Where oh where are the chilly days of Fall??

Wow, we've never ever been so late with our Halloween stuff! I'm totally blaming the disgusting  New Jersey weather. It has been in the 80's and humid! It's just soooo wrong! We've got some new haunted designs in the works and I'm really praying for the 30 degree temp drop to come soon. I've got a couple of Halloween swaps that are late  so sorry partners!!. I am doing my very best to make your packages spooktacular! Anyway, I hope its full-on Fall wherever you live, and I hope our Halloween offerings move you even further into the spirit. I've been asked a bunch of times when I'd be listing some of these, so some of you you may be happy to hear that they are all available on Ebay as well Etsy. : )
Update on my little bro Jay...His numbers still aren't great and he needs another test. He's in good spirits otherwise, trying to eat heartily, getting sun and air and trying to sleep in as much as possible. He's taking shots of Noni, which smells bad and he says it tastes as bad as it smells. My little bro Walt does the Noni shots too in solidarity. Walt chews a piece of gum as a chaser to quickly kill the taste! The two of 'em are doing protein shakes, vitamins...the whole bit. It's makes me smile.  I want to thank everyone again, your thoughts and prayers mean so so so much!!! If you could keep them coming that would be the BEST!
I promise to focus more on the blog once we've got some things squared away. The countdown to Silver Bella has begun and we're neck deep in the preparations for that! More new stuff soon, promise! 
xoxo Jenny


  1. So glad to see you back here, I was getting worried again about your brother.  How sweet of Walt to be right there helping (don't tell him I used "sweet" and "Walt" in the same sentence).  

    Your Halloween artwork is fabulous!  You and Aaron must be working so hard!  Everything is beautiful!

  2. I love your things. I have mine hanging in my kitchen. Love it!! Hope your brother is going to be ok.  Sounds like maybe he's a little better?

  3. Love the Halloween cupcakes. Very cute!!
    I hope you will get some news about your brother soon and he will be on the road to good health. Poor guy.
    Take care of you!!

  4. I really enjoy coming here to visit - It's always so refreshing.  My thoughts and prayers will continue for your brothers.  I did the Noni for awhile until I started to gag just pulling the bottle out of the fridge.  Now I'm addicted to Acai Plus - much better tasting.  I'm gonna head on over to ebay and etsy and check it out. Thank you as always for your reads - Take care with hopes that your day is good to you!

  5. Jenny, hope your brother is well again soon. Always sad to watch loved ones struggling with something. My brother is unwell too and know all to well, one person has the sniffles but the whole family has the cold.

    Always enjoy seeing your new creative posts.

  6. Love your new cupcake designs for Halloween! Come for a visit!

  7. Love all of your Halloween offerings! I am glad to hear your little brother is doing better and taking good care of himself! Did I see Noni? Tahetian Noni? They are from Utah if it is the same thing, and are supposed to have good products!! Take care! Amy

  8. we have to talk...email me suzifiner@gmail.com (all good.)

  9. I hope your bro gets all better soon.  It is always stressful to have a sick family member and especially a young family member.  I love the Halloween sign.  So much fun this time of year!  It is a bit chilly in CT today!

  10. This might be a silly question but what is Silver Bella? Also, my prayers will go out tonight for your brother--stay strong!

  11. Jenny,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Halloween artwork. SOOO Whimsy and cute for the Holiday!!!!

    Cant believe Silver Bella is right around the corner. Cant wait to take your Dreaming of White Christmas class !!!!!!!!!!!! Can I sneak into your "Let them Eat Cake" class? PLZ!!!! (wink! wink!)

  12. Jenny...
    I love the cake with the Haunted House!!!! You are sooo clever.
    Hope all is well...


  13. Jenny....I just love all your Halloween items!  Adorable!! Btw....I have to tell you that I finally parted with the little mixer plaque that I bought from you months and months ago. I bought it for a good friend for her birthday which was in April......I FINALLY sent it to her a couple weeks ago. I just didn't want to say good bye to it!  I've had it sitting on my desk all this time.  Luckily she know how I am about sending things.... She LOVES it. Loves your work.  It's all so her.  So looks like I will be hunting a new plaque for me now!  Karin @ creativechaos

  14. Well the cold weather is not hiding here in Pittsburgh, that's for sure.  I'm so ready to put my slippers on and to cuddle!


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