proof came later when my manager who was next door told me he got a picture of him! Crazy! Good old Mr. Rogers. (sigh)...
    I'm revving up for Silver Bella!! Can wait to meet you and Aaron in person!! I can barely believe how many fun and inspiring people are going to be in one place! Fun!!
    xo natalea

  7. oh jenny,thank you for writing about me again!  you are just TOO good to me.
    I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair when I read "style maven" since I wore my pj's all day yesterday and went OUT in public!
    You are the best girl in all of Jersey ;)
    Your brother is still in my prayers,keep faith.

  8. Sweet Jenny!  Your brother is in my is your family!  He sounds like such a wonderful young man!  Sounds a lot like my oldest......always caring about others:D  Your candies WERE such a nice treat.........people are sooooooo generous here in blog land!!!!  Can't wait to see

  9. Sweet Jenny!  Your brother is in my is your family!  He sounds like such a wonderful young man!  Sounds a lot like my oldest......always caring about others:D  Your candies WERE such a nice treat.........people are sooooooo generous here in blog land!!!!  Can't wait to see what pics you get from Silver Bella!  I only wish I could attend some of these wonderful events.......

  10. I've been thinking about you and wondering about your brother every day! I do hope those tests show absolutely nothing!! So, so sorry that he and you all are having to go through this!

    Ok, the thing about "cuuuuuute" vs "cuteeeeee" totally had me laughing and reading aloud to my husband. I totally agree. I do it like you do it too! :0)
    Although, I do sometimes wonder if I am getting a bit tooooo old to be doing that at 36? LOL

    I am sure your experiences at Silver Bella will be amazing!! I so wish I was going to be there. Next year for sure!! Will you make an extra kit for me? I'd love to buy one. :0)

    OH, and the next time I come to New York, we're putting all of that other stuff aside and getting together. I think about that all the time and really wish I had been having lunch WITH you at "Burgers and Cupcakes" instead of just thinking of you while I was there!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  11. Jenny,
       The best of luck with Silver Bella....your work is always a standout! I have been praying for your brother Jay. If there is anything that I can do to help, just let me know...I'm just a hop and a skip away.  xo, Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen.

  12. Blog Blog Blog.  Visiting you in Blogland.  Bloggity Blog... BLOG!

  13. I will be thinking good vibes, and prayers for your brother, you, and all of your family. And you are so right that it takes a special person to work in the environment that he does, so he needs to get better, and back to those cute little ol people!

  14. Oh poor Jay!  I will keep praying for him and you!  <3  hugs!

    Wow those earrings are Gorgeous!!!

  15. You always find the coolest stuff!  I love those Betty ornamnets!  And of course Lulusparkles has the best jewelry.  xo, suzy

  16. Hey sweet girl! Hope that they find out soon whats going on with your brother! I have to tell you that mylittle brother had a weird illness when he was about 10. His white blood cells were doing strange things, and the drs honestly thought he had lukemia or something. He was in the hospital for a week while they ran loads of tests. They never figured out what made him ill, but he mysteriously got well, and I don't think he has ever been sick since(hes almost 40  now). My mom finally decided that he probably picked up something when he was out hunting for raccoons or something. Living in the country, that kid was always hunting and skinnin something, and my mom thought he probably caught something from one of those animals......creepy! ANyway, your brother sounds like a wonderful guy, so i'm saying a prayer that he gets well soon!!
    Take care! Rosemary (in texas :)

  17. Hi Jenny!!!

    I hope everything turns out ok with your little bro... I'm thinking of him!

    The real countdown is on for SB now!!!  So much to do, and so little time!  My whole house has been "bella-fied".... like you, there is just stuff everywhere!  I am hoping that a little cleaning fairy will take care of everything while I'm away...

    I am soooo looking forward to meeting both you and Aaron... and to take your class!!!  Woohooo!

  18. Hi Jenny,

    Will still keep your brother and all of you in my prayers.
    Great eye candy, I just love the Jenny's Chocolates. I also look forward to hearing and seeing all the fun at Silver Bella.

    Hugs Karen

  19. I'm definitely bummed that I can't be at Silver Bella...that is going to be the show of the year.  It's been fun seeing what all of you are making...but to see it in person...that would be the ultimate!  All the glittery stuff...yum!  Plus, it would be a fabulous way to meet so many great artists.  Hope you have a wonderful time!

  20. Jenny,
    I hope your little Bro's test results come back ok. You have alot of love and support from us all.
    You earrings & necklace are to yummy & scrumptious!!!! I need to skip on over and check out her shop!
    Cant believe SB is around the corner. You & Aaron are going to be TERRIFIC instructors I just know it!!!!

  21. hi jenny, just wanted to let you know that I jumped over to lulu sparkles and found the cutest charm necklace...thanks so much for the link!  and happy birthday!

  22. Hi Jenny and Aaron~Just wanted to let you know how excited I am to be taking one of your classes at Silver Bella:) I also will be a vendor, so looking forward to that sparkling energy filled night! See you both soon:)



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